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4 things we won’t see in ‘The Hunger Games’ movie March 4, 2012

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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The March 9th edition of Entertainment Weekly’s cover feature is all about ‘The Hunger Games’ movie, which opens on March 23. Among the insider tidbits EW scored? Four things from the book that we won’t see in the movie because there wasn’t time to do all of the great back stories:

Madge: Already in the trailer to the movie we know something is different because we see Katniss get the Mockingjay pin from her sister Prim and not Madge, daughter of District 12’s mayor.

The Avoxes: Unlike the book, the movie won’t feature any meaningful scenes between Katniss and the Avox servant girl in the Capitol. There are Avoxes in the movie, but just don’t expect the storyline in the book to appear in the movie.

The Prep Team: I was shocked a bit by this because the team is such a big part of the book. We do get to meet Octavia, Flavius and Venia but the film’s producer — Nina Jacobson — told EW that the focus was on establishing Cinna.

Capitol Gadgetry: Not a biggie for me. I’m sure the filmmakers will make the Capitol seem big and cold and ominous. We just won’t get to see Katniss pushing buttons to make food appear.

The EW website has a lot of this info and more, including new photos from the movie, on their site HERE.

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1. Diana McCabe - March 4, 2012

I cannot wait for this movie to come out!!!!!! It sounds like the director took great care in adhering to the book and didn’t take the gory route that many others might have. Who else is going as soon as the movie comes out?

2. La Deetda Reads - March 5, 2012

Hi Diana, Howyadoin?

I have to go see Hunger Games. For awhile I was a bit wishy-washy about it since I thought it might be too graphic for my delicate sensibilities. BUT I LOVED the book and I just have to see it come to life. My hubby read it also and wants to see the movie.

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