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Did we really need that point-of-view sex scene from KMM’s Jericho Barrons? July 31, 2011

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First — I’ve been recovering from Comic-Con and my regular day job (all I need to say is debt ceiling), so I’ve been a little too tuckered out to do much of anything. But back to the world of the fae, weres, vampires and other things that go bump in the dark …

Second — this post probably isn’t going to go over well with Jericho Barrons fans but so be it. Some of you might have already read Karen Marie Moning’s JZB’s point-of-view sex scene with Mac. I’m not going to publish it here — mainly because I don’t publish full text from an author or any other source without permission anyway (copyright!) — because it’s rather explicit. There’s not even an excerpt I would post without blushing! But I am curious what you think about it. (Everyone who has read it so far seems to love it.)

I will say that it was interesting, but I didn’t really need it and was disappointed she chose to write this particular scene. Sometimes less is more. But mostly, I feel like it destroyed the fabric of the characters and tension she spent so much time building up in the novels. OK — so an extra sex scene with Barrons is what the fans wanted I guess. But if she were going to do a POV, why this scene? Why not one later in the book? And there are plenty of interesting scenes that would have been very intriguing from JZB’s point of view. In the end, I thought it was simply gratuitous.

So take a read and let me know what you think. The link (complete with her intro to it and all ….) is HERE.  And you can check out the comments on her Facebook page if you simply search under her name and join the page.

A side note: My friends over at sookiestackhouse.com put together some really nice footage from Comic-Con. We had a little bit of a discussion about GAME OF THRONES actor Jason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo. Wouldn’t he make a pretty cool JZB?

Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) > Photo by Michelle Moreland

Q&A with Shadowfever’s Karen Marie Moning January 18, 2011

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After a marathon reading session, KMM fans gathered at the Le Pavillon in New Orleans for Q&A sessions with the author to talk about SHADOWFEVER and the other books in the Fever series. Karen Marie Moning, who apologized to fans because she wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t been able to engage in all of the weekend activities, took questions from readers in two different sessions. Here are excerpts from the noon session: (Some SPOILERS in here! So don’t read if you don’t wanna know! We were allowed to take photos but not video. Comments in parenthesis are mine.)

Q: Were Alina and Mac blood sisters?
A: Yes. No one knew that Isla was pregnant. (Of course, if you’ve read the book you know that the book “claimed” Mac when she was in Isla’s womb.)

Q: Why didn’t Barrons take Darroc’s mark off Mac?
A: Yeah, he left it on. We’ll see what happens.

Q: Will we ever know more about Barrons and his son?
A: I don’t know if I will ever go back to do that. KMM then explained how she wanted to move ahead with her characters’ story lines. She did say we’d see a lot more of Barrons and his boys in her subsequent series. (And maybe learn more about what he and the others are.)

Q: Who will the next series be about?
A: Dani, Christian and Ryodan. Also, you’ll see more of Mac and Barrons, too. She also said we’ll learn more about the Triton Corp. and Mac will meet Tellie.

Q: When will the next series come out?
A: She doesn’t know. KMM did say she is working on a graphic novel about the Fever series and also will publish The Lady Lies — an unpublished, unedited novel she was posting on her blog for readers.

Q: Did you have any second thoughts about Mac’s major identity crisis? At one point she thought she was the concubine, then the king and then she realized she had the book imprinted inside her.
A: No, that’s how I saw the story in my dream. Plot follows emotion. So you had to see the changes that Mac was going through when she kept wondering what the *^%@ she was.

Q: Your HIGHLANDER characters appeared a lot in this book. Do you think you’ll ever write another HIGHLANDER book?
A: She might. She thinks there is one more story to be told. (She says she doesn’t like many of her HIGHLANDER novels but thinks she started to hit her stride with KISS OF THE HIGHLANDER and TOUCH OF THE HIGHLANDER.)

Q: How much of the Fae world in the Fever series is based on lore and how much is your own creation?
A: Some of the world is based on the Celtic lore behind the Seelie and Unseelie courts. KMM says there’s a lot of that basic storyline out there and other writers have tapped into it. But what makes her story different: She has the story of the concubine and the intrigue of the prince (Cruce) vs the King etc in her storylines. So part is mythology and part is from her world building that came from her dream about the series.

Q: Tell us about the dream?
A: The whole Fever series came to KMM in one dream. She knew all of the plot twists, that the story would break into five books, the names of the characters, even the names of the books.

Q: Why didn’t you write it right away?
A: She was writing romance novels and this was a break from that. She knew she’d write in first person. The urban fantasy format really allowed her to explore these new worlds — something she couldn’t do in just a romance format. But she had to let go of that format to write the Fever series.

Q: What’s up with the movie?
A: The movie options have expired, so currently she has nothing cooking on that front. However, the Sy-Fy Network has expressed interest in a TV series, which KMM says is the format she favors. She would want to be heavily involved in the production though and knows that’s a difficult role to negotiate.  So right now — nothing to report on the movie front.

Q. Who is ‘M’ in the dedication?
A: I won’t tell who the dedication is for. It’s part of a deal I made.

Q: How old will Dani be when you start her story?
A: KMM says she has a few options and she hasn’t decided yet. She could start the story when Dani is a few years older or she could start with her at her current age, which she thinks is more true to the character.

Q: Is she more like Mac or Barrons?
A: She says she has a little of both, but probably has more Barrons in her. KMM did say when she started  the series that she saw herself start to dress more like Mac. She had her nails done and started to care about fashion. Of course, she finds it ironic that Mac is fashion-challenged now, not knowing what to wear so she mixes and matches her pink stuff with grunge stuff.

Throughout the Q&A, KMM had some interesting philosophical observations. She explained she had a dream where she saw herself die — really die — and a voice asked her what she’d done with her life. So she decided she wanted to write.

–On loss. She says her characters’ say it best and understands the pain Barrons goes through with the child when he says it’s easier when a person dies. But it’s hard to live and not be able to help that person who is in distress.

–On the start of SHADOWFEVER. She said when she first read what she wrote she said “Oh, this is horrible. It’s hard to go from having a pretty pink life to having everything broken.”

–On her characters: “I don’t feel there are any real heroes or villains in the Fever series. … I think everything has shades of gray in the series.”

–On her fans. At the end, KMM was gracious and got teary-eyed when she thanked readers for their patience and love of the series. She again said she wished she’d felt better and had been able to participate in the all-night reading and hoped fans understood.

And they did. They ended the Q&A with a standing ovation for KMM.


The Jericho Barrons’ song — the latest clue to Shadowfever! December 5, 2010

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Image from Jericho Z Barrons fan page on Facebook.

OK — so is this probably the last clue we’re getting before the SHADOWFEVER release. Go to Karen Marie Moning’s new website (looks very cool and she has lots of music/ringtones etc. on it now) and click on the audio icon at the top left (it will appear next to the social media icons). A sultry song starts to play and  it’s definitely about Barrons. What does it mean? I’ve translated the lines below. But it’s best to listen to it on her website with the music and the vocals.

What is it about me that keeps you awake at night? Is it that I might be out there — or that I might not?

In your darkest fantasy, hidden from the world in a part of you nothing else can ever fill — I’m there. Stripped of all judgment.

I demand no apology for anything you desire. I can be whatever you need. But, leave yourself behind. You will become whatever I want.

The only chains in here are the ones you bring.

I am your dirty dreams. I am the nature of your beast. I am.

You leave the lights out down here. Is it that you don’t want me to find my way out?

As long as you stay down here, I will never leave.

I am your dirty dreams. I am the nature of your beast. You can be my feast.

I am your dirty dreams. I am the nature of your beast.

I am JZB.

Also, scroll down her main page and check out the fun fact she posted: She’s hidden the title of her next series somewhere in SHADOWFEVER.(Hummm — we’ll all be looking, eh?!)

And CLICK HERE to read a deleted scene from DREAMFEVER!

On another front — I’ve got the airfare booked. The lodging in place. And the SHADOWFEVER books ordered. The little sis and I decided to meet up in New Orleans for KMM’s book bash for the final installment in her Fever series. After picking up our books and getting ’em signed by KMM, we’ll be locked up and speed reading so we can make it to one of her Q&A session on the series the next day. If you’re interested in going you can get details on KMM’s newly redesigned website.

Otherwise, come mid-January, I’ll try and live Tweet from the Q&A session etc. And my buddies over at sookiestackhouse.com might be doing a podcast before the January release about the series and also one after they’ve all had a chance to read the last book. So check out their podcast — really fun if you’re into anything about vamps and paranormal romance. You can download their Last Bite Podcast on iTunes or from their website.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to weigh in on the “Is Jericho Barrons Dead?” post, check out some of the great theories from other readers. Feel free to post. I think as we all re-read the series and the release date gets closer — the speculation gets more intense! CLICK HERE to get to that conversation or just search my blog for “Is Jericho Barrons Dead?”

What’s your fave video of Barrons and Mac? August 11, 2010

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I was in the mood for a Karen Marie Moning story. Digging around my boxes for books (I still have some that still need to be unpacked!) and decided to just look at book trailers people made about the series on YouTube.

Here’s one that’s kind of fun: (Got a fave Barrons and Mac video? Lemme know so I can post!)

KMM’s Shadowfever delayed until Jan. 18 & what’s with Darroc? June 30, 2010

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We Fever fans are in agony. The fifth and final installment in Karen Marie Moning’s mystical and sexy Fever series has been delayed to Jan. 18, 2011. SHADOWFEVER was set for release on Dec. 7, and fans were already filling message boards and blogs with speculation about what would happen to heroine Mac and the mysterious Jericho Barrons. (See my post “Is Jericho Barrons dead?”) Now we’ve got to wait until Jan. 18 to find out. Still, we all know KMM wants to end the story her way, and she’s done a great job with her other series (HIGHLANDER).  It sounds like SHADOWFEVER will be a pretty hefty book. And, she’s posted the latest teaser — see bottom of post — and I’ve gotta say it’s a doozy. Here’s more about the delay of SHADOWFEVER from KMM’s website.

My typical novel is about 100,000 words, give or take. … 100,000 words is usually a 400 page paperback.  To give you a better frame of reference, The Dark Highlander was approximately 94,000 words. Kiss of the Highlander was about 102,000. I think Bloodfever was my shortest at about 87,000-90,000. Dreamfever was the longest at about 115,000. The good news is that I’m delivering the equivalent of 2 books for me. No–they’re not going to split it into two! It’s just that long. I think it’s going to end up coming in at around 180,000+ when I’m done, which will be soon. I’ll continue to keep you posted but I’m pretty certain that’s a set-in-stone release date.

OK — and now for the teaser. Let me know what think!

My ghosts whisper to each other across me but I can’t hear them. There’s only one way I’ll ever be able to hear them again.

I turn my head for Darroc’s kiss.

As his lips close over mine, the duality inside me threatens to tear me in half, and if it succeeds, I will lose my best chance at accomplishing my mission.

I hurt.

I need punishment for my sins.

I bury my hands in his hair, and channel all those feelings into passion, pour it into my touch, kiss him hard, violently. I turn us both around and slam him up against the wall, kissing him like he’s all that ever existed, kissing him with a full measure of humanity.  It’s a thing a Fae can never feel, no matter the form they wear—humanity. It’s why they crave us in bed.

He staggers for a moment, pulls back and stares down at me.

My eyes are wild. I feel something inside me that terrifies me, and I just hope I can hang on to the edge of this cliff I’m on. I make a sound of impatience, wet my lips and shove at him.

“More,” I demand.

When he kisses me again, the last part of me that could stand myself dies.

‘Shadowfever’ cover released plus new synopsis of Mac’s story! (and Jericho Barrons?) May 25, 2010

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Karen Marie Moning just released the cover for SHADOWFEVER, the final book in her Fever series. It’s due out Dec. 7. She also posted this synopsis! This has me wondering — after you read the summary below —  who is Mac? And how does Jericho Barrons fit into all of this with her? What’s the choice (one that either saves the world or destroys it) Mac has to make? And who is the woman haunting her dreams? Her birth mother? (OK — that’s probably too obvious.) Share your theories with us! And to see KMM’s new SHADOWFEVER page, which has the image and synopsis, CLICK HERE!

“Evil is a completely different creature, Mac. Evil is bad that believes it’s good.”

MacKayla Lane was just a child when she and her sister, Alina were given up for adoption and banished from Ireland forever.

Twenty years later, Alina is dead and Mac has returned to the country that expelled them to hunt her sister’s murderer. But after discovering that she descends from a bloodline both gifted and cursed, Mac is plunged into a secret history: an ancient conflict between humans and immortals that have lived concealed among us for thousands of years.

What follows is a shocking chain of events with devastating consequences, and now Mac struggles to cope with grief, while continuing her mission to acquire and control the Sinsar Dubh — a book of dark, forbidden magic scribed by the mythical Unseelie King that contains the power to create and destroy worlds.

In an epic battle between humans and Fae, the hunter becomes the hunted when the Sinsar Dubh turns on Mac, and begins mowing a deadly path through those she loves.

Who can she turn to? Who can she trust? Who is the woman that haunts her dreams? More importantly, who is Mac and what is the destiny she glimpses in the black and crimson designs of an ancient tarot card?

From the luxury of the Lord Master’s penthouse, to the sordid depths of an Unseelie nightclub, from the erotic bed of her lover, to the terrifying bed of the Unseelie King, Mac’s journey will force her to face the truth of her exile, and make a choice that will either save the world … or destroy it.

Other Fever news:

‘Shadowfever’ teaser: Is Jericho Barrons dead? March 4, 2010

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Image from Jericho Z Barrons fan page on Facebook.

Ack! This is the latest SHADOWFEVER teaser from Karen Marie Moning. (You can get these teasers each month if you subscribe to her newsletter. CLICK HERE to get to her sign-up link. And she’s also got a fan page on Facebook, so join in the discussion there, too.) But my sis posted this in “What are you reading” and I thought I should pull it out because I had the same thought she did. What does this mean? Is Mac referring to Jericho Barrons? (We’re all screaming Nooooooooo!) But it would make sense. Or does it? (How am I gonna wait until the end of the year for this final book!!!???)


It’s funny the things people say when someone dies.

He/she is in a better place.

How the f#ck do you know that?

Life goes on.

That’s supposed to comfort me?  I’m excrutiatingly aware that life goes on. It hurts every damned second.  How lovely to know it’s going to continue like this. Thank you for reminding me.

Time heals.

No, it doesn’t.  At best, time is the great leveler, sweeping us all into coffins.  We find ways to distract ourselves from the pain.  Time is neither scalpel nor bandage. It is indifferent. Scar tissue is not a good thing. It is merely the wound’s other face.

I live with the specter of Alina every day.  Now I will live with this ghost, too. Walk between them, one on my right, one on my left. They will talk to me incessantly. I’ll never escape, bridged between my greatest failures.

Find favorite KMM ‘Fever’ & ‘Highlander’ characters on Facebook March 2, 2010

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Want to leave a message or dish about Jericho Barrons? V’lane?  Or the yummy Adam Black? Fans of Karen Marie Moning can now check out her characters’ Facebook pages. Yup — she’s created pages for many of her heroes/heroines from her Fever books and Highlander series! She says each page will look different because each character is different. Check out the links.

The Official MacKayla Lane

The Official Jericho Z Barrons

The Official V’lane

The Official Dani O’Malley

The Official Ryodan

The Official Darroc

The Official Christian MacKeltar

The Official Cian MacKeltar

The Official Jessi St. James

The Official Adam Black

The Official Gabrielle O’Callaghan

The Official Dageus MacKeltar

The Official Chloe Zanders

The Official Drustan MacKeltar

The Official Gwen Cassidy

The inspiration behind Karen Marie Moning’s Jericho Barrons? December 22, 2009

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In an electronic newsletter earlier this week, Karen Marie Moning revealed to fans the real-life inspiration behind her sexy “love, love to hate or hate to love” character Jericho Barrons, a mainstay of  her fab FEVER series. It’s Eric Etebari, an athlete, model and actor who is probably best known for his role as Ian Nottingham in the TV series Witchblade.

KMM says she’s “long envisioned” Etebari as Barrons from the moment she saw him on Witchblade. “Dark, sexy, dangerous, complex, Eric Etebari played Ian Nottingham to perfection, served him up on a platter of enigma wrapped around sexual combustion, tied with a bow of playfulness matched only by his ruthlessness,” she writes. She has an  interview with him on her Web site HERE.

What do you think? Is he your idea of JZB? Here’s a YouTube fan video of him playing Ian:

Book pick: “Dreamfever” a hot, mysterious, cliffhanger!!!! August 24, 2009

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Karen Marie Moning knows how to craft a series — one that makes you want to read each book as soon as it comes out and karen3then you are left literally panting for the next one. And that’s fine by me. All of you wimpy/complaining fans who want everything wrapped up in one big fat book deserve to be eaten by the Unseelie.

Karen has always said she envisioned the whole story, knows how it plays out and how it ends. I trust her. After all, she’s written one heck of a Highlander series.

dreamfever_overBut Fever is definitely different and in DREAMFEVER we see a different Mac. Not the iPod/color my world pink chick who has slowly changed as she’s discovered her Sidhe-Seer powers. She’s in the lowest of low places. She is PRI-YA, a human addicted to Fae sex. It’s interesting how she is “cured” of this addiction, which is usually lethal. And who helps her. (Yeah — take a big guess. You’d be correct.)

Those scenes and the ones that follow later — the remembering — make for a nice mix of sarcasm and sass between our 2 fave characters in this book — and it’s pretty funny.

Not so funny — while Mac is finding herself, she’s really not a heck of a lot closer to figuring out how to get her hands on the Sinsar Dubh — or even if she should. And — while we have some light shed on V’lane — death by sex fae who has a thing for Mac — and why he hates Barrons, we still are pretty clueless about who or what Barrons really is.

Karen writes lickety split fast with details and ideas spinning all around — so there’s never a dull moment in the book. You just can’t quite seem to figure out how she’s gonna knit the world back together …. because fans do want some sort of happy ending. But maybe Karen has something different in mind. Maybe there won’t be a boy meets girl/loses girl/gets girl in this supernatural thriller. Maybe it’s more like girl meets boy/boy confuses girl/girl is lost/girl finds self? Boy lucky if girl looks at him again?

Dunno. That’s why I’m not a paranormal romance writer. So I’ll wait another year for her finale: ShadowFever.

If you haven’t read Karen’s Fever series, here’s the order. Click on the title and you’ll get a synopsis:





SHADOWFEVER — tk tk tk

OK, Next up on the blog: You want vampires? Magical sisters. Total Alpha males? Wait until you read my interview with the awesome Christine Feehan. Coming next week.

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