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True Blood season No. 5 finale — love it or hate it? August 26, 2012

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment, HBO, News.
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Loved parts of it and totally hated other scenes. The worst? That birthing scene. Totally annoying. The best? Bill. What the heck is he now? And who looks like the hero? Eric. The storyline on the HBO show is so different from the books that I can’t even begin to think where they are going to take this in Season No. 6, especially because before that season begins, we’ll already have Charlaine Harris’ ending to her series.

Some links to good recaps/commentary of the finale:

EOnline.com:  Bill’s Religious Fanaticism Explodes

WSJ’s recap from SpeakEasy blog

TVLine.com: Tales from the Dark Side

And here is the bonus scene from the finale that was on HBO GO on the iPad app. Note what is said at the end!


1. Emma - August 27, 2012

Didn’t love it or hate it. Like the rest of the season, I felt it was only so so. The vampire authority turned out to be the biggest bunch of inept idiots and poor Russell did not get the send off he deserved.

2. Krissy Phillips - August 28, 2012


I loved the season finale. i was not crazy about the season as a whole, but I thought the last three episodes were fantastic. I have to say I was completely shocked at the end. I don’t know what the hell to think now. I was scared, wanted to cry and throw up at the same time. I know I am in the minority, but I always loved Bill Compton in the books and show. I felt sorry for the guy, I don’t know he always seemed so sad and full of self-loathing. Anyway, I can’t imagine what the plan is for Season 6, but if I had to guess with the way they write Sookie on the series, she is going to try to “save” Bill if he can be saved at this point. I think he will spend the first half of the season as Mr. Bad Boy Blood Demon of Bon Temps and she will find a way to get through to him. I still think he is still in there somewhere under all that evil. I knew a season regular was going to die, but I was not expecting that at all. I guess he met the true death and had sort of a rebirth. I’m dying to see where they are going with all of this. What a crazy season.

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