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Preview latest Carpathian novel from Christine Feehan August 29, 2010

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I started out reading paranormal romance with Christine Feehan’s Carpathian series. Yeah — they’re very Alpha male, and the stories are all kind of the same. But I’ve kept track of most of her works because I can read her stories quickly and they’re entertaining. Plus, she’s always got like four different series going. (CLICK HERE to read my interview with her last year on her vamps.) Her latest Carpathian novel — DARK PERIL — comes out in a few days (Aug. 31). In the meantime, here’s a look at the book trailer for DARK PERIL. You can also read chapter one of the novel, but you must be a member of her fan site at www.christinefeehan.com. It’s free. You just need to sign up to read her excerpts.

Book pick: ‘Rajmund’ a must read for Vampires in America fans August 26, 2010

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Here’s another good one from Dot on the latest book in the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series.   “I love this author (D.B. Reynolds)! ” says Dot — PR’s vampire expert.  “She keeps me riveted to the books. Only problem, I have to wait a year for the next ones.” And we all can relate to that when it comes to reading a good series. Dot’s book pick follows. CLICK HERE to read her previous reviews on this series.


D.B. Reynolds weaves together a mystery along with sizzling romance in RAJMUND, book No. 3 in the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series.   A young human woman has been kidnapped and vampires are suspected of not only this crime but of the kidnapping of several other women.  Rajmund (pronounced Rye-mund or Raj like in Rodger) is called from New York City to Buffalo, NY, by his vampire lord, Krystof, who has a tenuous grasp on his territory.  Raj is poised to take over the territory but first he must clear up the mystery of these missing women.  A distraction comes in the person of human Sarah Stratton, a professor at a Buffalo university.  Sarah has information about the missing women but has secrets of her own to keep hidden.  She has been previously introduced to Raj while on a weekend in NYC.  Sparks flew then and they continue to fly when they meet again in Buffalo.

RAJMUND, the third installment in D.B.Reynolds Vampires In America,  series does not disappoint one little bit.  It has all the action and romance of the first two books (RAPHAEL[1] and JABRIL[2]). There are tantalizing surprises as the story unfolds. Raj is a totally hot, sexy, dangerous, alpha vampire.  His only discernible fault is calling the heroine “little one.”  For those who want their heroines to be of the kick-ass variety, Sarah is not that. Sarah is sometimes annoying in her disregard for her own safety.  But Reynolds compensates by having Raj’s second in command, a vampire named Emelie, do more than an adequate job of butt kicking. Once again, this was  a Reynolds’ book, I could not put down.   I personally enjoy how dangerous Reynolds’ vampires are because they are not to be trifled with one bit. Yum! I do suggest that the series be read in order, if only so you can enjoy the series as it unfolds.

Books  No. 4 SOPHIA and No. 5 DUNCAN will be published in 2011.  Reynolds has just announced that her contract has been extended to include eight books in her series.

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Charlaine Harris says ‘Blood Oath’ thriller but not a vampire novel August 22, 2010

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OK — so I guess I’d go with that on some level. But I still see Cade as my next vamp hero. Charlaine Harris — author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels — that have drawn in even more fans with the True Blood HBO series by Alan Ball — met BLOOD OATH author Chris Farnsworth at ComicCon (they were on a panel) and she got a copy of his book. Here’s what she had to say after reading it:

His premise is so logical (at least, to my mind) that it’s amazing no one thought of it before. For many decades, the president of the United States has had a vampire at his disposal. Nathaniel Cade, sworn to a Blood Oath, must obey the orders of the president or his representative. At the beginning of the book, Nathaniel’s breaking in a new minder, kind of his daytime guy. Zach is more than a little deplorable, but he eventually proves his worth. This is a clever thriller that I’d never actually call a vampire novel.

Which makes me wonder — just what the heck do people call vamp novels now? I think the genre has morphed into a zillion directions. My hubby thinks the whole vamp craze is unwinding now. Ummmm — not so fast. There are still lots of new books and movies coming out. As long as they’re good, I’ll go see a supernatural flick or read a book any time. And we haven’t even touched on the YA market — which is really big on the fae and ghosts and teen angst. (Kind of my faves right now. Good summer reading.)

For those of you who have read BLOOD OATH, check out this drawing of the evil Konrad on the Blood Oath Facebook page HERE.

And in case you missed it, here are my interviews with Chris and Charlaine:

Chris Farnsworth — ‘Blood Oath’ author on his vampire, movie and what part of the novel is true!

Charlaine Harris — Her latest Sookie book and HBO’s TRUE BLOOD

Chris Farnsworth and Chris Marie Green.

Charlaine Harris mingling with the crowd.

Who uses a sock in ‘True Blood’ sex scenes — Bill or Eric? August 18, 2010

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From a series of stories at The Huffington Post:

Image from The Huffington Post website

In the story accompanying the nude and gruesome ‘True Blood’ cover of ‘Rolling Stone,’ the show’s stars talk about how they approach being nude on set.

Alexander Skarsgard goes sockless. “I don’t want a sock around it, that feels ridiculous,” he told the magazine. “If we’re naked in the scene, then I’m naked. I’ve always been that way.”

Stephen Moyer is more modest and opts for a sock but just out of regard for others. “I’ve got nothing to hide,” he said. “I just think it might be embarrassing for the crew.”

His fiancee, Anna Paquin, wears a “patch” on her privates.


OK — I just thought this was funny. But now I have to go out and buy this cover and check out the stories for myself! When I first heard talk of socks, I thought it was about the male cast stuffing them down their pants ….

Alyson Noel to start new YA series: ‘The Soul Seekers’ August 15, 2010

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Photo from Alyson Noel's website

Alyson Noel has a new  YA series, THE SOUL SEEKERS, coming out in 2012.

The  four-book series, which takes place in the Southwest, is about a 16-year-old girl who can walk among the dead, the Underworld and the Upperworld. (Sounds like Alyson will be diving into the world of the Shamans.)

She says she’ll start working on the first book this winter after she finishes book No. 6 in THE IMMORTALS — still untitled!

The WSJ SpeakEasy blog has a good story and interview with Alyson. Their article says Alyson will receive  a “healthy seven-figures with additional performance bonuses that could double that.”  To read their interview CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, Alyson is coming out with a few books:

RADIANCE, book No. 1 in Riley’s series, is in stores Aug. 31. On her blog, Alyson says that “writing Riley’s story turned out to be some of the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book, so I really hope readers enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it!” (For those of you who haven’t read THE IMMORTALS series, Riley is Ever’s little sister who has moved onto the afterlife. To read an excerpt, CLICK HERE!)

KISSES FROM HELL, an anthology of paranormal young adult stories also featuring authors Kristin Cast, Richelle Mead, Kelley Armstrong, and Francesca Lia Block, comes out Aug. 24.  Alyson’s story is a gothic romance titled, BRING ME TO LIFE. She said the title is from the Evanescence song.
TOUR: And she heads out on the Smart Chicks Kick It Tour, which includes a ton of YA authors like Kelley Armstrong, Melissa Marr, Holly Black, Melissa de la Cruz, Rachel Caine, Kimberly Derting and a bunch more, in September. CLICK HERE for the tour schedule and author list.
Next on the blog: I’m reading DEATH’S EXCELLENT VACATION and should have a post on that soon. Waiting to hear back on some author interviews. And Dot will have a book pick on the third installment in the VAMPIRES IN AMERICA series!

What’s your fave video of Barrons and Mac? August 11, 2010

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I was in the mood for a Karen Marie Moning story. Digging around my boxes for books (I still have some that still need to be unpacked!) and decided to just look at book trailers people made about the series on YouTube.

Here’s one that’s kind of fun: (Got a fave Barrons and Mac video? Lemme know so I can post!)

Book pick: ‘Jane Bites Back’ inventive and funny August 8, 2010

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Just when I’m poking around for something different in my book pile, Dot comes up with another good paranormal pick! Here’s her look at JANE BITES BACK. Dot,  who blogs regularly here at PR,  says she’s on a roll now — she was sidetracked a bit by some Lisa Kleypas and other historical romances — but has more paranormal picks coming! (Thanks Dot! And I love reading the historicals, too!)

What would happen if Jane Austen was turned into a vampire?  Michael Thomas Ford wondered and came up with JANE BITES BACK, a contemporary story about a  vampire Jane (Austen) Fairfax who owns a bookstore in a sleepy upstate New York town.  In the beginning of the story, no one knows that Jane is a vampire.  She is content with her bookstore, her store assistant and feeding off of people who never guess what has happened.  Her books as Jane Austen are so popular that her biggest complaints are that she doesn’t get royalties and her new novel CONSTANCE can’t find a publisher.  All that changes when she does find a publisher, her sire (Lord Byron) finds her and wants her back, and she becomes infatuated with a local hunk.

This is a delight of a novel.  Ford is a skilled writer who breathes life into the undead characters.  There is humor, pathos, romance and some decidedly undead shenanigans.  Not all vampires are as nice as Jane and you will be surprised at who they really are or to be precise, were. There is a sequel in the works JANE GOES BATTY due out Feb. 1, 2011.  I will definitely be reading the sequel.

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Pocket After Dark offers up free reads, sneak peeks of upcoming books August 6, 2010

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Looking for some freebie reads this weekend? Check out Pocket Books’ recently launched Pocket After Dark website  — CLICK HERE —  a free online community that features urban fantasy, paranormal romance and traditional romance books. Of course they want you to buy the books online, but Pocket also offers up some free reads, such as Kresley Cole’s A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER and Adrian Phoenix’s IN THE BLOOD. (You have 23 days to read Cole’s book and six to read Phoenix’s novel.)

The site also features excerpts from upcoming releases, like PRIMAL INSTINCTS by Susan Sizemore. In another area on the site you can read two chapters from various genres of Pocket’s latest releases. In the paranormal romance that includes titles like BLACK MAGIC by Cherry Adair and CAPTURED BY MOONLIGHT from Nancy Gideon.

The forums, author pages and editors’ blog look pretty new so hopefully they’ll build those out once people start joining.

It’s free to join, although it took me three times to get the login stuff correct! And there is a points system. Not sure how you earn points — activity on site I guess — or what they get you. Did a search and haven’t found an answer. (Nor was any explanation offered in my confirmation email. I just know by logging in I received about 260 points.)

But hey — check out some of the sneak peaks and free reads.

Happy browsing.

Book pick: ‘Shade’ a ghostly tale of loving someone you can’t have August 3, 2010

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Or can you live with and love someone who is dead? Ask Aura. She’s the first  in a new generation who can see and talk to ghosts. It’s not a shocker that anyone 17 and under can see the ghosts who haven’t moved on and the older grownups cannot.

SHADE is the first in a new YA series by Jeri Smith-Ready, who has also written WICKED GAME and BAD TO THE BONE, both part of a vampire series, among other books.

The story is about Aura and Logan, two teens who are in love. He’s the hunky singer in a band that just might get a big break. And the same night of his birthday, after giving a stellar performance in front of recording agents, he and Aura plan to consummate their love. But instead, Logan dies at the after party and Aura is left loving a ghost who can’t move on. She can see him — he gives off a violet color — and hear him, but they cannot touch.

What follows is a fast-paced but hauntingly sad tale of loving someone you can’t have. In a world where ghosts are common, part of society wants to block them out, especially if they turn into a shade, which means they can never move on peacefully and are somewhat nasty and evil beings.

Aura struggles with her grief and continued love for Logan, who comes to visit her each night. But, as she tries to also unravel the mystery of her origin as the first ghost seer in her generation, she meets Zachary — the last of a generation who don’t see ghosts. He was born one minute before her.  There is a connection between them. Aura is attracted to him. And Zachary has almost as many questions and mysteries about his background and family as she does. Her mother died when she was young and she never knew her father. His mother left him. And his father works for a secret organization that “polices” ghosts.  How are they connected? What is his big secret? And why is she attracted to him, while she still loves Logan.

This is a good YA novel that any adult would enjoy. The world Smith-Ready creates is one of intolerance for some of the ghosts. Black boxes of obsidian keep some from coming to certain rooms and buildings. And ghosts — for some reason — don’t like the color red. It repels them. So ghost haters wear lots of red. I’m sure she’s got some deeper societal message going on here. And the idea of pre-Shift and post-Shift people threw me at first. I figure all of that will be more fully explained later. But I liked the story for its creativity and heart-breaking story of an intriguing love triangle that I hope is either deepened or resolved in the next book — SHIFT, due out in May 2011.

You can follow Jeri on Twitter @jsmithready and she’s got a Facebook fan page under her name Jeri Smith-Ready. Also visit  her blog and website HERE.

And now check out her cool book video:

And the RWA RITA award for best paranormal romance goes to … August 1, 2010

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Congrats to Kresley Cole who won the 2010 Romance Writers Association RITA award for best paranormal romance for KISS OF A DEMON KING. Winners were announced  at the RWA conference in Orlando, Fla. Here’s a look at the finalists for paranormal romance! (To see the other categories and winners,  CLICK HERE!)

What Would Jane Austen Do? by Laurie Brown

Untouchable in Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole

Kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole

My Forbidden Desire by Carolyn Jewel

The Fire King by Marjorie M. Liu

For the Earl’s Pleasure by Anne Mallory

Darkness Unknown by Alexis Morgan

Covet by J.R. Ward

Mortal Sins by Eileen Wilks

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