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Charlaine Harris gives thumbs up to 3rd book in Nathaniel Cade series April 1, 2012

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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This is way cool because I think Chris Farnsworth’s Nathaniel Cade series is fun and exciting — but I’m not Charlaine Harris, queen of all things vampire. She recently gave a smashing endorsement to the third installment in the series, RED, WHITE AND BLOOD, due out April 26. Here’s what she said about the book on her blog:

Christopher Farnsworth’s premise – that the presidents of the U.S. have, starting with Andrew Johnson, had a vampire at their beck and call – is simply fun. And in Farnsworth’s strongest book yet in the Nathaniel Cade series, Cade encounters an old enemy he’s killed over and over in various guises . . . none other than the Boogeyman. The ingenious part of the book (using various notorious serial killers and their quotes to confirm the existence of such a creature) is – well, I’m envious. Cade continues to be one of modern literature’s most frightening vampires, and this is an excellent read.

And let’s not forget that Sookie book No. 12 — DEADLOCKED —  is coming out May 1!

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1. Diana McCabe - April 1, 2012

Very nice praise for a guy who has worked so very hard. Maybe I can get him to do a giveaway on his third installment.

2. Liz - April 2, 2012

I am very much looking forward to the new Cade book, and that is really nice, seeing support from Charlene!

3. Emma - April 2, 2012

Looking forward to Deadlocked.

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