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What’s wrong with Diana Gabaldon’s new book cover for ‘The Exile’? April 17, 2010

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Check out the new book cover for Diana Gabaldon’s THE EXILE, an Outlander graphic novel due out Sept. 21. The story is a retelling of the Jamie/Claire story. See anything wrong with the cover? On her blog, Diana says: “Yes, yes, yes, Claire should indeed be wearing her shoes here [g], and with luck, that will be fixed along with a number of other small things. And the flashes among the rocks are musket-fire.”

Diana’s website says THE EXILE is told mainly from Murtagh’s point of view, but the book blurb on Amazon.com says the story is told from “Jamie Fraser’s point of view, revealing events never seen in the original story and giving readers a whole new insight into the Jamie-Claire relationship.”

In either case, we get a retelling of the OUTLANDER story. Diana wrote the script and the artwork is by Hoang Nguyen. To see initial sketches, go to Diana’s website HERE. Follow the link. Once you are on her site, look for “Excerpts” and then scroll down until you see her links to THE EXILE sketches.

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1. Wendi Kavanagh - August 21, 2010

I have some reservations about the graphic novel.Although I’m well aware the writer does not always have control over the artwork,one has only to read Diana Gabaldon’s descriptions of Jamie and Claire to question whether the artist has done the same.I have read,and reread,all of the books in the series and the illustrations that have been posted so far disturb me.I have viewed the illustrator’s other works,and had a high opinion of them,but I just cannot embrace these.Is anyone else experiencing the same conflict?

Diana McCabe - September 22, 2010

Yup, ditto here. I’m still going to check out the graphic novel. But I have the same conflict.

Tess Barlow - September 23, 2010

Wendi, I agree with your assessment. I was glad and happy to receive my book yesterday but VERY disappointed. I don’t think the graphic or illustrations portrayed the Scottish characters. The illustrations are more like of Asian Descent not from Scotland. Don’t get me wrong, I am of Asian Descent but the illustration troubled me too. Like you, I have read and re-read all the books six times.

2. Andrea - September 22, 2010

Yes, the characters are not like discribed but really…who wants a comic book? Give me a regular book rather than this insult. What was going through her head?

Diana McCabe - September 22, 2010

I am going to buy it and check it out. She’s going to be here in my city next week so I can hear what she has to say. I so love the books. Getting this one to see if there’s anyting different in it. But the graphic novel doesn’t totally appeal to me. As Wendy posted earlier, you wonder if the artist has read her books.

3. Cindy - September 24, 2010

I cannot even begin to explain how disappointed I am. Diana had me by the teeth and nails with all her books but has totally lost me on this one-I only wish I had checked it out further before buying it- It is so disappointing. I couldn’t get enough of her books, I lived for them.
Frankly with this one, I don’t know why she bothered-I feel used.

Just horrible and a waste of money.
If you are a Jamie & Claire fan, you are guaranteed to be disappointed.

Diana McCabe - September 24, 2010

OK — so now I’m wondering if I should drop the money to get the graphic novel. She’s coming here to SoCal to talk. And I can go hear her talk. And then there is a separate book signing for The Exile afterward. And it’s like a $25 book, right? What do you think? I’ll still go hear her talk.

4. trisha - September 26, 2010

I agree with cindy. not really interested in a comic book of outlander.
I’m ready to hear what happens to roger.

5. deb - September 28, 2010

I love Diana’s books as well as comic books. But Jamie and Claire both looked so different throughout the graphic novel that I had trouble following. Claire actually looks kinda horse faced towards the end and Jamie looks younger. Did not love this effort

6. Wendi Kavanagh - September 29, 2010

I have since viewed a discussion on YouTube with Diana Gabaldon in regard to the graphic novel.My choice,based on that and the illustrations is to wait(impatiently)for the next book.

7. janet austin - September 29, 2010

What on earth made her allow it? I am a great fan of hers but this is just rubbish, even my teenage grandson thought it was rubbish, big boobs notwithstanding. Please stick to the written word in future dear girl.

8. Mary Jane Wahl - September 30, 2010

I was so looking forward to the new book and went to my bookstore and couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so dissappointed. My imagination of Jamie and Clare didn’t come close to the Graphics in Exile. I hope Diana is truly writing another book that will follow Echo in the Bone. I even splurged and got it on tape.

9. Vivian Lang - October 7, 2010

I have read 5 of the seven Outlander books and love them. But I do not like the cover on the Exile. It makes Jamie look ugly.

Diana McCabe - October 7, 2010

well — remember — it’s a comic book treatment. See my latest post on Diana G’s comments about the Exile. I’m not sure who is into the graphic novels in general. Maybe a totally different generation? For sure they’re going after a different audience.

10. Auds - October 8, 2010

Amazon has an excerpt you can browse through if you are not certain you wether you want to buy the graphic novel or not

11. Hailey in Oz - November 9, 2010

Will there be another novel after Echo in the Bone?? Does anyone know?

Diana McCabe - November 9, 2010

Yes — she is working on the next book. Check out her website here: http://www.dianagabaldon.com/
She also blogs here: http://voyagesoftheartemis.blogspot.com/

So book No. 8 coming but I don’t have a date. She says it takes her about 2.5 years to write ’em. And there might be a book after that. Heard her speak at a book signing. She is really a fun speaker!

Thanks for visiting the blog!

12. Wendi Kavanagh - November 10, 2010

I’m eagerly awaiting the next book,no date that I could locate either.There is an interview which D.G.on You Tube about the graphic novel and several fan-made videos that are interesting.Here’s my version of Jamie to tide us over until the next book.http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=125411664155586&set=a.125358580827561.15439.124574517572634&pid=203851&id=124574517572634.This is my own artwork based on his description from the book.Hope you will enjoy it.

13. FNP Student - December 1, 2010

three thumbs down for the comic book

14. Enid Mason - December 11, 2010

In ‘The Exile’, am I mistaken or is Claire missing her wedding bands? Doesn’t she keep her modern gold band on her left hand and then Jamie’s silver band on her right?
The ‘picture book’ is interesting, but none of the characters match those in my imagination – and I’ve read all seven books three times.
Please, Ms. Gabaldon, no more pictures – leave us to our dreams.

15. C Taylor - April 21, 2011

graphic novel: interesting yes. But no grasp of the characters….Murtage was at least 60….he was described as ‘old’ and old if you are anywhere near 30 is still 55-60. I saw it on the stand and wouldn’t buy it. But my husband brought home. I would have waited until they were in 2nd hand book stores,,,,

Diana McCabe - April 21, 2011

I did buy it and flipped through it but more because I’m a fan of the book series. And — just wasn’t my thing. But I wonder how these books are doing. I did hear Diana Gabaldon speak about the graphic novel and she said it was really for a different audience. But not sure who is buying ’em. Still — interesting but just not my thing!


16. Viki - April 28, 2011

Wow, I kinda feel like the minority here. I quite enjoyed the graphic novel, the portrayals were a little off but I found the insight into Jamie’s thoughts, and the richness of the art itself very satisfying. This may have something to do with my age(20) but I will definitely buy the second when it comes out.

Diana McCabe - April 28, 2011

Hey — it’s great to hear from someone who enjoyed it. At the book signing I went to a while back, most people did not enjoy it. They meant no disrespect to Diana G. It’s just they were such big fans on the traditional novel. She has always said she wanted to reach a different audience — and maybe it’s a younger one!!!!!! Have you purchased other graphic novels? Just curious. Lots of authors coming out with them now.

17. Annie - May 4, 2011

Well, what a total disappointment. All the blurb gave us to believe this was a story from Jamies point of view. Could have been great, and what do we get,? a comic book. I expected a story with words and maybe some illustrations but not this. would doubt that the artist has even read any of the books.Certainly won’t encourage anyone to begin to read her real books.It was a waste of money from the point of view of an overseas reader since it is too expensive to return to the USA. Annie NZ

18. Angie - June 14, 2011

I think you have to take ‘Exile’ for what it is – a totally different perspective. I’m possibly unusual in that I’m a 47 year old woman that reads a lot of comic books (I might add, mostly my Husbands when I’m bored)
Like many I didn’t like the general depictions of the charecters & agree they are somewhat Asian in appearance. But, sadly (& I can say this from experience as I live in Fraser territory near Inverness) you seldon see any Highlanders that look anythiing like Diana’s descriptions of Jamie. So, readers, keep your dreams alive and keep supporting Diana by reading all of her books……….You just never know what you may see or read in them that ties the stories together??? ;O)

19. sandra - August 15, 2011

Didn’t like the artwork at all. Claire and Jamie just don’t look anything like they were described. Very disappointing!

20. cayenne - September 28, 2011

I just finished reading this graphic novel, and although I don’t read many, in the ones I have read there is consistancy throughout the ARTWORK. This is the one huge failing that I noticed with this book. It looks as though at least 3 different artists worked on the graphics. Either that, or the illustrator just got really bored with the project and in wanting to complete it quickly, got very sloppy. It might have engaged me more if the changes in the characters faces didn’t annoy me so much.

Billie Greenhalgh - June 10, 2012

I believe as you feel, that more than one artist was envolved. In fact I know it’s not unusual to have a practising artist do lesser work on a project. In this instantance, it was noticed.

21. Robin Barney - July 8, 2012

I want to know what happened to Brianna & Rogers son Jem; What became of Jamie’s son William and that relationship; If Rogers great, great something ever got back through the stones; If Ian married Rachel and what happened after; How Jenny faired in America. What happened to Jamie & Claire at the end of their lives & many more things that would make a good book. There is still so much more of a story to be told. I was eager to get The Exile, but it will not tell me any of the above, so, I will wait for the next book – if there is one. I truly hope there is.

22. S - October 29, 2013

Diana, the whole series is probably the most amazing story I have ever read… the graphic novel is good, but I’m really mad that the faces look Asian… enough with the Asian look already!!!! The artist had no business making the characters look this way, Scottish…. English… get it? NOT ASIAN

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