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Shadowfever in New Orleans — are you going? October 31, 2010

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It’s bad enough that I have to wait until mid-January to read the final installment of Karen Marie Moning’s sexy, smart, mythical Fever series. But now — thanks to Moning and my little sister in Philly — I’m in agony over another SHADOWFEVER development. Moning is going to be in New Orleans for the launch of the last book and plans a series of events for fans, including an all-night read-the-book-in-your-PJs session before a Q&A with her the next day — about the entire series. The events are free — you just have to get yourself to New Orleans and find a place to stay. She’s still got to announce the bookstore location etc. for these events. But that’s coming soon. And yes, am thinking about going because the little sis thinks it would be cool to do ….. and so do I. I just hope if we go we can read the thing in one fell swoop. It’s a pretty big finale!

Here’s part of what KMM said in her email:

I knew these things from the beginning: that the series would alienate some readers of my Highlander series who were expecting more of the same (especially since bookstores keep shelving the Fever series in the Romance section for reasons beyond my fathoming, sorry, guys, I’ve tried to alter that and failed, which disturbs me to no end. … I finished the series precisely as it came to me five years ago. I get it now, and it was worth it. The uncertainty about embarking in a new direction, the difficulty of marketing the departure from my usual work, the pain the ass-ness of writing an ongoing story arc of such complexity—I’d do it all again ….

Now comes the fun part. I get to talk about it!  You have no idea how excited I am to finally discuss the series with you from beginning to end!

Toward that end, I’ve decided to combine several things I love: you guys, New Orleans, a four-day getaway for myself in NOLA with special events leading up to the launch, a book signing gala the night before the book goes on sale, a stay-up-all-night-long-reading Pajama Party, capped off by an intimate discussion and Q&A with me the next day about the entire series: including what’s what, what you think of what’s what, who was right, who was wrong, and how much did you see coming?

The date of the signing will be Monday (late afternoon or evening) January 17th in New Orleans, location yet to be announced (but coming very soon, like next week soon.) I’ll be in the city from Saturday the 15th through late on Tuesday the 18th. I know a lot of Maniacs are already planning to come in for the long weekend prior to, and stay through mid-week. The more the merrier!

So who is game? KMM says more details to come at her blog (CLICK HERE) in the next week so as soon as I see the schedule, I might call up the little sis and give it a go.

The inspiration for town in Drake sister novels by Christine Feehan October 26, 2010

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If you’ve ever read the Drake sister novels by Christine Feehan, you’ve probably wished you could live in that great, magical house in Sea Haven — the one with the special gate that will only open for the right guy for each of the sisters! Feehan has a special page on her website devoted to the research she did for the Drake novels. She says the town of Mendocino helped her create Sea Haven. I’m visiting Mendocino now so thought I’d share a few pictures of the area. I did find the gate!!!! Actually, my husband, Gary, found it by chance. We were just driving down a side road and — boom! — there it was. However, the house in the novels is not here. It’s inspired by a French hotel. (Although, some of the homes here are pretty nifty anyway!) And CLICK HERE to read the interview I did with her on the Drake sister novels, vampires and why Alpha males rock! Also, her latest series, Sisters of the Heart, is also based in Sea Haven. The first book, WATER BOUND, was just recently released. So, more stories to come out of Sea Haven!

Here’s my slideshow:

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Anne Rice on why she rejected the Catholic faith – and her fascination with immortality October 24, 2010

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Anne Rice posted this link on Facebook to a recent interview she did with The Guardian’s Emma Brockes. Here’s a snippet:

For 41 years, she was married to her high school sweetheart, Stan. “My behaviour has always been ultra-conservative,” she says, “but my imagination –” she smiles “– is just rampant with mavericks.”

The latest book, Of Love And Evil, is the second in a series about Toby O’Dare, a former assassin turned envoy for angels, who time-travels to Renaissance Italy like a kind of celestial MacGyver. It will, she says, be reviewed through the prism of her fallout with the church, but she can’t edit her thoughts to suit others. “I think I was brought up with the idea that an author has to follow her own instincts and protect her work. I think that was a given of the 60s and 70s, a romantic concept of the artist that you go with your deepest instincts about what you’re doing. I don’t think I’ve ever abandoned that idea. People write to me every day asking for advice, and the most frequent advice I give is have the courage to stand by your work and protect it.” I would not like to get into a fight with Anne Rice.

To read the entire interview go to the Guardian’s website HERE.

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Sneak peek at ‘Desires of the Dead’ & music that inspires YA author Kimberly Derting October 18, 2010

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Kimberly Derting, author of THE BODY FINDER, shared some of the music she’s listening to as she works on the next book in the series, DESIRES OF THE DEAD, which is due out March 15 and continues the story of Violet, a teen who can sense the echoes of those who’ve been murdered—and can match the imprint that clings to their killers.

Here’s what Derting says on her blog about music that inspires her as she writes:

I’m putting together my playlist for Desires of the Dead. That’s something I didn’t to for The Body Finder even though there are definitely songs that I associate with it. Mostly, I listened to A LOT of Evanescence while I was writing TBF. But there is one song in particular that I always associate with the killer’s scenes: Possum Kingdom by The Toadies. It just has this super creepy vibe about it …t he promises not to hurt the girl, the contradicting messages, the dark and sinister tone. So, if you know me at all, you have to know that I LOVE it!

Wanna hear the song? Here’s the video from YouTube:

And for a sneak peek at the prologue to DESIRES OF THE DEAD, visit the blog CONFESSIONS OF A BOOKAHOLIC. CLICK HERE to get to the prologue.

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Book pick: ‘After Midnight’ light-hearted historical vampire romance October 14, 2010

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Dot from New York — who blogs a lot about vampire books for PR — sends us this light-hearted pick — AFTER MIDNIGHT — by Teresa Medeiros. Medeiros also writes historical romance, including THE DEVIL WEARS PLAID — which I recently read because I was really in the mood for a story about a hunky Scottish hero! But — here’s Dot’s paranormal pick by the same author! (Thanks again Dot!)


It was a welcome discovery, finding historical vampire romances.  AFTER MIDNIGHT is  my first novel by Teresa Medeiros and such a delightful one.  I had a permanent smile throughout the entire book.

The heroine, Caroline, has come to London along with her younger sister Portia to meet Viscount Trevelyan, who is courting their sister Vivienne.  There are rumors that the viscount is a vampire.  Since Caroline is the guardian of her sisters, she feels it is up to her to dispel or, perhaps, confirm these rumors once and for all.  But will she fall under the spell of the charming viscount in her attempts at discovering the truth?

The witty reparte throughout the book is so smart and never silly, totally laugh-inducing.  There is a lovely romance or two or three and there is evil that threatens to bring everyone down.  If you want a break from dark vampire stories then this is the book to send you off in a new direction.

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KMM posts new excerpt from Shadowfever and it’s about V’lane October 10, 2010

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For those of us who were not able to attend FeverCon, author Karen Marie Moning gives us the scoop in photos and blog posts at her site HERE.

Included in her blog, an excerpt from SHADOWFEVER that was read during the convention. For spoiler ratings, she gives this a 1.5 — with 1 being mostly descriptive and 5 being — as she writes  — “holy crap!” In the excerpt, Mac is facing down the Seelie with Darroc at her side. V’lane is also there, along with many other Seelie, who are clamoring for Mac’s death because they can’t believe V’lane thinks she’s worth protecting. You can read the entire excerpt on her blog HERE. I found it quite interesting. It just makes me want to get my hands on the last book right now and not next year! (Even though KMM ranks it a 1.5 and not a 5, I found it all quite interesting.)

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Diana Gabaldon on ‘The Exile’ & who she’d cast as Jamie! October 3, 2010

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Seems like most fans of Diana Gabaldon’s OUTLANDER do not like her graphic novel version of the tale of Jamie and Claire. THE EXILE doesn’t fit their vision of the characters and some who have commented on this blog just hate it. But in a book signing last week in San Diego, Gabaldon explained that the graphic novel wasn’t necessarily aimed at fans of the novels. It might appeal to other segments of readers who are more into graphic novels and who haven’t read the original series, she said.

As for the depiction of the characters in cartoon form? Graphic novels are comic books, Gabaldon said. “It’s an approximation of Jamie and Claire,” she said. Like any comic book character, it’s going to be exaggerated. (I bought a copy and for a comic book treatment — it’s OK. Not really my cup of tea, but when you see that she’s trying to reach another audience besides her loyal readers, it makes sense.)

From Allan Scott-Douglas website

Allan Scott-Douglas

Speaking of how these characters should look …. Gabaldon said if she could cast the role of Jamie for a movie, she’d pick Allan Scott-Douglas, an actor from Edinburgh who is 6 feet 4 inches tall, has red hair, who can act and at age 27, “probably remembers what it’s like to be a virgin,” Gabaldon said. The actor played Jamie in the musical production of OUTLANDER in Scotland a few months back. CLICK HERE to check out that site for more information on the music. (And you can follow Allan Scott-Douglas on Twitter @Actor_Allan.)

And what about the movie? Gabaldon said she recently had lunch in San Francisco with the producer who has the film rights. The option has been renewed again but for a mini-series. She says she would not write the script for a number of reasons, including she’s way too busy writing books.

She’s working on book No. 8 in the OUTLANDER series, and that might be out next year. She hopes to release LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER next fall.

When will she end the OUTLANDER series? She’s not sure. Maybe in book No. 8 or if there’s a book No. 9. It’s unclear. However, she did say when she does end the series, readers will understand why Frank Randall saw the ghost (Jamie)  in the first novel. And that ghost dealie has a lot of us still speculating and scratching  our heads!

Diana Gabaldon in San Diego.

Read more about what the author is doing at her website HERE.
She also has a blog she updates a lot HERE.
And you can follow her on Twitter @writer_DG

(If you’ve never heard Gabaldon speak in person, you’re in for a treat. She’s funny, bawdy, and patiently and kindly talks with her readers. Plus, find out why she thinks a man in a kilt is so sexy! So check out her speaker schedule on her website.)

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