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‘Lothaire’ continues disturbing trend in Immortals series January 30, 2012

Posted by Diana McCabe in Book picks.
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From KC's Facebook page

I’ve been waiting for Kresley Cole to tell the Enemy of Old’s tale and we get it with LOTHAIRE. But I’m beginning to wonder if Cole is losing her touch with her Immortals After Dark series.

Her heroines and heroes used to be funny and goofy in an endearing way. Sure, her Alpha males are overbearing and oversexed but in previous novels she’s balanced that with humor,  romance and loyalty.

Lothaire continues what I think is a disturbing trend in Cole’s IAD series. This is the second book in the series where the hero abuses the heroine, and I just don’t think that’s cool.  (Remember how icky Declan was in DREAMS OF A DARK WARRIOR? See my review HERE.)

This time around, our heroine isn’t a supernatural but a mere mortal. Ellie — born and raised in Appalachia —  is possessed by a horribly weirdo demon named Saroya and is desperately trying to get rid of her.  Ellie is so strong that she can keep Sayora hidden deep within her, but not always. And when Sayora “rises,” she’s a bloody killer.

Our so-called hero thinks Saroya is his bride and is determined to help her survive by extinguishing Ellie’s soul. I am not going to even bother with the plot details here. Suffice to say, Lothaire only steps in to protect Ellie — to save Saroya. Yes, we finally find out what he needs that ring for — to get rid of the mortal’s soul — but funny thing is — he can’t find it. When the real Ellie is present, all Lothaire does is tell her how pitiful and horrible she is, and the mental abuse is so horrific that any woman in her right mind would never forgive this jerk.  And that’s where I think Cole stumbles again — big time. While Ellie is smart and clever, Cole never gives her a fighting will to push Lothaire away. He takes everything away from her and she still loves him. It makes no sense.

There was nothing in this story to indicate why Ellie should even love Lothaire — even after he finally recognizes she is his bride. (Boy — what an arrogant dummy!) He did nothing. Made no sacrifice. He hated her.  And he said it over and over again. He never gave her any choices.

And then poof! All is OK in lovey-dovey land? It just doesn’t work for me.

If this is how the rest of the books are going to be written  — count me out. I can only hope when she tells Nix’s story that she returns to her old form and stops writing these gross, abusive stories.


1. Diana McCabe - January 30, 2012

OK, Kresley Cole fans. Lemme know what you think. Was I too harsh? I don’t think so but maybe some of you liked this book.

2. Lisa - January 31, 2012

Hmmmmm. I haven’t read it yet, but for such a great series this is very troubling. I will get around to reading it at some point, but I can’t say that I’m in any hurry to get to it. Good thing I have so many great books lying in wait on my TBR piles. 🙂

Diana McCabe - February 7, 2012

Hey Lisa — How are things going?! Let me know what you think. I have a soft spot for Kresley Cole and her IAD series so it was hard for me to write the past two book reviews. I know, I know — so many books to read. What are you reading now?!


3. Emerlyn - February 7, 2012

You’re entitled to you own opinion Diana McCabe. I read Lothaire and I felt like there was something wrong or missing but I couldn’t get my hands on it. I don’t also agree with verbal or mental abuse in any story (usually makes me mad). Maybe we readers are usually having high expectations on a certain work like Kresley’s. I will still wait for the next novel before I make conclusions. I have a feeling that the two books will be intertwined.

Diana McCabe - February 7, 2012

I love so many of the books in the IAD series. I think my expectations for Kresley Cole are high. But her last two books in that series have just been tough for me. I think you’re right. The next book will be intertwined because of that ending! I just miss her old style. Of course, I will probably pick up the next book but I just hope she infuses it with some of her old writing style! Thanks for posting! Let me know what you’re reading. We have a nice group of folks who chime in here with book ideas!


4. Krystle - July 22, 2012

I think everyone is entitled to their own opinion and its impossible for every reader to love every book that even their most favorite author writes. I love the fact that she puts so much creativity in her characters and their stories. I never get bored reading her books. As for the “disturbing” parts of Declan and Regin’s story and Lothaire’s story, there were reasons why things happened the way they did. If you go to the end of Regin and Declan’s story, Nix says that Regin couldn’t handle perfect. Thats why Declan stayed Declan and didn’t become Aiden. Lothaire was originally a bad guy. He only did things to help people if it aided him in some way. Readers can’t expect the ultimate bad guy, who looks out or his own selfish needs and no one else’s, to just meet his Bride, be she mortal or immortal, and just turn good in the blink of an eye. He has been bad for so long that there has to be some struggle between good and evil. I have been disappointed by some of my favorite authors before but that doesn’t mean that everyone else thought that thse books were flops. All authors have to have “thick skin.” Someone, somewhere, is going to think that one of their books was awful or just royally “sucked,” but that does not mean that the book was bad. It means that is was not well received by some readers. The only books written by Kresley Cole that I have not read yet are the Sutherland books and that is only because I do not have them yet. I own all of her published books to date and have read each of them two or more times. I adore her books a.d I especially love her IAD books and I hope she continues to keep writing them.

Diana McCabe - July 22, 2012

I have read all of Kresley Cole’s works and am a big fan. I just didn’t like the almost abusive relationships she’s developed in the last 2 IAD books. Way too dark for me. But others have loved how she’s developed her series. We’ll see how she tells the rest of the stories. Can’t wait for Nix’s tale! And her YA series that launches with “Poison Princess” in a few months.

Thanks for dropping by the blog!


5. Lisa - July 23, 2012

I just finished it the other evening. I have mixed feelings about the book. Overall, I enjoyed it; however, the first half or more just felt like it took forever to get through. It just kept dragging on, and so much of it was just Lothaire and Ellie yapping back and forth with Lothaire being hateful and Ellie feeling hurt. I just wanted Cole to get on with the tale.

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