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Ask Alan Ball of HBO’s ‘True Blood” a question! January 31, 2010

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Alan Ball/Wikipedia

This has been up on the Charlaine Harris Web site under news. You’ve got until Feb. 12 to send in a question! Details below!

1/29/10 – 2/12/10

As part of the huge project The Sookie Companion has become, we’re offering a two-week time period in which you can send your questions to producer/director/writer Alan Ball, who will answer them in the Companion. My assistant, Paula, will collect all your questions and send them to the editor at TeknoBooks who’s responsible for coordinating all the elements going into the Companion, which we hope will be out next year. Paula and the editor will weed out redundant questions. Of course, these questions should focus on the TV series “True Blood,” and they should be sent to: askalanb@yahoo.com. This address is ONLY for this special project.

Release dates, book covers for Alyson Noel’s ‘Dark Flame’ & ‘Radiance’ January 27, 2010

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Wow! Back-to-back news from ALYSON NOEL, author of the Immortal series (EVERMORE, BLUE MOON, SHADOWLAND)! She’s posted her new cover for DARK FLAME, the next book about Ever. It’s due out July 6. Here’s a summary Alyson has posted on her Web site:

Ever struggles to help her best friend Haven transition into life as an immortal — trying to keep her from doing anything that puts them at risk, while attempting to gain control over her enemy Roman, so she can finally obtain the antidote that will allow her and Damen to be together. But when the spell she casts backfires, resulting in a strange, foreign pulse that binds her to Roman instead, Ever turns to Jude and dark magick, desperately attempting to break free of the curse, and ultimately risking everything she knows and loves—including her beloved Damen.

AND, she’s also posted her book cover for RADIANCE, due out Aug. 31. This is the first story in a new series about Ever’s little sister, Riley and includes Buttercup! Here’s the summary she posted on her site:

Riley Bloom left her sister, Ever, in the world of the living and crossed the bridge into the afterlife—a place called Here, where time is always Now. Riley and her dog, Buttercup, have been reunited with her parents and are just settling into a nice, relaxing death when she’s summoned before The Council. They let her in on a secret—the afterlife isn’t just an eternity of leisure; Riley has to work. She’s been assigned a job, Soul Catcher, and a teacher, Bodhi, a curious boy she can’t quite figure out. Riley, Bodhi, and Buttercup return to earth for her first assignment, a Radiant Boy who’s been haunting a castle in England for centuries. Many Soul Catchers have tried to get him to cross the bridge and failed. But he’s never met Riley. . . .

Q&A: What ‘Really Angelic” author says when people don’t like her book January 24, 2010

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OK — let’s face it. Not every book is Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER. Or Karen Marie Moning’s FEVER series.  In fact, some fall incredibly short. I found that to be the case with Enid Wilson’s REALLY ANGELIC: Pride and Prejudice with a paranormal twist. It sure has got a twist. Elizabeth is Darcy’s guardian angel. But it’s almost as if she needs a guardian with all of the scandalous behavior that occurs right from the start.  This is not a book for Jane Austen purists. I also told Enid (CLICK HERE for her Web site) it just wasn’t my cup of tea. But Enid, who lives in Sydney and had sent me a copy of the book, agreed to talk about what happens when a reader doesn’t like her book. (You can decide for yourself. Enid will be giving away a copy of REALLY ANGELIC. Details at the end of this Q&A.)

Q. Your previous work included BARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL, which has been ranked in the top 50 best-selling historical romances on Amazon USA and received several top reviews. Why mess with a good thing and switch genres?

A. I love to write stories in different genres. My first book IN QUEST OF THETA MAGIC is in fact a futuristic fantasy that features a shapeshifter. I find it more challenging to write a variety of stories than sticking to one genre. REALLY ANGELIC has received two 5-star reviews so far and its sales figure is doing quite well.

Q. We see lots of sequels, twists on the original PRIDE AND PREJUDICE. What possessed you to retell it? And how did you come up with the idea for angels?

Enid Wilson

A. I fell in love with PRIDE AND PREJUDICE when I was around 12. I heard it as a radio drama but it ended at the inn of Lambton, where Elizabeth Bennet told Mr. Darcy that Lydia had eloped with Wickham. Lizzy and Darcy parted way sadly. The drama left me with a very heavy heart.

When I hunted the book down in a library, I was ecstatic that it had a happy ending. It was the first book I used money I earned to buy. I’ve bought several editions of it since and re-read them all. When I discovered the world of Jane Austen retelling about three years ago, I tested my creative skill. I love sexy romance, too, so it is rather satisfying for me to start retelling with a more spicy angle.

The conception of Really Angelic was from this scene (adapted for stand alone reading here):

    As to Elizabeth, when the lightning struck her husband, she had seen with wide and frightened eyes that he was hurt. She had not been quick enough to protect him. As she began to rush to him, another lightning flashed, and Michael appeared directly in front of her, blocking her path.
    “He is hurt, Michael!”
    “It is time.”
    “Yes, time for you to return to Heaven.”
    “No!” Elizabeth shook her head fiercely. “My husband is injured. I must stay with him and find help.”
    “If your concern is his well-being, you can guard him better from Heaven.”
    “I saved him from the clutches of the demon on Earth. I can guard him well here, too.”
    Michael looked at her soberly. “If you do not go now, there may not be another chance to return.”
    “But I love him. How can I leave him, especially now, when he is hurt? We did not even say goodbye. He would be heartbroken if he wakes and finds me gone, forever,” she said in a trembling voice.
    “He knew of that possibility when he married you.”
    “It will not make it hurt any less. I am hurting now. I shall be heartbroken if I cannot see him anymore.” Tears rushed down her face.

    I had this notion of Darcy and Elizabeth separated by a strong outside force, besides their own pride and prejudice and much stronger than the objection of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, From there, I created an angelic world that tested my beloved couple’s love.

    Q. In your telling of the tale, Darcy seems really out of control. And Elizabeth has the same problem. How have readers reacted to some of these behaviors, which didn’t occur in the original story?

    A. I’ve put a warning in the product description. But be warned: this book is not suitable for Jane Austen purists. My fans who have read the story loved it but one can never tell with Amazon’s reviews.

    Q. Did your editor try to talk out of doing the story?

    A. Funny you asked this because my editor Judith actually asked me to expand on one spicy scene. I guess that’s her way of showing support and wanting wilder behaviour for the characters.

    Q. What do you think Jane Austen would think of your version?

    A. I suspect Jane Austen would be diverted by all the attention to and retelling of her novels. I would be, at least. For example in BARGAIN WITH THE DEVIL, I created a character called Ipswich the Good Witch and another writer loved it so much she asked for my permission to use it in her story. I don’t mind it at all. As Jane Austen said in PRIDE AND PREJUDICE: For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?

    Q. When someone says they don’t like your story, how do you react? Do you ever feel like quitting?

    A. If they tell me why they don’t like my books, I’ll try to analyze their comments and find ways to improve. But I write what I love to write so I think I’d only quit if I get bored with writing.

    Q. What do your fans say?

    A. I have a circle of fans and they love my stories. Here are a few of their thoughts about Really Angelic.

    I loved the angel and her love slave. I am sure they both enjoyed that arrangement.

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderfully imaginative and hot story with us.

    A very refreshing fun story

    Q. Do you think if I drank a bottle of wine and read REALLY ANGELIC, I might take things less seriously and would like the book?

    A. LOL, is that your usual way of lightening your heart or dulling your senses? As a half Buddhist, I don’t like to force people and there is no way I can. I believe it makes the world more interesting to have differences of opinion.

    Q. What’s up next for you?

    A. Another retelling, perhaps, if readers are not sick of them. A Martian Mr. Darcy and a human Lizzy…

    Enid is giving out a copy of REALLY ANGELIC in paperback for those brave souls who don’t mind PRIDE AND PREJUDICE  with an out-of-control twist. Just leave a comment below by 12 February 2010 EST, and she’ll pick a winner. Contest open for U.S. readers only.

U.K. description of DEAD IN THE FAMILY January 20, 2010

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Here’s the product description from the UK Amazon site:
If you think your family relationships are complicated, think again: you haven’t seen anything like the ones in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Sookie Stackhouse is dealing with a whole host of family problems, ranging from her own kin (a non-human fairy and a telepathic second cousin) demanding a place in her life, to her lover Eric’s vampire sire, an ancient being who arrives with Eric’s ‘brother’ in tow at a most inopportune moment. And Sookie’s tracking down a distant relation of her ailing neighbour (and ex), Vampire Bill Compton. In addition to the multitude of family issues complicating her life, the werewolf pack of Shreveport has asked Sookie for a special favour, and since Sookie is an obliging young woman, she agrees. But this favour for the wolves has dire results for Sookie, who is still recovering from the trauma of her abduction during the Fairy War.

The book is expected to be released in the United States on May 4!

So you wanna run a Web site that sells vampire books? January 19, 2010

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Boy, who doesn’t dream of either writing the next great series in paranormal romance and/or running the coolest online bookstore for the genre. I was pinged a while back by the women who run FANGtasticFiction.com — which is focused on paranormal romance and urban fantasy books.

The whole world of Fangbooks started because Alison Sammes and her friend Rosie are both avid readers, particularly of the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres, and trying to actually find these books in Australia was (and still is) pretty diabolical. They wanted a site where folks could go, check out reviews and be able to buy the books. Nothing was out there, so they  started their own business. OK — so maybe you never wanna buy a book from ’em. But check out their site for ideas on what to read and the reviews. It’s nicely organized.

And here’s a little bit more from Alison on how they got their business off the ground!

Q. How long have you been in business?
We’ve ‘officially’ been in business since June (we are a registered company), but the Web site only went live near the end of August (with a LOT of work between June and August).

Q. Is this your only job?
A. We both have ‘day jobs,’ but thankfully I only work four days a week, so we’ve got one day where I can run around doing all of the ‘day-time’ stuff. There are a LOT of late nights and weekends spent working on the site and business.  It is a lot of work, but it is also a lot of fun.  It really has just been overwhelming the support and encouragement that we’ve had from authors and publishers.  Maybe that’s normal in the world of paranormal romance & urban fantasy, but it has still completely blown us away!

Q. Did you ever stop to think you’d be going head to head with Amazon?
A. I don’t think we ever really saw ourselves as taking on the likes of Amazon.  We are both quite specific in our tastes and knew from the start that we really wanted to focus on paranormal romance and urban fantasy.  We think much of the appeal with us is that we try to make it easy to find books in the genres.  Most publishers only list books as ‘romance,’ ‘fantasy’ or ‘science fiction’ so we go through each months new and upcoming releases and manually separate them out into their appropriate genres (so if you see the odd book in the wrong spot let us know!). I’m sure there must be an easier way to do this, but we haven’t found it yet. This is also how we are able to go further than just say “oh, that’s paranormal” – chances are we’ve actually read the book or the series and we KNOW that it is about vampires despite what the blurb or the publisher may say (I point out the marketing for DIVINE MISDEMEANORS – you won’t find us hiding this one under teen paranormal!).

Q. Will the shop always be online or do you want a real bookstore?
A. We do have dreams of opening a little store one day with quiet fantasies of world domination, although with the way we’re growing, who knows, we might be able to expand to bricks and mortar soon! We love to be able to promote new authors and just some of the wonderful books out there, so I think we look at the idea of having a physical location that people can come to as really just an extension of that.  Everything has happened so quickly I don’t think we’ve truly realised that we are a business! In some ways selling books sometimes feels like it’s just the sideline and letting people know ABOUT the books seems to be our core focus! But the two do go hand in hand.

Q. Any thoughts of expanding?
A. We are based in Sydney, so we do have an Australian focus. But, I am about to relocate to New Zealand , so we’ll be expanding the business across two countries (and the thought of having a ‘multinational’ bookstore isn’t at all scary! Honest!). We had originally planned to just sell within Australia but that quickly expanded to the rest of the world.

Q. Toughest things about the biz so far?

A. Three of the hardest things we’ve found are:

— Trying to keep up- to-date with new releases, particularly from debuting authors.
–Trying to get books that aren’t being released in Australia. This  came as a bit of a shock to us. We knew that there was sometimes a delay in books being released in Aussie, but we never realized how many really great books just don’t make it over here!
–Trying to get books when publishers are tending to reduce the time when books are available, which is particularly annoying when promoting a series and the first few books are no longer available!

Q. Any other challenges?
So as well as trying to stay up-to-date with what’s being released in Australia, we’re also trying to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the rest of the world. We recently added book reviews to the site, as well as our author & series reviews, simply because sometimes you just want to know what the book is like (and sometimes we’ve only read the one book, so a full author page is too much!) We’re also working with literature-map.com and will be adding this to our site soon (and we get to add more authors!) We’ve just joined Twitter (FANGBOOKS) , and I am debating whether to set up a Face Book page.

Of course in-between all of this we still find time to read books! And I obviously can talk about books and our site all day (and will if I don’t stop myself now)!

Freebies for folks who like romance & things that go bump in the night January 15, 2010

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Yeah, there’s a book contest a day if you look at your Twitter feed. But here are a couple of different ways to win something free — and you can read at the same time! Have a good weekend!

Tattooed Books

Even if you aren’t into contests, check out this cool blog by a “YA book reviewing, librarian-in-training.” It looks pretty and it’s chock full good book reviews in a genre that sometimes can be overwhelming. The site’s current contest? In celebration of Rachel Vincent’s teen series SOUL SCREAMERS, Tattooed Books is dedicating the site —  Jan. 25-29 — to all things SOUL SCREAMERS. She’ll have book reviews, Soul Screamers posts and an interview with Rachel Vincent! The giveaway is a pretty nifty looking necklace. CLICK HERE to go to the blog and see it.

Download a free book at Try Harlequin!

They’re offering 16 choices — and of course there are some paranormals in there, like Michele Hauf’s KISS ME DEADLY, one of those vampire vs witches stories. CLICK HERE to scroll through their choices.

Tell a story with Teresa D’Amario

This is totally fun — even if you don’t win a prize at the end of her blog tour! Teresa D’Amario, author of LONE WOLF,  is stopping at various blogs (she was here last week!) and gives readers a chapter in her online story about a Fae prince and a feisty shewolf. You read her story, answer a few questions/give suggestions about where the story should go, and Teresa works like a crazy woman to get her next chapter up on the next blog! She tries to use the reader comments to shape the direction of the story. CLICK HERE to read previous chapters. Saturday (Jan. 16) you can read the latest chapter at Naughty Editions Review HERE. To find out where her blog tour stops next CLICK HERE.

Book pick: DD Barant’s ‘Dying Bites’ is thriller literally out of this world! January 13, 2010

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So my little sis from Philly (San) will send me books to read and blurbs on books she likes. Here’s one we both love. DYING BITES by DD Barant. San says “I love tough chicks.  You know the girl, with or without supernatural powers … your choice … who is tough enough to do battle with the bad guys and also smart enough to verbally spar with her nemesis, too.” That’s what the heroine of this book has got. Jace Valchek can physically fight and mentally beat her enemies to a pulp. We both think DYING BITES is the start of a promising new series!

So here’s the premise of the story. Jace Valchek is an FBI profiler who tracks mentally fractured killers.  David Cassius, head vampire of the NSA, rips her from her world and hires her to solve a series of bizarre murder of vampires and werewolves. Yup — we’re talking a parallel universe here. A place where only 1 percent of the population is human. Who or what else is there? Lycanthropes (43%), vampires (37%)(, golem (19%).  Jace is stranded in a world that doesn’t understand  mental illness  and has loads of weird paranormal creatures . She can only return to her world when she’s captured or eliminated the serial killer. But there’s a twist. The killer might be human. Oh, did we mention that some of these other paranormal creatures want to wipe out what’s left of the human race? In this book Barant creates an interesting “other” world.  This new world and our reality at one time had a shared history.  At some time in the past, however, the paranormal creatures broke away from our world.  As the differences that define the two worlds are revealed, there are interesting differences and tweaks.

Jace is a tough chick but not annoyingly so.  She gets kicked around a bit but keeps on fighting. She’s not a damsel in distress. As a human in a paranormal universe, she is at the bottom of the food chain but she is gutsy and funny.  Jace begins to develop friendships with her partner, a golem, a nerdy werewolf and a vampire. She even kind of likes her doc, who looks in on her from time to time to see how she’s adjusting to her new world.

It’s not a surprise, but not all is revealed in this first book.  For example, there are serious questions about who Jace can trust in this new universe.  There are questions about the shadowy past of the NSA. There is also clearly the beginning of love interests in this book as well but there are several potential problems with these candidates, too.

Barant writes her book in first person. But it’s great. You always know what the other characters are feeling since they all kind of feel a little bit of empathy for her. You won’t find any hot and heavy sex scenes or profanity. But there is a lot of wit, sarcasm and dry humor since Jace finds that our worlds have take some quirky turns in history. And if you like crime stories — this one is an interesting one. It’s kind of gory in parts when a body’s been ripped apart in some obscene way. But there’s nothing offensive or gross. This is a fast-paced fun read that had us laughing in a lot of spots and wondering what would happen next!

And remember, the next book in her series — DEATH BLOWS — comes out in March!

Why haven’t I read ‘Traitor to the Crown’ series yet? January 12, 2010

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Mr. Finlay (Photo by Michelle Daniel)

Blame Twitter. It reminded me the other night that I hadn’t purchased a single book written by childhood acquaintance C.C. Finlay, author of the TRAITOR TO THE CROWN series. Now, what kind of friend does that make me? Rotten. Because as a kid, Charlie (I know,  I know, his official name is Charles Coleman) was not only willing to talk about anything and everything to anyone in the rural town of Marysville, but he was super smart. The kind of smart where he didn’t make you feel like your ideas were dorky. But I was the more mellow of the three sisters. I think he probably had more fun dealing my two testy siblings on the Marysville Debate Team. Kathy (older, bossy — but very smart — dominatrix debator) and Sandy (younger, quieter — but very smart — sarcastic-leave-me-alone-you-F’ng debator. ) Yup — nice, eh?

But, the funny thing is, his books would probably unite us all since the sisters love this kind of fantasy where magic can change history. Here’s a look at details of his series from product comments.


This spellbinding historical fantasy, first of a series, takes Proctor Brown, ready minuteman and reluctant witch, through the opening battles of the American Revolution. Caught between the demands of a loyalist girlfriend and the needs of his aged parents, Proctor is eager to join the American cause and put his hidden abilities to good use. As he learns more about witchcraft, he finds it employed by both rebels and Royal Marines, and he struggles to master his talents without being exposed. Finlay (The Prodigal Troll) provides enough well-researched minutiae of daily life in colonial America to make this a fine historical novel, while offering a magic-tinged view of the happenings at Lexington, Concord and Bunker Hill that impressively restores suspense and uncertainty to long-settled events.


After making early gains on the battlefields, General Washington’s struggling young armies are being relentlessly pressed back by British troops and Hessian mercenaries. Among the enemy’s ranks is a mysterious force from the Covenant, a secret society of evil witches that for centuries has been pulling the strings of European history: a Hessian necromancer who drinks the power of other witches like a vampire and whose allies include devils and ghosts. Now this man seeks to sap the fighting spirit of Washington’s troops by means of a pernicious curse, chaining the souls of the dead to the spirits of the living.

Against him stand Proctor Brown and Deborah Walcott, two young patriots who lead a ragtag band of witches as much in danger from their own side as from the enemy. Proctor and Deborah must find a way to break the Hessian’s curse before the newborn revolution is smothered in its cradle—and the Covenant extends its dark dominion to the shores of America, extinguishing forever the already sputtering torch of liberty.


The War of Independence appears to have no end in sight. Discouraged by the bloodshed and suffering their magic can do nothing to prevent, Proctor and his wife, Deborah, dream of starting a family. But when Deborah gives birth, a powerful demon called Balfri, summoned by the secret society of European witches known as the Covenant, tries to possess the child. Though the attack in unsuccessful, it makes Proctor and Deborah realize that there can be no safety for them, or for anyone, until the Covenant is destroyed.

With the help of such patriots as Benjamin Franklin and John Adams, Proctor embarks on a desperate journey to take the fight to the heart of the Covenant’s power: Europe. There he will uncover a dark, necromantic design of chillingly vast proportions. Meanwhile, back in America, Deborah will face Balfri again–only this time the demon will have the whole British army to command.


This series would most certainly be perfect for at least two of us (me and Sandy — cannot vouch for Kathy’s reading tastes because she was always ahead of us, reading PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and DAVID COPPERFIELD when she was in sixth grade or something weird like that. ) So the challenge for at least two of the McCabe sisters will be to purchase and read Charlie’s books this year. Anyone else read these and care to comment? Any of the many Mville fans out there read these yet! Lemme know. In the meantime, I’ve got a lot of cool reading to do!

Video: Diana Gabaldon on how she started Outlander series, when will it end? January 10, 2010

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Isn’t YouTube a wonderful thing. There’s a great video of Diana Gabaldon — author of the OUTLANDER series, talking about how she got started and about the latest book, AN ECHO TO THE BONE. (Thanks to Orionbooks for publishing it on YouTube.) Also, I’ve listed the novels in the series and order to read them. On her Web site, Diana says she probably has one more book to write and it will end in the 1800s — and will have a happy ending. A prequel, covering the story of Jamie’s parents, is under contract with no publication date set. Diana has said that the prequel will be covered in three short novellas.

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Q&A part 2: Gena Showalter on how she writes January 8, 2010

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As promised, here is the second part of my Q&A with Gena Showalter, author of those tortured immortal warriors of the LORDS OF THE UNDERWORLD series. But she’s created interesting worlds and characters for other series, including her ALIEN HUNTRESS books and her ATLANTIS novels. In April, she’ll release INTO THE DARK, which contains two Lords of the Underworld stories previously published as ebooks, THE DARKEST FIRE and THE DARKEST PRISON, combined with the Atlantis ebook the AMAZON’S CURSE. And — she’ll offer up some other bonus info on the Lords of the Underworld! At end of this Q&A, find out about Gena’s contest to win a signed copy of INTO THE DARK. (Don’t forget — she also has TWICE AS HOT coming out Jan. 26!) OK — back to the Q&A and writing!

Gena Showalter

Q. How did you get started? How did you submit your first story and what was the experience like?
A. I just sat down and started writing.  I had no clear idea of story, just two characters who refused to shut up in my head.  (In a lot of ways, I was like Aden from Intertwined) At the time, I thought I was creating gold.  Now, having reread that story years later – shudder.   But after writing that book – Heaven’s Fury – I got online and researched agents and submission policies.  I struck out so many times I lost count.  So I wrote another book — and then another book, repeating the process six times.  Finally, I signed with agent Deidre Knight, and she later sold my seventh book to HQN.

Q. You write so many books and have so many different series.  Do the ideas come fairly easily? Do you just start writing — even when you might not have a clear idea?
A. Ideas are never a problem — I have more than I can ever write about.  All I need is the grain of an idea or a single character, and a story always sprouts from there.  Some stories are more stressful than others, but only because the characters are more stubborn than others (cough Gideon cough)

Q. Do you have a fave line from your books? (Or — a line you wish you could change!)
I constantly rewrite.  By the time a book is printed and hits the stores, I’ve thought of a thousand things I could have done differently.  So basically, I want to rewrite every book that has ever released.

Q. What’s your writing day like?
A. When working on a rough draft, I write a chapter a day.  When editing, I try to read through at least a hundred pages a day.

Q. Do you have a special place where you write?
A. My desk is not in a room, but is out in the open (meaning there are no doors) and the clutter is out of control.  But I’m not sure I could write without my piles of crap everywhere.  At least, that’s what I say on Showalter Cleaning Day.

Q. How do you handle your series writing? Do you work on several at a time or one project at a time?
A. Used to, I could juggle multiple series at once.  Now, I gotta do them one at a time or they bleed together.

Q. What do you do when you’re not writing!
A. I’m not sure I understand the question.  Not writing?


Now, to win a signed, advanced copy on INTO THE DARK, Gena’s asking folks to help promote another book, HEART OF DARKNESS. CLICK HERE to read Gena’s blog on what to do!

HEART OF DARKENSS is a trilogy of paranormal romance stories. According to the book description:

The Darkest Angel by Gena Showalter (A Lords of the Underworld tale): An iron-willed demon assassin, the angel Lysander has never known lust—until he meets Bianka. Spawned from the bloodline of Lucifer, the beautiful but deadly Harpy is determined to lead the pure-hearted Lysander into temptation….

Love Me to Death by Maggie Shayne: Twenty-two years ago four teenage boys were convicted of a young girl’s murder. Now, in the form of a beautiful woman, the “victim” is seeking vengeance. And only one man dares to dig into the past to uncover its secrets… and set her free.

Lady of the Nile by Susan Krinard: Lady Tameri believes herself to be the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian princess, and Leo Erskine has set out to prove her wrong … never dreaming that the two of them are about to discover a prophecy that will bind them together forever.

CLICK HERE to read the first part of the interview.

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Christine Feehan — Drake Sisters and Dark Slayer

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