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Send me your fave covers/art/pics

Send me your fave book covers/pics/artwork on your beloved characters — and a short note telling  why and I’ll post it. (Send to me: dianachiyo@gmail.com)

hunger1I love Kresley Cole’s novels and this was the first one I ever read. So I have a soft spot for the cover and the story. I am just finishing up the last book in that series. Anyone else like this cover???  CLICK HERE to read a review o the book and for a list of Kresley’s other novels

Werewolf cupcakes

This edible artwork was sent in by S. McCabe in Philadelphia. (She says they are werewolf cupcakes, but admits they kind of look like kitty cats.)



1. Bree - December 19, 2009

you make these werewolf cupcakes if you have TIME! when i made them for my New Moon party, it took me 8 hours to frost 24 cupcakes. dont take this on lightly, and it will probably turn you off to frosting for a while if your like me and used to just putting frosting on the cupcake and eating it. i almost broke down the next time i had to frost cupcakes. this is not for people with low pateince, but the end result is amazing!

Diana McCabe - December 19, 2009

My younger sister made these cupcakes and she loves to bake. But it’s hard to do. I don’t think I’ll be making any were cupcakes for Christmas or New Year. I do love to eat the icing, but after that I can’t eat any for a long time! Maybe I should try a cake!

Happy holidays — Diana

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