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What’s up with Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ movie? September 15, 2009

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment, News.
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UPDATED Jan. 5, 2010:

I emailed Diana Gabaldon today and her assistant — Janice — once again sent back a speedy reply to the question “Is there anything new on the movie front?” Here’s what she said:

The only “new” news is that production company has renewed the option and asked to include the possibility of a mini-series type production.  If  we ever hear more, I’m sure it will be announced.  Thanks for writing.


Last we’d heard — back in October/November 2008 — the movie rights for the popular novel had been picked up by Essential outlander3Pictures, and the screenplay would be written by Randall Wallace, who also wrote the screenplays for BRAVEHEART and PEARL HARBOR.

A visitor to this blog asked if we’d heard anything new since then. I hadn’t so I emailed OUTLANDER author Diana Gabaldon, and one of her assistants sent this reply:

“The recession has affected this much as it has affected many other things.  The option has been renewed but other than that we have no news.”

I’d keep watching her Web site for updates. Last year, Diana wrote what she knew about the movie on her site. Here’s a little bit of what she said on November  2008 (To read the whole post, which is interesting because she gives her opinion about possible actors who could play Jamie and Claire — even though she makes it clear she has no say in the casting — CLICK HERE .) Until then — we have her great books! Her latest in the saga of Jamie and Claire — AN ECHO IN THE BONE — comes out Sept. 22!!!!

***Excerpt from her November 2008 post below***

I’ve been getting a number of enquiries, since press releases have started appearing about the movie production of Outlander—excited folk asking “Is it true?” “When?” and (I hope you’ll pardon a brief roll of the eyes here), “Who would you cast?” (I couldn’t begin to guess how many thousands of times I’ve been asked that over the last twenty years.)

It’s very early days as yet, but I’ll answer what I can.

Yes, Essential Productions —is developing Outlander as a “major motion picture.” (What that means is that they want to make a two-to-two-and-a-half hour feature film.)

And yes, Randall Wallace (the talented gentleman who wrote both Braveheart and Pearl Harbor—hey, ancient Scots and—WWII, how about that?) is writing the script.

No, I have absolutely nothing to say about the casting of the movie. The production people do occasionally ask me what I think of this or that person, but this is simple politeness on their part.

No, I have no control whatever regarding the script.

No, I really don’t want to have anything personal to do with the development of the movie.


1. Tessa - September 20, 2009

I love this series im 18, my sister recomended this to me as she read the books when i was 5 or something and Ive fallen in love with Jamie OMG! Im sooooooo looking forward to this movie no matter how long it takes!

2. Diana McCabe - September 20, 2009

Hi Tessa — I know. My sister and I totally gobbled up the series. Yeah — Jamie …. sigh. Be interesting to see how the movie turns out. I think we all have this cool picture of Jamie in our heads! This is a cool site if you wanna gather with more Jamie and Claire fans: http://www.lallybroch.com/

Glenda - October 31, 2009

What about a red-haired Hugh Jackman for Jamie?

Diana McCabe - October 31, 2009

Hummmmm — Hugh with red hair! Nice thot. I think it will be hard to cast a Jamie!!!! — Diana

Cynthia McCloskey - January 23, 2010


gail - February 7, 2010

I’m thinking Viggo Mortensen with red hair…(from the Tolkien movies…he has the intensity) .. The “Fraser” eyes are hard; I know a woman who has those eyes, tilted up like a cats……….

Diana McCabe - February 7, 2010

We’ve had several folks suggest Viggo or Hugh with red hair. I’m gonna have to look ’em up with some sort of software program and put red hair on them! U don’t think he’s too old? I think I’ll do a youtube jamie search this week! but will look for unknowns or just a little younger than our fave hunks!

Thanks! Keep coming back to talk!


3. Melanie - November 10, 2009

I agree, Hugh as a red head might actually work… I think mini series would be better… if not, we would all be asking..”when is the next movie?” 🙂 Need more than 2 1/2 hours to get it right! A 6-8 hour mini-series and I’d still want more!

Diana McCabe - November 10, 2009

I think they’d have to do it as a series of movies …. but it would be a long series! I’d love it if HBO or someone did a mini-series. Not the networks tho! It will be fun to see if they do make it into a movie. Still, I don’t think it will be as awesome as her books!!!!! — Diana

gail - February 7, 2010

No….Viggo Mortensen, with red hair, He has the power and the edge to carry the roll…Huth is cute but he has no, um, raw manliness, that raw power, to carry the role…

Michelle Hart - February 15, 2010

I’m totally confused on the sequence of this thread so, if I’ve commented in the wrong spot please forgive…

My 2 cents on casting, providing can do Scottish accent and can act (and some here are a given) are: Jamie: Gerard Butler, Henry Cavill, Gabriel Aubry, Paul Walker.

Claire (Eng accent): Abbie Cornish, Rose Byrne, Rachel Weisz, Kate Winslet

Frank: John Lynch


Diana McCabe - February 15, 2010

thanks for jumping into the discussion!

Michelle Hart - February 15, 2010

Oh! I forgot to also suggest Keira Knightly for Claire! 😀

4. Anika - November 11, 2009

I thought they already shot the movie, or at least part of it since there are so many scenes on youtube…

I can’t wait to see this movie!! I’ve started reading this book a couple of days ago and I’m almost through (yes, really!). It usually takes me ages to read such a thick book 😉

Diana McCabe - November 11, 2009

re movie — Diana Gabaldon’s folks have said the economy has slowed things. Options have been renewed but that’s about it. I think those YouTube videos are what fans have put together …. what they think it should look like. (I could be wrong but since there is totally no casting news from Diana G’s people or site, and no official word from the movie folks …. that’s my best guess!)


5. Rhonda - November 30, 2009

why do I see pictures of yummy gerard butler on u-tube playing Jamie and yet I can’t see where there is a movie? Any ideas?

Diana McCabe - November 30, 2009

re photos of yummy Gerard Butler. Those videos are put together by fans who are showing who they’d like cast in the movie. I have a blog post about the movie — which is not going anywhere right now because of the economy. In the fall, I emailed the Gabaldon folks to see what was up with the movie. That post is on my blog but here is what they said:

“The recession has affected this much as it has affected many other things. The option has been renewed but other than that we have no news.”

So for now — that’s all I know. If someone has updated info — lemme know. But I haven’t seen anything new on Diana Gabaldon’s Web site etc.

Anika - December 1, 2009

I found out that Gerard has done a few other scottish movies –> so the youtube-scenes were taken from these movies.

Diana McCabe - December 1, 2009

Yeah — it’s kind of fun to look at the YouTube stuff!!!


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7. Rhonda - December 1, 2009

Anybody read the new book yet? How is it?

8. Wendy - December 2, 2009

The new book is great but there are a lot of loose ends that need tied up.

9. Leslie - December 2, 2009

It seems that I found this author just in time to read the series before the (possible) film. I’m as excited as I was with Lord of the Rings.. and THAT is considerable.

And oh! I DO like the pictures on youtube of the fans’ selections. Gerard Butler as Jamie… I’m not familiar with his work … but I DO like those pictures. They are great themselves…whomever gets the role.

Unknown actors on HBO is a terrific idea to me. I’d hate to see the plot carved up to fit into 2 hours. Back and forth, century to century.. whew, I’d get exhausted.

The youtube sites are fun.

Diana McCabe - December 2, 2009

re LOTR — you’ll love Diana Gabaldon’s series. I’m a big fan of LOTR, too! I think it is fun to look at the YouTube videos. So many different ideas. If HBO did the series, I think we’d be HBO subscribers forever because it would take them so long to tell the tale — and that’s just the first book!

Happy reading! — Diana

10. Lisa - December 2, 2009

Gerard Butler was born to play Jamie – IMO.
But as he is too old by now (though he’s perfect for Jamie, the printer in Edinburgh 😉 ) I have put together a little casting video myself and I chose Chris Hemsworth for Jamie.
You meight get why I chose him when you check out the video.
And maybe you’ll like my other choices as well 🙂

Diana McCabe - December 2, 2009

re old — I actually FEEL old bc Chris Hemsworth is so young! Then again — Jamie is YOUNG in the Outlander! I love looking at the different casting choices by fans on YouTube. Thanks for sharing!


suzi - February 4, 2010

nahhh the Jamie character needs to be a bigger guy and some of these people aren’t “real” to picture as good characters to play parts, some are too “sexy” in nature and roles that you picture them in….not a good choices

Diana McCabe - February 4, 2010

I’m sure there are a lot of folks who’d wanna go with unknowns in all of the key roles. Of course, a lot of the fun here is to offer up those unknowns or just who we’d wanna see cast in the roles! Any ideas for Jamie?


Chris Hemsworth For Jamie!! - February 17, 2010

um, you might want to go back and read the description of Jamie. Chris matches it perfectly. As for his size; Chris is 6’3. You aren’t going to get much bigger than that without going into body builder territory. If you haven’t seen recent photos of him I recommended you do a quick Google search, the man as is a beast. If Chris can impress Kenneth Branagh (who as a RADA graduate would know a good actor when he sees one) and get cast as the lead in his movie. I think he is more than capable of playing James Fraser.

Amanda - December 13, 2010

Hi all, I’m new on this site but to me Jason Lewis would be amazing for Jaime and Charlize Theron is my Claire. Here are a few pic’s I have posted on Facebook 🙂

gail - February 7, 2010

This is the guy you think should play Jamie????? no way! not enough raw man power in his image…no strength…yeah, he’s good looking but there is no power behind him, no raw testosterone…

Chris Hemsworth For Jamie!! - February 17, 2010

Have you ever seen him in a movie? Go watch the first 15 minutes of Star Trek and try that again. The man is going to play THOR; the god of thunder. He has to have some raw power and strength in order to portray that role which is iconic. Before you make generalizations like that, you should try and do some research.

11. Donell Thompson Lynch - December 2, 2009

Very good presentation. Not quite what I pictured Jamie, but he’ll do.

12. Anika - December 3, 2009

but Jamie is only young in the first book… well, ok, and in the second… but in the rest (I quess, haven’t read it yet) he is 20 years older… so Gerard Butler would be a better choice in the end… plus: he is not THAT old yet 😉

Chris Hemsworth For Jamie!! - February 17, 2010

Why do they need two actors for the same role? I seems kind of wasteful for a movie that doesn’t have that high of a budget.

13. carolyn - December 9, 2009

Chris Hemsworth has a real shot at capturing Jamie – definitely – because he has to have the physical presence of Jamie which figures heavily throughout the books and would stand out in those days of shorter men. Gerard Butler and all of these being suggested most are too old or too small, or just don’t look right – you have to have the piercing eyes, somewhat the nose, the hair…. the accent and physical presence – and just flat out Charisma. I still think Robert Pattinson would be killer as well – just because if you look at some pictures he has the sheer presence (and I know he could do the accent – and has the height) to do it. He however isn’t much of an athlete which is a detractor – and Jamie being so physical would be a tougher job for him. I don’t suggest this just because of twilight – he could pull it off – he’s just extraordinary.
Chris or Rob, either one I believe if they had 2 1/2 hours could pull this off. I’m still for Emily Blunt for Claire… she just has the look and the presence and isn’t 90 lbs as some of these actresses are… just too small for Claire. Jason Isaacs for Frank/Jack Randall, age or not, he has the piercing calculating evil, cunning presence to capture this.

Chris Hemsworth For Jamie!! - February 17, 2010

Thank you Caroline, you basically said how I feel. Chris and Emily are my top two choices for the role of Jamie and Claire. I don’t think Jason Isaacs should be Frank/Jack Randall. He is kind of typecast as the historical bad guy and he himself has expressed disdain for that. I don’t see him taking part in this movie at all.

14. carolyn - December 9, 2009

Twilight sells because women are driving the market now. Outlander has women but many men as well. I believe all who love the books love the Jamie & Claire relationship and would love to know them, and have that type of a relationship. Outlander would do very well if done in this market before it shifts again, whether as mini-series or Movie, just needs to be done – because right now, people are tired of many other genres and action/romance/supernatural is what we want to see.

15. Laura's Reviews - December 11, 2009

Love this post and all of the follow-up messages. I just wish this movie would finally be made! I will be there at midnight to watch it!

I think Richard Armitage (Robin Hood and BBC North & South) would make a fantastic Black Jack Randall and Frank Randall. He can do evil, but he also has a softer side.

Diana McCabe - December 11, 2009

Richard Armitage! Never thought about him as the Randall character. Great idea! Yeah — I’d love to see a movie, too. It would just be fun. Darn this economy!


16. Trish - December 18, 2009

In love with all Diana Gabaldon’s romps. Aren’t we all ?
I vote Gerard Butler for Jamie and !!!!!!!!! me for Claire teehee
xoxo keep voting and maybe we’ll get the great unread to experience this wonderful Gabaldon world in digital widescreen.

Anika - December 19, 2009

woohoo Trish, I think you’ve just gotten competition for the Claire part –> me of course, heheh 😉

and I still think that Gerard Butler would be the best Jamie!

gail - February 7, 2010

no, Butler has no ‘edge’…. best candidate for Jamie is Viggo Mortensen, with hair dyed red…

17. Trish - December 18, 2009

I am getting my Sis in Vancouver to send me a copy of the latest book, because I can’t wait till Sept 22 in the UK. Can’t wait

Anika - December 19, 2009

what? you have to wait THAT long in the UK?? But it’s already out in Germany (translated of course)… that’s weird…

18. Trish - December 18, 2009

Jason Issacs or Richard Armitage cast as J Randall !!!!

19. jessica - December 21, 2009

ok everyone, I have the perfect jamie!!!! Charlie Hunnam, seriously he has the presence, the looks completely, the body for sure, he could easily have the hair. He has the height, he is british, so i’m sure he could manage a good scottish accent. He is talented and not super famous yet and this could be his breakout role. Seriously, look at pictures of him in the sons of anarchy movie, and imagine him in a kilt, and all of sudden its Jamie Frazier.

Diana McCabe - December 21, 2009

I gotta say — I hadn’t thot of him. He’s definitely got the bod! At first I thot — nah. But then I looked at some pics of him with his hair when it’s longer …. yah! I think over the holidays I will try and do a post with pics in it!!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!


20. Rachell - December 27, 2009

I am re-reading the series, and more infatuated than ever with all things Outlander. I loved the video and truly hope that one day our dreams of a movie will come true.

I thought the video was exceptional. Albeit that Gerard Butler is what I had in mind for Jamie, but the one you thought of is quite nice. 😀

Diana McCabe - December 27, 2009

I am reading other books right now but I keep a copy of Outlander by my nightstand. There’s just something magical about the book, and whenever I pick it up to re-read it …. I get all caught up in the story again!!!!


21. Sweet - December 27, 2009

there must be room somewhere for david tennant in the movie – frank mayhap?

totally scottish, although, I’d hate to see him as a baddie

Diana McCabe - December 27, 2009

re david tennant — I can see him as Frank. (someone has to play the baddie(s) tho!!!!!)

22. donna - December 27, 2009

Please let it be Gerald Butler as Jamie Fraser, he is perfect and can melt away any Sassenach: “Your face is my heart” I hope the movie is a mini series as there is to much history between Jamie and Claire.
Any movie production company would benefit from the Outlander series, just like Lord of the Rings was made for men, this one would be for the ladies to enjoy.

Diana McCabe - December 27, 2009

I loved LOTR!!! So imagine what will happen if Outlander ever comes to the big screen!!! Right now — based on comments on this blog — I think fans of the book would like to see Gerald Butler as Jamie! But it is really fun to speculate about who we all would cast! I love the books and have a vision in my head based on the author’s wonderful descriptions and story telling. But I wonder how a film director would see it? To me Diana Gabaldon’s books are so detailed. I sure hope if they do make a movie — they stick to her book!


23. Please,god. Do not cast Gerard Butler as James Fraser - December 30, 2009

It doesn’t matter whether the Outlander series is a movie or a mini series, It’s not going to be 100 percent perfect. No book to movie adaptation is ever 100 percent perfect. I believe if they have the funds they should make it a movie. Look at Gone with the wind, that movie wasn’t very faithful to the book but damn was it sure good. This movie has the potential to be as epic as that movie. I have seen plenty of mini series have been less than faithful to the books series that are adapting. As long as they get good actors to fill the roles, I am fine.

Anika - December 31, 2009

what? and gerard butler isn’t a good actor???

24. elizabeth - January 4, 2010

Alexander Skarsgard for jamie

Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

hummmm — We’d definitely have to color his hair!

25. Wilhelmina - January 4, 2010

Just started reading Echo, the writing pattern seems a little different than the other books (which I have read 3x) – in all fairness, I should finish the book before commenting – don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled to have new material to read! In my 51 yrs I have read a lot of books & Diana Gabaldon is my favorite…I was surprised to hear that a Movie was possible. It will either be amazing or it will be horrible..if they don’t do it right. The budget, casting and screenplay are extremely important. (too bad Diana is not involved more, she is the only one I really think can get the historical & character details right) HBO would be great, everything they touch seems to turn gold. My vote for possible young Jamie consideration is David Garrett – the super hot German Violinist. Don’t know if he can act, but the looks match my closest vision of Jamie..check him out on youtoob (does an amazing solo of Michael Jackson’s ‘Criminal’)

Diana McCabe - January 4, 2010

That David Garrett is hot! For those who haven’t seen him, here’s a link to just a few photos on google: http://bit.ly/55Q1IN

re writing pattern in Echo — I think she’s changed her writing a bit as her series has progressed. (Anyone else wanna weigh in here?)

as for the movie — I’ll try and get an update from her folks later this year. I think she would be consulted somewhat — much as Charlaine Harris has been on True Blood. But a director is just gonna see it differently than the writer. And we all know the HBO series based on Charlaine’s books is very different from her novels. Still, it would be interesting to see how it would turn out.


Toni Knight Caicedo - January 5, 2010

Hugh Jackman has the look, the charisma, the acting ability, the height and grace of Jamie. NO ONE else can carry Jamie from the book onto the screen.
I also want an HBO miniseries… all her books are too good to just concentrate on one.

I met Diana Gabaldon shortly after the Outlander book… traveled with her to Scotland. She is tiny and shy… and I would hope that she would be consulted at the very least about the movie casting.

Diana McCabe - January 5, 2010

That’s fabulous that you’ve met her and have had a chance to travel with her — and to Scotland! I have never met her. But I’ve listened to some of her podcasts on how she wrote the series. I, too, would hope they would consult her because she clearly has a vision that she conveyed to all of us so well in her books. She also has a good person who helps her answer her email and keeps things up-to-date on the Web site. When I inquired about the status of the film last year, they responded right away! She wrote something on her Web site a while back that said she wouldn’t be involved in casting. I will have to fix that link because they’ve changed some things on the site. But here’s what she has posted there under her FAQ now:

Will there be any movies based on the book?

I don’t know about the film rights. Meaning–we had sold an option–to the production company who did The Stand, and who wanted to do a TV mini-series–but their option has expired. They’ve expressed interest in renewing it, but we now also have a couple of other interested parties, with various suggestions–feature film, BBC-sponsored series, etc. So at the moment, nothing is settled, but stay tuned for further Interesting Developments.

Do bear in mind, though, that authors never have anything to say about who’s cast in movies based on their books.

26. Minxy - January 6, 2010

Gerry Butler for Jamie, no question about that. Rachel Weisz for Claire, Ralph Fiennes is Black Jack Randall. Age means nothing as in those days the men were reared for battle and labour-hardened, GB is perfect in every way: accent, charisma, talent, looks the list is endless. Plus Jamie has flaming auburn locks he is not a bright red carrot-top.

Does anyone know how many copies the Crosstitch (I’m not American, sorry) series has sold? It’d be interesting to know – the casting must be right in order to draw the readers/existing fans and any new fans. Get it wrong and it could well turn out to be the most embarrassing adaption in history – remember Tom Cruise trying to pass off as Lestadt?

Love the series am virtually obsessed, how can i change my 5ft 6 brit-scot to a flame-haired viking warrior!??

27. Marie - January 9, 2010

Matthew McFadden (Mr. Darcy) as Jamie. He’s quite tall and broad and I think he could pull off young and older Jamie. I still think we need Hugh Jackman in there somewhere and Richard Armitage is a great idea for Randall!

Diana McCabe - January 9, 2010

I think he could pull off an older Jamie ….. not sure about a younger one! But still — for those of you who can’t picture him — here’s a link to some google images of him. He was a decent Mr. Darcy! http://bit.ly/5mhFu3


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29. danielle c - January 13, 2010

well i just have to say that the books were soo good but i hated how the final book ended! is there another part to the 7th book or am i SOL on that part lol but yes it would be awesome if the movie was actually made anytime SOON. i have this image of jamie as some built and very eye catching to anyone who see’s him. claire got me soo mad in the being when she just wouldnt listen when jamie told her too but hey she got a beating to the bum for disobeying which was very funny i thought.

30. Sara - January 14, 2010

It does matter that the characters look right, but I think its just as important for the voices to be right.
Unless you get a TRUE Scot for Jamie and a True English woman for Claire, the whole thing will sound fake.
I don’t care how good people are at putting on an accent, a fake one can spoil a film,
(I’m thinking Dick Van Dyke trying, badly, to do cockney in Mary Poppins).
You could have the most amazing looking actor, but if his dialogue is rubbish, the whole thing will be a disaster.

Diana McCabe - January 14, 2010

re Dick Van Dyke …. yeah. Or — not as dramatic — but Kevin Costner trying to play Robin Hood … what a disaster!


thea - March 1, 2010

AMEN. the accents are so well-portrayed in the books, they are a large portion of the charm of the characters.

31. Jenn and Bekah - January 15, 2010

We really think that Jesse Spencer would make a perfect Jamie. He’s Australian, but then I have heard that some people would vote for Hugh Jackman. He’s young and extremely handsome, with the body type too. All he would have to do was dye his hair.

Diana McCabe - January 15, 2010

Ahhh — but can an Aussie handle the accent?!!! For folks who don’t know what he looks like … here’s a link to some google photos: http://bit.ly/8HAnTY


32. Diana McCabe - January 15, 2010

OK — there’s a nifty Web site called My Outlander Purgatory (under Twitter they are at MyOutlanderPurg) and they have some fun Outlander stuff. Here’s a post on someone’s choice for Jamie — Philip Winchester. Here’s a link to their post and pic! http://bit.ly/7UqscZ


33. Cheryl G. - February 6, 2010

What about Jonathan Rhys Meyers for Roger Mac? I think that would be awesome. I like Gerard Butler or Hugh Jackman for Jamie if they can make them look young enough for the young Jamie.

Diana McCabe - February 6, 2010

I think now I will always associate Jonathan Rhys Meyers with Henry VIII!!!! re Gerard/Hugh — sigh. We must be getting older — and the actors are, too — if we have to say can hollywood make ’em look “young enough” for a young Jamie!


34. Julie Clark - February 7, 2010

Evangeline Lily from Lost would make a good Claire Randall

Diana McCabe - February 7, 2010

I could see her as Claire. (I think it’s prolly easier for ’em to cast her part, but maybe harder to cast Jamie?!) For folks who might not watch Lost, here’s a link about Evangeline: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evangeline_Lilly

Anika - February 7, 2010

I never thought of her! you’re right, she would do great as Claire!

35. Amanda Arganbright - February 7, 2010

A mini-series is the ONLY way to go with this series. Just look at Lord of the Rings. That movie series worked because it was LONG. For these books, a true mini-series would be able to encompass more of the characters that make the series what it is. True Blood is a perfect example. These are short books and even the first one was one whole season. I truly believe that once people see these characters they will fall in love. The Tudors is another good example. Check it out- intriguing people, history, sex, death, blood and violence. Outlander would eclipse both these series. Showtime, HBO- they need to get this!!

Diana McCabe - February 7, 2010

re LOTR — It was super long but I love that series! Peter Jackson knew from the start that he would make 3 movies though. And he did a decent job of matching the movies with the books. Lots of LONG books have been adapted to the movie screen though — Gone With The Wind for example. So I guess it depends how the director would handle Diana G’s wonderful story. But would an HBO or Showtime series be better? Dunno. I guess if they really stick to the book, it might be. I’d stick with it. But no guarantee! HBO’s True Blood series — while fun and actually creative — has veered pretty far from the fab Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. (OK — didn’t you think they dragged out the maenad stuff a tad too long? I realize they’re trying to neatly wrap up each season and all …. i will still check out Season No. 3 tho! )

Thanks for dropping by the site! Come back and talk again!!!!


36. Rachell - February 9, 2010

I got it! Eric Dane!!!! Add a little red to his hair, and he is perfect. He has the long nose, and exquisite physique. Oh my (fans self). 😉

37. Angie H - February 20, 2010

You know what would be awesome? If they were to take the Outlander series and make an HBO series like they did with Charlaine Harris’ books for True Blood.

I would be in Heaven!

38. Kelly - February 28, 2010

Started the Outlander series a few yrs back & have re-read the books at least once (except Echo in the Bone, which I finally got to read a few weeks ago!). I’ve been checking the sites to see when they would start production on the movie. In the meantime, I am putting my 2cents worth in for casting, know it won’t amount to a hill of beans, but…….
Kevin Durand for Jamie (6′ 6″, speaks fluent french & has eyes like a cat)
Anna Friel as Claire (she has the intelligence, intensity & cheek to play Claire..I can see her saying JHRC!)
Jason Isaacs as Frank/Jack Randall
Tilda swinton as Geillie
Dawn Steele as Jenny Murray (5’3″ & feisty, was in Monarch of the Glen)
Dexter Fletcher as Ian Murray
Richard Briers as Rev. Dr. Reginald Wakefield

Diana McCabe - February 28, 2010

ohhh — spot on with Tilda Swinton. There are several here I think are good! Have you gone to Diana Gabaldon’s site to see the sketches of Jamie and Claire for the graphic novel coming out this fall? Be curious to see what folks think of the sketches.


Kelly - February 28, 2010

Hadn’t thought of it in the context of a graphic novel before, sketches are beautifully rendered. I love the one of Claire glaring at the wig!

39. Tiffany - March 1, 2010

I think in the casting of Jamie, we all need to think about what men, real men look like. Pretty boys are soooo out! I love scots and irish men. Thats why i married an irish man. G. Butler is great! He has the look of a man that that can do the daily duties of a scottish farm and the tenderness to take care of his woman at night. As for claire, I’m still up in the air. She needs to be more of a robust woman, not some 90 lbs. priss.

40. thea - March 1, 2010

God I hope this book series becomes a movie. I will take everyone I know to see Jamie and Claire come to life on the big screen.

41. jaz - April 12, 2010

i think tony curran would be perfect for jamie hes not too pretty,he’s a tall red-head who already has a scots accent =) he would be perfect!

Diana McCabe - April 12, 2010

Hey Jaz — he’s very rugged-looking! For folks who don’t know what he looks like, check out these images: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0192889/


42. What’s wrong with Diana Gabaldon’s new book cover for ‘The Exile’? « Paranormal Romance - April 17, 2010

[…] Scotsman.com interview with Diana Gabaldon Video: Diana Gabaldon on how she started ‘Outlander’ series What’s your favorite ‘movie’ video of Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’? What’s up with Diana Gabaldon’s ‘Outlander’ movie? […]

43. Brenda - June 3, 2010

I don’t have any ideas on who should play Jamie but for Stephen Bonnet I have to go with Josh Hollaway the guy who plays Sawyer in the series Lost. He IS Stephen Bonnet.

44. Chelsea - June 3, 2010

I would give almost ANYTHING to see HBO or Showtime turn Outlander into an original series! You just can’t squeeze that beautiful book into a movie without butchering it. I’m sure either network would do a great job. Here’s hoping…

Sarah - June 25, 2010

You’re right, that would be awesome!

45. Helena Marques - June 5, 2010

I would love, love, LOVE to see the Outlander Series on the screen (big or small)! I just started 2 weeks ago and just started the 3rd book (how come I didn´t discover this earlier???!!!) and just would like to know – are there 7 books or 8? Is no. 8 avaliable already? And i don´t mind beeing spoiled: is there a Happy Ending for Claire and Jamie? Will it end with them together?
I think it would be quite interesting to cast unknown young talents – and Jamie should definately be a breathtaking man! And I wish I could beam myself into this whole story which lets reality seem so boring…

46. Sarah - June 25, 2010

Peter Jackson should direct this movie!!! I can’t believe that with the fact that New Zealand has the highest number of Outlander fans that he hasn’t been approached. He is definitely the only one I think that could truly do the books justice and make a movie that grand of scale.
As for who to play the parts, I have no idea. It’s too bad that Liam Neeson wasn’t younger because I think he could have made an amazing Jamie. Rachel Weiz would have been great as Claire. I think if the movie ever does go forward the best thing to do would be to cast unknowns in the parts.

47. Jennifer Parris - September 8, 2010

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the Outlander Series and would be thrilled if this were made into a movie. I do wish, that it would be made into a series on HBO or Showtime instead of just a movie or mini-series. I think Jaime should be played by either Clive Owen or Kevin McKidd and Keira Knightley would be perfect for Claire. Can’t wait to see what happens!!!

48. Lisa - September 13, 2010

I have to throw Chris Hemsworth back into the game.
Here is a video which captures Chris’ on-screen charisma, his height and built, his fierceness and his sexyness. And it also proves that he is a great actor. Take a look at it!

Oh, and here is Dianas exact description of Jamie, since some of you seem to have forgotten it (otherwise I can’t explain to myself why some people suggest Kevin McKidd etc)

49. Lisa - September 13, 2010

“A head taller than everyone else (he’s 6’4”, in a time when the average man stood 5’8”), wide- shouldered and muscular, but lean – built like a basketball player, not a footballplayer or a superhero. A long straight nose, faintly slanted dark-blue eyes, broad cheekbones, high brow, solid jaw with a wide mouth, usually turned up at one corner – thick, dark red hair (worn short but shaggy in opening, later in the story long enough to tie back), ‘the color of a red deers pelt.’
Young – he’s 22 – but well grown into himself, with a sense of strength and confidence.
A smart-ass who knows he can back it up – but able to be gentle and thoughtful in private.”

These are Dianas own words. Thats not Kevin McKidd, not Gerry Butler, not Tony Curran, not David Wenham etc.
BUT it can definately be Chris Hemsworth. Once again: Watch the clip!

50. Vanessa - February 4, 2011

I liked Chris for the role but I am also entranced with Jared Padalecki.

He’s tall – 6’4″


51. Bettie Rae - March 31, 2011

What is wrong with a young actor. Oliver Phelps or his twin would be great as Jamie. He could make the part his from the start. They are not well knowen and so could become Jamie with no problem. Neither would be know as someone else first and now trying to become Jamie. These boys have the right coloring and are English. Right now they play parts in Harry Potter as the Weasley twins. As for Clair, she is American and the build that they had in the book and would look for now would fit Kathy Brier. She is on Broadway and a fantastic actress. Instead of Butler or Jackman or even someone well known for Clair consider them and really take a good look at these people.

Diana McCabe - March 31, 2011

Wait! They not Scottish!!?? Just kidding. It’s fun to debate who we’d want in the roles. I think Butler and Jackman are too old!!!! (Much as I like ’em both.)

Thanks for posting!

52. Mark Ward - May 1, 2011

I really hope that this movie gets the effort it deserves anything less would be a tragedy for this is an epic tale of love and loss with characters that are larger than life. I have read recently that Katherine Heigl will play Claire; i have no problem with her in this role, however Jamie Fraser will be the hard part – he needs to be huge (in stature), have long RED hair (properly clubbed of course, and no wigs sil vous plais) and yes he needs to be Scottish….no exceptions. The Scottish lilt is as much a part of this character as his dirk and tartan. I have no suggestions in this regard because I have stopped watching TV over the last few years in favor of reading (so much better, and the reason why i was able to finish all eight books in about 3 months), so i am woefully under informed as to the current crop of marquee actors (i swear if Ashton Kutcher or someone of his ilk shows up as Jamie i will actively boycott the tremendous farce this project will have become). All I can say is if they (the producers) do this properly it will make them all very rich but screw this up and it will cost them…….. HUGE.

Just as an afterthought, I did have one thought regarding a character; I think Clive Owen would make an outstanding Murtagh. My last comment is to Herself (meaning Diana Gabaldon); thank you so very much for this story if there is anything of you in these characters, which surely there must be, you most assuredly are an amazing lady……anyone with the capacity to instill the love and sacrifice of this most classic romantic couple in type should be consulted vigorously as to how to transform them into flesh for the movie going public (but no delays with the “octopus” project please – 2012 is still a long way off and i am already going through withdrawl, as I am sure are many other die hard fans of the novels). Your husband is a very lucky man.

To Ms. Bettie Rae the poster from march 31, 2011; if I am not mistaken and I sincerely hope I am not, Claire is English she only lived in Boston because Frank had a tenured professorship at Harvard

53. Trish - May 2, 2011

I know that authors are not involved in any casting decisions but it would be a mistake , I think, for film makers / directors not to include Diana’s input regarding the atmosphere that actors produce. But hey ho ! We know that’ll never happen. Lets bring on the brave, inventive and new smaller film production teams, go on you know you want to make this movie / mini series. xoxo T

54. Rob - May 3, 2011

Aaron Eckhart has to play Jamie!!! With red hair He would be the epitome of Jamie!!!!

55. heather - June 15, 2011

I do not care who plays what part, i would just love to see the movie!!!!!

56. Zajo - August 12, 2011

Any news about the movie?

57. myxx - April 5, 2012

srsly I don’t even care about who plays who, I just want that movie Q_Q but imdb.com says that now they don’t even know the year it’s going to be made… :/

anyways, here’s my favourite cast:
Keira Knightley -> Claire
Jonathan Rhys-Meyers -> Frank/Black Jack Randall
Chris Hemsworth (with hair dyed red of course) -> Jamie
Deborah Ann Woll -> Brianna
Drew Fuller -> Roger (or adult Fergus, maybe? not sure here)
Noomi Rapace -> Jenny Fraser(-Murray)
Ewan McGregor -> Ian Murray
Kevin McKidd -> Column Mackenzie
Gerard Butler -> Dougal Mackenzie
Andy Serkis -> Murthagh
Amber Heard -> young Laoghaire
Hayden Panetierre -> Marsali
Henry Cavill -> adult Fergus
Paul Bettany -> Stephen Bonnet
…did I forget anyone who’s important? oö

Mark - April 8, 2012

NOOOOOOOOOO, Paul Bettany is definitely not the right person for Stephen Bonnet……….too tall and thin, not the right kind of swagger, he should be played by someone like Sean Bean, you know the type …..suave yet cruel, refined but savage. Mr. Bettany would be great for the movie just not as stephen bonnet. I also like Nicole Kidman in the movie but she would make a much better Loaghaire, Geillis would be better served with Noomi Rapace. Also Murtaugh should be played by Clive Owen, i would have trouble looking at murtaugh’s face and seeing Gollum

that being said i really just want this project to get under way …….. this movie franchise would rival The twilight saga (in earnings) and make Diana Gabaldon a boatload of money. Done properly this would be a epic series of movies that would take years to complete but would so be worth the wait

Josie - April 13, 2012

What about Jessica Raine (Call the Midwife) as Claire? English, no nonsense and sparky.

Just a thought.


58. myxx - April 5, 2012

ah yes, I forgot Geillis Duncan & young Ian, of course.
So it’s:
Nicole Kidman -> Geillis Duncan
Nicholas Hoult (or maybe Logan Lerman?) -> young Ian ^^

Diana McCabe - April 6, 2012

I need to check on the film. I think last time I wrote about it — not all that long ago — was that everything was on hold. That’s how it is with these options. Writers get them — and that’s cool — but they often don’t end up on the screen! (Ohhhh — I like your Nicole Kidman pick!!!!)


59. Mark - April 8, 2012

How about Jet Li as Mr Willoughby?? comments …..go!!

60. myxx - April 14, 2012

well but nicole kidman would be too old to play laoghaire, wouldn’t she? this is why I picked her for geillis duncan 🙂
and yeah I think jet li would be a good choice for mr willoughby… totally forgot that one lol 😀

Mark Ward - April 19, 2012

Actually i was thinking Nicole Kidman would make an older, and far more bitter Loaghaire, keira knightley would be better as a young and devious Loaghaire, i just don’t see her as Claire. i was thinking more along the lines of say…….ah yes , of course …..Gemma Arterton as a young Claire and Sophie Marceau as the “returned through the stones Claire”. Oooooooh! How about Eva Green for Geillis, she would be perfect, no? Also it should be said that we are getting a little ahead of ourselves some of these characters would not even appear in the first movie.

61. myxx - April 19, 2012

hmm but as far as I remember, elder Laoghaire was supposed to be quite ugly, wasn’t she? (Not sure bout that, it has been quite a while since I read the books.) Eva Green would be a good choice for Geillis, yeah, she’s got these ‘crazy’ eyes… but I can’t really imagine her with blond hair, actuall 😀

Mark - April 29, 2012

Loaghaire might have been a blonde i can’t remember but i am sure Geillis had dark hair. Loaghaire didn’t become ugly, at least that was not the impression i was left with – the tragedies of her life aged her prematurely and her hatred of Claire made her ugly to us as readers, she became severe and stern, selfish and self absorbed …..sounds perfect for Nicole. Geillis was the one who got ugly …..she aged badly and was succumbing to the medical backwater that was the time she had chosen to pursue her plans in, ….. but eva would be perfect for “soon to be burned at the stake” Geillis ……..damn it i love talking about these books …..now i have to read them again 🙂 and i just started game of thrones

62. Sue - April 27, 2012

I like Rachel Wies has Claire that is an awesome match!

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