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Season 4 of ‘True Blood’ ends with a big whimper September 11, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in HBO, News, True Blood, Vampires.

Did Sookie choose Bill? (Not with that ugly robe!) > HBO

It’s Halloween in Bon Temps (or Samhain if you’re one of the witches) for the season 4 finale of True Blood — and we get lots of tricks and treats in “And When I Die.”  But seriously — what was Alan Ball and his team of writers thinking? This was a total snoozer of a finale. Here’s why: (Spoiler note — don’t read if you haven’t watched the show!)

How did Marnie tie up both Bill and Eric? > HBO

Marnie takes over Layfayette’s body and forces Jesus to give her his magic. And then she kills him. No shocker there.

This fork scene made many of us grimace. > HBO

Then she somehow (we never see this) finds Bill and Eric, binds them with silver to a pyre and proceeds to burn them to death. Just as the vamps are in flames, Sookie, Holly and Tara arrive (they figured it out) and chant a spell that calls the dead to help them. Antonia and Gran and a bunch of deadskies show up. Gran pulls Marnie’s spirit out of Layfayette’s mouth (kind of gross) and then Marnie is persuaded to shuffle off into the night with the other dead to her rightful place. I thought this whole ending to the Marnie storyline totally weak, given the buildup in the previous shows. I was disappointed this is how the writers concluded the major story arc of the series. (Sigh — and it started out so well, too!)

Lafayette seems to be OK. I wondered for a minute if Alan Ball would really kill him off — but then thought — NOT. (Later, Jesus shows up while Lafayette is trying to sleep and says goodbye.)

Sam lays Tommy to rest. Sookie gets her job back.  And ohhhh — I wondered if Rene would show up, and he sure does. (Remember, it’s Samhain — when the dead are closest to the living — and Sookie, Holly and Tara cast that spell to bring dead spirits around!) He

Is Scott Foley gonna wreck havoc with Terry & Arlene? > HBO

warns Arlene about Terry, saying the dude is bad news and that his ghosts won’t remain quiet for long. He says she should run from Terry. Meanwhile Terry’s Marine buddy Scott Foley — who has this creepy look on his face when he finds out Terry is married — also comes to town. Seems like Terry saved his life twice. Terry thought the guy was dead …. just saying …. but is he a bad ghosty? Not sure where this is going but might be interesting. Again — another big foreshadowing for the next season. Alan Ball likes to just drop new stuff in at the last minute.

Thinking he’s doing the right thing, Jason tells Hoyt he slept with vampy Jessica. Guess what? Hoyt doesn’t take the news well and gives Jason a pretty good pounding. That night, Jessica — dressed as a naughty Little Red Riding Hood — shows up at Jason’s house, and yeah — big sex scene follows. But afterward, she tells Jason she just wants to be friends — with benefits — but nothing more. Puppy dog Jason agrees. After she leaves, the Rev. Newlin shows up on Jason’s doorstep and he’s sporting fangs. (Trick? Is The Rev. really a vamp or is it a Halloween gag he’s pulling on Jason? Anyway — he can’t come into Jason’s house unless Stackhouse does something stupid — like invite him in.) This part of the series is still fun and entertaining. You want to see what happens next season with these folks.

Sookie — after feeding crispy critters Bill and Eric at the same time — decides she can’t choose between them because she loves them both. So, she won’t be with either of them. Glad she’s dumping them both — although it took her forever to get her lovey-dovey lines out.  Personally, Bill in the HBO series is more likeable than in the book — where she kicks him to the curb for some time. But Eric is just plain sappy in the TV series. He has a lot more edge in the book and I hate the “nice” TV Eric. Blech on both of ’em. (And what was with the matching ugly robes?) Now, there is some good news. Don’t forget Alcide. He dumps Debbie Pelt and makes a pitch to Sookie. Could get interesting. At least he has a pulse and fab abs.  Since the TV series is veering away from the books, why shouldn’t she hook up with the hunky Alcide. (Ummm — not sure how he’s gonna take the news about Debbie — see below.)

Holly is the only "fairy" who showed up in the last episode. > HBO

It appears the evil Debbie Pelt. The she-wolf comes at Sookie with a shotgun but winds up hitting Tara, who leaps in to save Sookie. Ummm — shot to the head. Sookie gets the gun from Debbie and — after hesitating for just a sec — blows off Debbie’s head in the kitchen. She’s a goner for sure. (Sookie also offs her in the book series.) But Tara — I’m thinking it would be mighty hard for her to recover from that head wound unless one of the vampires gives her a ton of blood. Now — wouldn’t that be ironic. For once, a vampire could help Tara? But I think she’s a goner. Remember, they foreshadowed her death earlier in this episode when she and Sookie talk about growing old and sitting on the porch together. So not going to happen.

I did enjoy watching  Bill and Eric team up to kill vamps.  They get rid of Nan, who was fired from her position as spokeswoman for the American Vampire League. She came to kill Bill and Eric but then started to talk about teaming up. But her fatal flaw? Shooting off her mouth about Sookie and her fairy blood. So, the vamp boys offed Nan. Yup — she wound up as a sticky patch on the King’s floor. Let’s see if they can stick together in season No. 5.

Hey -- who let out the King? > HBO

–Is Marcus really dead? Or is that him snarling at Sam at the end? Or is it another wolf from the pack, bent on revenge for their leader’s death?
–What is with the goofy Andy and Holly scene at the end? He gives her a big hug. I’m wondering when nympho Fairy with the ET finger will show up? Remember she made him promise to protect her — always? (OK — and where are the Fae? We open up the series in their land but then — that’s it. Hardly a mention of ’em.)
–No big surprise to see that Russell Edgington has managed to claw his way out from his concrete prison. Can’t wait for him to get back into the storyline.

Might be me but if Sookie started to cry one more time I was gonna whack her. That’s not the Sookie we know. Good grief, the last scene was of her wailing for help with a mortally wounded Tara in her arms on the kitchen floor. Get a grip girl! And while I thought season 4 was good overall — really funny and witty in so many places —  I can’t help but feel the pacing of the last two shows was off. It was much slower and — frankly — not all that surprising. Doesn’t mean I won’t tune into season No. 5. In fact — can’t wait. But I hope they pick up the pace and lighten up a bit. And please turn off the faucet Sook!

Jesus to Marnie: “You can’t trade magic like f****** Pokemon cards.”
Pam to Ginger: “I’m so over Sookie and her precious fairy vagina and her stupid name.”
Eric to Sookie/Holly/Tara: “Excuse me, we are feeling a little crispy here.”

OK — so what did you think?


1. Diana McCabe - September 11, 2011

Well — love it or hate it? I will always watch the show but it definitely slowed for me in the last 2 shows. It was like they ran out of material? Or were trying to stretch? And Season 4 started out so well!!! Just disappointed in this last show. Just dragged for me.


2. La Deetda Reads - September 12, 2011

I am a faithful viewer of all things Sookie but once again I question my devotion to the show. I have not liked a season since season #1. I know it’s an old complaint but if they had only followed the books this show could have been great. As it is I am so over whimpy Eric, crying Sookie,clueless Sam, and baby demons. The only story line that made any sense or had cohesion was that of Sam and his brother. The best show this season was the one where Alcide and Eric were both naked; the only reason to watch.

3. Krissy Phillips - September 12, 2011

I like the show a lot. I don’t mind that it does not follow the books. I happen to think that makes it more interesting to watch to not know what is going to happen. Charlaine Harris had once said that Alan does not tell her how to write her books and she does not tell him how to write his show. I like how they write Bill in the TV series because I have always been a Bill fan. I like Eric too, but was not that thrilled with how he is written in the show. I prefer the badass version of Eric rather than the wimpy show version. I could never see Eric kissing Bill’s vampire hiney in the books, but he sure did this season on the show. Anyway, here’s hoping that Bill or Eric save the day next season to come and turn Tara, although I do not know what’s left to turn since her brain was blown out. I thought this season was the best since season 1. I agree the finale could have been better, but it was still a great season and I will be a fan of the show until the end. I love Alan Ball. I loved Six Feet Under which was his other baby. He’s nuttier than squirrel poop, but he sure can write an addicting series. Can’t wait to find out what happens next season.

4. Lisa - September 27, 2011

I am fairly happy with the show and greatly enjoy watching it. I have always detested the Tara character of the show and hope that they don’t do some sort of hocus pocus to bring her back in some way in season 4. That will upset me greatly.

Diana McCabe - September 27, 2011

re Tara — she was a bit of a whiner and picked loser guys and she seemed to always be the victim — until this season. I liked her this season — which meant they were gonna kill her off! (Dunno — I just wonder if they’ll give her vamp blood and she’ll come back to life or they’ll make her a vamp …. now wouldn’t that be a twist?!)


5. Lainey - October 8, 2011

Season 4 was a total disaster! True Blood is dead.

Lainey - October 8, 2011

Too many plot holes and inconsistencies. Poor writing. I don’t know how people can be “fairly happy” with this mess.

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