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In book No. 12 — ‘Deadlocked’ — Sookie gets kidnapped … August 11, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Eric & Sookie in Season 4 of HBO's True Blood. Photo: HBO

I’m a little behind on Sookie news but Charlaine Harris says book 12 is done, and we have a working title!!! From her blog:

As of last night, Sookie 12, now known as DEADLOCKED, is DONE!
Of course, that’s a relative term. I’ll have to do more work on it as it’s read by various editors and my agent.
But 90% of the work on it is over, thank goodness.

And here’s what she said on her Facebook page:

What a relief to send DEADLOCKED into my editor(s). Now I can rest easy for a little while, until I get the revisions back. A writer’s dream — to have your editor tell you there’s not a single change necessary . . .

 And just before finishing she posted this on her blog:

I didn’t have a chance to read a lot this past week, because I was working hard to finish DEADLOCKED, Sookie 12. I’m always experimenting with different ways to organize my work so I can keep track of what’s going on during the course of the action in the book. This time, I think I made real progress.

The day I send a book to my editor (and my agent, and my continuity maven, and to Dana and Toni) is just about better than Christmas. Of course, the minute it’s gone, I think of five things I should have done differently, but I’ll have chances to make changes. All of those people will have suggestions, and I’ll have days of slogging through the manuscript again trying to decide which changes to adopt and which ones to let fall by the wayside. I’ll have plot holes to fill, factual errors to correct, and clumsy sentences to rewrite. And I know all this when I hit “send.” But there’s always the delightful feeling of accomplishment, the happiness of having done my best.

For a couple of weeks I can maintain the illusion that this time I haven’t made any mistakes: that I haven’t miscounted and had the action take place on Sunday (when Merlotte’s is closed) or put Sookie’s birthday on the wrong day, or made any of the million errors possible when a series has gone on for so many years with such a large cast. (I have no idea how George R.R. Martin is doing it.)

I’ll probably get five or six sets of comments simultaneously, and I’ll want to tear my hair out. But that’s part of the job, too. You’re never really through with a book until you hold the printed copy in your hand. (Even then, sometimes, you have to make corrections for the next edition, if you’re lucky enough to have another edition.)

And in an even earlier post, she gives us some direction on what is going to happen in book no. 12:

While I know where I want to be at the end of each book, I don’t always know how I’m getting there. Sometimes I surprise myself. Last night, Sookie got kidnapped, and I’m going to see how that shakes out. A character I thought was dead is probably alive, and I’m real happy for him. Then again, if the work doesn’t go so well today, he may be dead again. This is the fun (and the panic) of being a writer. Every day brings decisions, and I have the power of life and death and procreation over all these people I’ve invented.

OK — so who is the character who was dead and who is now alive? It’s a him …. Any guesses?


1. Rhiannon Tiger Clause - August 29, 2011

Do we have a release date yet? :3

2. Diana McCabe - August 29, 2011

No official release date yet but most of her books come out in May, so I am expecting that she will keep that schedule for this one. Will post when I know release date though.

3. Jenn - September 29, 2011

I think it will be Sookies wish to make Eric “Alive” so they can have a somewhat normal life.. Just my thought.. I would LOVE to see something along the lines of them having a “real” wedding, having kids and whatnot.. full-filling all the promises he had made her in the 4th installment of the series. I REALLY do believe that Eric and Sook belong together so if my theory don’t happen I would like to see her get changed to a Vamp or at least make the wish for herself to be immortal.

Diana McCabe - September 29, 2011

Although Charlaine Harris has said Sookie will never be made into a vampire. I think she has the potential to live an immortal life with her fae blood etc. but not sure how this will all wrap up. Not even sure Sook will end up with a vampire …. we shall see!!!!

Thanks for dropping by the blog!


4. moname91 - November 6, 2011

I hope that it’s the Vampire Queen of Oklahoma that kidnaps Sookie wondering why Eric would be reluctant to marry her to stay connected with a human. That would push Eric over the edge I think and he would do anything to save her. However before she is kidnapped I hope we get to see a break-up scene between Sookie & Eric. I really want to see just how Eric would accept that. I have been imagining a hearbreaking scene…an invitation rescinded…Eric kidnapping Sookie for her own protection…maybe thats the better way to go…can’t wait for the book!

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