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Ask an author

If you could ask a question of your fave paranormal author — what do you want me to ask? Suggestions for author interviews? Please leave me your questions in the COMMENT section of this post.

Here is a list of author interviews on the blog.

George R. R. Martin — ‘Game of Thrones’ author on fans, killing characters, Comic-Com

Patricia Briggs — It’s 1st Comic-Con for author of ‘Mercy’ series

Charlaine Harris — Wishes she could be in ‘True Blood’ audience at Comic-Con

Jim Butcher — Author of ‘The Dresden Files’ has special treat for readers at Comic-Con

Charlaine Harris — 5 questions about Sookie, end of the series, killing Bill

Chris Farnsworth — 5 questions on ‘The President’s Vampire’

Dianne Duvall — Why her Immortals eat organic in ‘Darkness Dawns’

Chris Farnsworth — ‘Blood Oath’ author on his vampire, movie and what part of the novel is true!

Teresa D’Amario — On her shapeshifter hero in ‘Dark Succession’

Lucy Monroe — On her medieval Scottish werewolves

Alexandra Ivy On her vampires and werewolves

Enid WilsonWhat ‘Really Angelic’ author says when people don’t like her books

Gena Showalter — On her fave characters, books and Kresley Cole

Keri Arthur — On her Riley Jenson series and why it must end!

Christine Feehan — Drake Sisters and Dark Slayer

Alyson Noel — Her Immortals Series

Charlaine Harris — Her latest Sookie book and HBO’s TRUE BLOOD

Jennifer Lyon: BLOOD MAGIC



Linda  O Johnston: ALPHA WOLF


1. Diana McCabe - April 14, 2009

OK — no one has a question for C.L. Wilson or Alyson Noel? What about Susan Squires? Who else would you like me to talk to? Agents? Publishers? Editors? — Diana

2. sjpowell - January 3, 2010

Just wanna know if KADE LIVES cause I REALLY like this character!!???

Diana McCabe - January 3, 2010

Ahhhh — well — you know I don’t think she’s gonna give us any spoilers for the last book in the series! I do regret not asking her how she came up with the idea for all of her unusual shape-shifter characters! I will try and follow up with her in May after she releases the last book in the series!


3. Brianne Landry - February 1, 2010

I have a suggestion for the movie. I think Miranda Richardson should play Geillis Duncan. I think as a last resort Gerard Butler could be Jamie, but I think both Jamie and Claire need to be people that are not as well known. I really hope this amazing book becomes a movie OR a series.

Diana McCabe - February 3, 2010

As soon as you sent in that comment, I thought — that’s a pretty good match. I can picture Miranda Richardson as Geillis!! There are a lot of roles in the books we haven’t filled yet, eh?


4. kristy addison - August 31, 2010

what is book number 11 going be called i am so addicted to these books they ae great

5. ginny .C - September 20, 2010

just finished ‘an echo in the bone’ mortified that it was only published this year, how long will we have to wait for the next one??

6. Kay Lowe - February 9, 2011

Please, please, please…whoever designs the covers for paranormal romances…make them less cheesy! I love the books but try to hide the covers!

7. Sameera - February 13, 2011

I absolutly LOVED the Dark Series by C.Feehan! Especialy Dark Demon where natalya gets jealous when slavica is helpin to heal virkonoff. I think there should be more scenes like that where the women are jealous and a little of the predatory side comes out. It makes for great reading where we dont always have to read about the man being jealous and possessive all the time. Once in a while its nice to read that women be the same despite being compassionate and caring

8. Becky Roberts, 16 - April 2, 2012

Hello, i read a few pages of Fever by Dee Shulman and was going to leave the rest for a treat. But i got so Anxious to read the rest, i read it in a few days. Now i don’t what to read next. Help!

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