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Did we really need that point-of-view sex scene from KMM’s Jericho Barrons? July 31, 2011

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First — I’ve been recovering from Comic-Con and my regular day job (all I need to say is debt ceiling), so I’ve been a little too tuckered out to do much of anything. But back to the world of the fae, weres, vampires and other things that go bump in the dark …

Second — this post probably isn’t going to go over well with Jericho Barrons fans but so be it. Some of you might have already read Karen Marie Moning’s JZB’s point-of-view sex scene with Mac. I’m not going to publish it here — mainly because I don’t publish full text from an author or any other source without permission anyway (copyright!) — because it’s rather explicit. There’s not even an excerpt I would post without blushing! But I am curious what you think about it. (Everyone who has read it so far seems to love it.)

I will say that it was interesting, but I didn’t really need it and was disappointed she chose to write this particular scene. Sometimes less is more. But mostly, I feel like it destroyed the fabric of the characters and tension she spent so much time building up in the novels. OK — so an extra sex scene with Barrons is what the fans wanted I guess. But if she were going to do a POV, why this scene? Why not one later in the book? And there are plenty of interesting scenes that would have been very intriguing from JZB’s point of view. In the end, I thought it was simply gratuitous.

So take a read and let me know what you think. The link (complete with her intro to it and all ….) is HERE.  And you can check out the comments on her Facebook page if you simply search under her name and join the page.

A side note: My friends over at sookiestackhouse.com put together some really nice footage from Comic-Con. We had a little bit of a discussion about GAME OF THRONES actor Jason Momoa, who plays Khal Drogo. Wouldn’t he make a pretty cool JZB?

Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) > Photo by Michelle Moreland


1. Krissy Phillips - August 1, 2011

I read it on her site and I actually really liked it. I do agree that the timeline of the scene was off. Having Jericho’s point of view gave KMM the ability to write the scene with Mac forgetting what happened. All of her books are Mac’s point of view, so it was plausible, but Jericho seemed to act throughout Dreamfever and Shadowfever that the first time he had been with Mac was when she was prya, so obviously she could not have had that encounter with Jericho in the first book. If you take away the timeline, it still is a fun scene and I always enjoy whatever JZB I can get my hands on.

I also think Jason Mamoa would be a good Barrons. I always liked Alcide from TB (Joe Mangello) as JZB, but he already has a gig.

Diana McCabe - August 1, 2011

Ohhhh — Alcide certainly has the abs!!!!! Never thot about him. I like Jason Mamoa but I almost think he is physically too big to be JZB. Not that JZB is tiny but I don’t imagine him as barbarian size!!!! I like the Alcide look ….. I know — too bad on True Blood he is in love with Ms. Pelt. Of course, we all know what happens in the books but still …. I like how they’re portraying him in the HBO series!


2. Lisa - August 1, 2011

I found that to be rather odd. If she wanted to do a scene like that with his pov, then I would think sometime later in the books would have worked better. I really didn’t care for that so much.

I don’t know if I would like Momoa as JZB. He’s not exactly what I picture, and I don’t think he is a good enough actor to fill JZB’s shoes.

Diana McCabe - August 1, 2011

I was just posting to Krissy that I like Momoa but think he’s almost too big to be JZB. I figure if he can do a Dothraki accent he can manage a JZB accent. But in my head, Momoa is too much of a barbarian. He’s a good one tho. And he was totally awesome at Comic-Con. As for the scene — I guess I thought it was a cop out. But a lot of folks liked it. I think I went with way too many high hopes about it!!! But as you can see from some of the posts here, some did think it was cool but did note the timeline was off.

How are things in Illinois??!!! You’ll have to email me and tell me how things are going. Have you been in touch with folks at the university? Lots of changes there …..


3. La Deetda Reads - August 1, 2011

Okay, JZB is not my fave and he is not endearing himself with this scene. Sorry all you Fever fans but he is a warped monster and not in the least bit sexy. Did we need this POV? Of course not. I could have tolerated him before but now he is just scum.

Diana McCabe - August 1, 2011

Ohhhhh Dot — This scene was not my fave either, but I do have to say that I think JZB is hot in the series. But to me this POV was not sexy at all ….. there was nothing hot about it … and yeah — he came off as pond scum. But there are other great scenes in the series …. when he rescues Mac underground and then they fight ….. that’s one of my faves. And I don’t mind him being such an Alpha dude …. it’s just this scene really didn’t fit in with the rest of the book for me at all.


4. La Deetda Reads - August 1, 2011

P.S.- Jason Rocks! but only as a barbarian. He would not make a good JZB. For JZB you need a snake that can shapeshift.

5. mcellen - August 2, 2011

i was disappointed! it feelt like why do i have to read a scene i already read in darkfever + 20 words extra or something…big let down! 😦

Diana McCabe - August 2, 2011

Well — when she said POV, I sort of figured it might be either a deleted scene or another one further along in the book. I know she was trying hard to do something special for the fans. I just didn’t think it worked. It was like one of those — “Oh, it’s a dream scene.” On the flip side — it’s totally a JZB thing!


6. Kelly - August 29, 2011

To each his own. I enjoyed it, and I also loved the little twist she put in (Truth or not?)

My opinion is that these were JZB’s thoughts, but not his actions. This is what he would have done if he had absolutely no boundaries at all.

Similar to the way I just fantasize about smacking the crap out of certain people, but I don’t actually do it. 😉

Diana McCabe - August 29, 2011

re JZB’s thots not actions. Interesting take on that scene. I still sort of wish she’d just left it all alone, but so many fans love the scene. Now — does anyone want another POV? V’lane? Can’t wait to see what she does with her next series. (re Momoa — oh yeah. He could do it. I think folks are just type casting him as a barbarian right now bc of his previous roles. I bet if he wanted the role, he could get it. Be fun to see who they cast …. wonder if they’ll bring him back in GOT as a twin … even tho that’s not in the books, altho it was brought up at the Comic-Con panel!

Thanks for stopping by!


7. Kelly - August 29, 2011

By the way, Jason Momoa would be fabulous in the role. He’s capable of more than just acting the barbarian.

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