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What’s your fave Fever book/scene with Mac & Barrons? November 27, 2010

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I can’t believe I devoured the Fever series so quickly again! I just sat down and in two days  read the first four books in preparation for January’s release of SHADOWFEVER, the final book in the series about Mac’s quest to find her sister’s killer, restore the fae and human realms to their proper order — and oh — determine who and what Jericho Barrons is and what does he mean to her (and vice versa.)

Having zipped through the series so quickly, I realized — once again — what a great story Karen Marie Moning has put together. I love her sense of humor. And she’s great at writing dialogue, creating such an interesting world (love that she’s included story lines from her HIGHLANDER series in here) and building tension between all of her characters. And in rereading it all at once like this, I can’t help but feel that Mac and Barrons will end up together. Nope — no answers in this post  but thought I’d list a few of my fave Mac & Barrons scenes. Of course, the series is riddled with great scenes and lines from the various characters. Let me know what your fave lines/scenes are from the series!

DARKFEVER (1st book)

When Mac decides to dress like a rainbow and not in the deadly black “outfits” Barrons prefers for outings:

“What the bloody hell do you have on, Ms. Lane?” Barrons demanded.

What I had on was a luscious  gauzy skirt of nearly every pastel hue on the color wheel that hugged my hips and kick frothily at my ankles, a form-fitting rose sweater with silk-trimmed cap sleeves and a plunging silk-edged neckline that made much of my bust, and dainty pink high heels that laced around my ankles. … “If you treat me like one of your skanks again tonight, Barrons, you can just forget about our little arrangement. You need me as much as I need you. That makes us equal partners in my book.”

“Well, your book is just wrong,” he said flatly.


When Mac and Barrons have their “fist” fight, started when he intervenes in her fight with Malluce and finishes the bad guy off because he said Mac was taking too long and enjoying it.

“I couldn’t tell the difference between the two of you anymore!,” he snapped.

I smashed my fist into his face.  … “Then you weren’t looking hard enough! I’m the one with boobs!”

“I know you’re the one with boobs! They’re in my f***ing face every f***ing time I turn around!”


When Mac and Barrons argue over her seeing V’Lane.

“I’m not playing you! I’m trying to survive. And I don’t slap you when I go off with V’Lane!” I tried to yank my fists from his hands. “It doesn’t have anything to do with you. I’m trying to get answers, and since you won’t give me any, you can’t blame me for going somewhere else.”

“So, the man who doesn’t get laid at home has the right to go off and cheat?”


“Which word didn’t you understand?” he sneered.

“You’re the one who’s crippled by illogic. This isn’t a home, it never will be, and nobody’s getting laid!” I practically shouted.

“You don’t think I know that?”


“Tit for tat.” His gaze dropped to my breasts, and I had a sudden, much-too-detailed memory of yanking my shirt up while he’d watch them pop out, jiggling. “Or would that be tit for tit?”

“There’s no need to be rude.”

“I can think of endless needs to be rude.”

“Keep them to yourself.”

“Such a different tune you whistle now.”

“You sound angry, Barrons. Frustrated. What’s wrong? You get a little addicted to me?”

Movie trailer: ‘Red Riding Hood’ (who is the wolf?) November 20, 2010

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I didn’t even know there was a “Red Riding Hood” movie coming out until I saw someone mention it on Twitter. Director Catherine Hardwicke (who directed the first “Twilight” flick) is handling this “Gothic take on the Brothers Grimm classic tale of the same name,” according to the movie site. “A young girl (Amanda Seyfried) travels alone through the forest to her grandmother’s house. Will she escape the werewolf who’s terrorizing her medieval village?” (CLICK HERE to read Wikipedia’s long, interesting entry on the fairy tale.)

Other cast members of the  film, scheduled for release in March,  include Shiloh Fernandez, Max Irons, Julie Christie, and Gary Oldman.

Check out the movie trailer. (And  that really red riding hood Seyfried is wearing!)

Book pick: ‘Devil at Midnight’ ghostly tale of love and time travel November 13, 2010

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I’m starting backward here because all I can think about is the ending of DEVIL AT MIDNIGHT.

Emma Holly’s latest installment in her Upyr series ends with a huge cliffhanger! Usually, I hate cliffhangers, but this one was done so well that now she’s got me thinking about what will happen next.(Sorry — not gonna tell. You’ll have to read the book!)

DEVIL AT MIDNIGHT is a tale about time travel, mercenaries, unrequited love, evil — and ghosts.

Holly’s heroine is Grace Gladwell,  a beautiful American teen growing up in the 1950s who is killed by her abusive father in a fit of rage. Grace  “wakes up” to find herself meeting with an angel, who tells her she has the opportunity to meet her soul mate. Grace says yes, even though she meets him as a ghost — and back in the year 1460.

Christian Durand is a lonely but honorable man who fights as a mercenary under the brutal rule of his father in Switzerland. Christian can see and hear Grace, and they form a bond that leads to a very sweet and tender love.  Their romance is hindered physically by Grace’s incorporeal form — although (ahem) they do manage to connect at times. But a dangerous and beautiful immortal  —  Nim Wei — also stands in their way. She wants Christian for her immortal partner and joins forces with his father to try and snare the young man.

I’m a big fan of Emma Holly novels but was leery of this story at first because I’m not really into ghosts. But Holly gives her readers another great steamy, fascinating story that’s intriguing because you are always wondering how Grace and Christian can have any kind of physical relationship when she’s a ghost. (Again — not gonna tell. You’ll have to read!) In all of her stories — including this one — Holly builds tension between good and evil. Which will her hero/heroine choose and why?

And while Holly’s villains are ruthless, totally evil and you desperately want them to fail, I did feel a wee bit sorry for Nim Wei, a queen who can’t seem to find an immortal partner despite her great beauty and promises of power.

If you’re new to Emma Holly’s books, you can read this one as a standalone. And if you’re like me, it will leave you wondering what will happen next and wishing that the next book in the duology — ANGEL AT DAWN –– would be out now instead of Jan. 4!!

What were the best paranormal romance novels for 2010? November 7, 2010

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Let the lists and discussions begin! What were the best paranormal romance reads for 2010?

We’ll start with Amazon.com, which  lumps paranormal romance in with all of the other romance novels, but they’ve included a few on their Editors Top 10 list:

BURNING LAMP (An Arcane Society Novel) by AMANDA QUICK

PLEASURE OF A DARK PRINCE (Immortals After Dark book 7) by KRESLEY COLE

SIN UNDONE (Demonica, Book 5) by LARISSA IONE

(To read their whole romance list, CLICK HERE.)


And among Amazon.com readers? Here were the paranormals on their Top 10 list:


BURNING LAMP (An Arcane Society Novel) by AMANDA QUICK


To read the rest of the readers’ picks CLICK HERE.


My Twitter avatar @mcdiana

What did I like? (Click on the titles to read my reviews):



GONE (the last book in the WAKE trilogy released this year but I read the whole series this year) by LISA MCMANN

BLOOD OATH (This is my Q&A with the author)  by CHRISTOPHER FARNSWORTH


SILVER BORNE (Book No. 5 in the Mercy Thompson series … my story/video of her from book signing) by PATRICIA BRIGGS

Here are  Dot’s picks. (Dot contributes a lot of cool reviews to the PR blog!) She says not all of the are new. Some are “delightful, older discoveries.” (OK — I don’t know why my links are now showing up in purple — but click on them to see Dot’s reviews!)
1. Twilight Hunger by Maggie Shane
2. Ravenous by Aharon Ashwood
3.  Shades of Midnight by Lara Adrian
4. Moon Called by Patricia Briggs
5. Kate Daniels Series by Ilona andrews
Magic bites
Magic strikes
Magic Bleeds
6. Graceling and Fire by Kristin Cashore (YA)
7.  Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
8.  Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill
9.  Rajmund by D.B. Reynolds
10. On The Edge by Ilona Andrews
11. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (YA)
12. Unmasked by C.J. Barry (SyFi Romance)
13. Haunted Honeymoon by Marta Acosta
14. Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford
And — tell us what you liked!!!! What were your fave PR books for 2010?!

Book pick: Oh Fae! Bleep! ‘Paranormalcy’ one rocking YA romance! November 3, 2010

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Oh, Bite Me.

That’s the title of the first chapter in Kiersten White’s flirty, action-packed PARANORMALCY, and it sets the tone for the whole story about Evie, a 16-year-old girl who can see through the glamours of paranormal creatures. That makes her a valuable asset of the IPCA — the International Paranormal Containment Agency — where she uses her pink “rhinestone-studded Tasey” to bag and tag paranormals, who are later made into useful members of society. Apparently Evie, is the only human on the planet who can see through paranormal glamours.

With Evie, a kind of fashion-obsessed (think zebra-print dresses, pink boots), slightly whiny but witty teen — who actually thinks like a teen — White has taken a typical YA theme about girl vs. bad paranormals and given it a fresh spin with some interesting characters. For starters, there’s Evie, who has worked for the IPCA since she was 8. It’s really the only home she’s ever known. But she longs for the normal things a teen has, including a driver’s license, her fave TV high school drama (Easton Heights) and true love. But while Evie might long to be normal and go to school — she really wants her own school locker — she’s no dummy.

She’s not falling for Reth, her  sexy, charismatic ex-Fae boyfriend who is obsessed with Evie. Like stalker obsessed. He, too, works for the IPCA, but those Fae — no one can control ’em and Evie knows it. And there’s so much Fae lore woven into this book that you’re trying to figure out if Reth is good or bad or how Evie is involved in some strange Fae prophecy.

But beyond the world of the Fae, White presents kooky paranormals of all types. From your standard weres to child-eating hags. the classic vamps to water spirits and a mermaid who talks to Evie via a computer-generated voice.

Kiersten White/Courtesy her site

Even with her job and odd friends though, Evie is lonely. And she soon meets a new friend — a shapeshifter named Lend, who is trying to figure out who is killing paranormal creatures.  That’s how he meets Evie. He “breaks” into the IPCA and takes on different identities until he’s captured. Lend is the opposite of the intense Reth. He’s easy-going and gentle and –well — kind of like a normal shy teen boy. He and Evie strike up quite a relationship — the kind of fumbling romance that isn’t lurid or oversexed but charming.

Together — and with Reth’s kind of helpful interference — they sort of figure out the paranormal killer puzzle and Evie’s connection.

I liked this story because it started with a riddle, involves the weird world of the fae, and heroine isn’t some mopey teen, but a kid with attitude and sass. I do think there’s a lot crammed into this first book, which made it interesting but sometimes confusing. The bagging and tagging of paranormals, Evie’s relationship with Lend, the prophecy that somehow includes her and the fae — who are probably up to no good but we won’t know until the next book. And then the cool description of life inside the IPCA and Evie’s desire to be a normal teen and go to school.

But it’s a really fun read. And if you do pick it up, you’ll have to let me know if you thought the ending was a bit abrupt. Guess that sets us up for the second book — SUPERNATURALLY –– due out next fall. On her site White simply says this about the next book:

Evie, Lend, Reth, Arianna, Raquel, David . . .
And Jack.
Life’s never fair when faeries are involved.

Check out her cool book video for PARANORMALCY:

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