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The deets on the latest ‘Game of Thrones’ season No. 2 video! February 28, 2012

Posted by Diana McCabe in HBO, News.
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Wow! This is the second preview for “Game of Thrones” season No. 2 and it’s a long clip!  Spoilers abound! Great ones! For a full recap — and don’t read it if you don’t want to know the deets — CLICK HERE to read the excellent scene-by-scene breakdown of the clip from the fab westeros.org website. (If you’re a GOT fan and don’t have that site bookmarked — do it. It’s usually the first with scoops and news on the series.)

And don’t forget — season No. 2 starts on April 1!!!

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1. Krissy Phillips - February 29, 2012

Holy poo, I’m so excited. I can’t wait for Tyrion Lanister!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show!!!!

Diana McCabe - February 29, 2012

I know! Lots of good info in this one!!!!!! Dragons!!!!!


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