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Mac & Barrons on film: Dreamworks options KMM’s Darkfever series August 21, 2011

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Original Darkfever cover.

So start making your casting pitches. Dreamworks just optioned film rights to all of Karen Marie Moning’s DARKFEVER series. Here’s a bit from the article in “Variety” magazine: (It’s not a long article so CLICK HERE to read the whole thing. And yes — the author got details wrong on the release of the last novel in the series, but only her fans will notice that. Details, details, details.)

With “Harry Potter” finished, “The Twilight Saga” coming to a close and “The Hunger Games” getting steady buzz, DreamWorks is looking to launch its own fantasy franchise, as the studio has acquired feature film rights to all five books in Karen Marie Moning’s bestselling “Darkfever” series.

And here is what KMM said on her Facebook page:
Thanks for your congrats on the Dreamworks announcement in Variety Magazine! More to come when I know more 🙂

So — a few caveats. An option doesn’t mean a film will be made, but it’s a first step. Lots of authors get options. Think about Diana Gabaldon and OUTLANDER. (She said on Twitter the other day when I asked if there was any new movie news: “Well, no news I’m allowed to share, let’s put it that way. <g>”

Image from Jericho Z Barrons fan page on Facebook.

We also don’t know if KMM will be involved all that much in any film. Some authors are included — like George R.R. Martin in HBO’s GAME OF THRONES. Others, like Charlaine Harris, are consulted for TRUE BLOOD, but Alan Ball has veered significantly from the book series. Other writers, such as WICKED LOVELY’s Melissa Marr, want nothing to do with the film version of her series. Go figure.

I also have read that some fans are worried that anything on film won’t be as good as the books. True. There is that risk. I love the Sookie Stackhouse books but also am really digging the HBO series. Others are worried that Dreamworks has lumped KMM’s works into the more teeny bopper YA genre by mentioning it in the same breath as TWILIGHT. Does that mean anything they might do won’t be as intense as what’s in the novels? (Boy — that would piss off JZB!) I definitely don’t think it’s a YA teen book.  But let’s see what happens. How far it goes. And hey folks — it’s just a movie. We still have the real JZB and Mac and V’lane in our heads ….

But for your casting pleasure, I’ve included a video to kick off the casting questions. (I think the woman who plays Mac in this is right. And even the guy for V’lane. But Barrons? I think this is her pick — Eric Etebari — but not quite who I see as JZB. Casting thoughts?

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