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Author of “The Dresden Files” has special treat for readers at Comic-Con July 19, 2011

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Here is another interview I did for my news company, The San Diego Union-Tribune. You can check out our coverage of Comic-Con HERE. I’ll also be at Comic-Con on Thursday, Friday and Saturday so look for my posts here and at the U-T. I’ll also be on Twitter under @mcdiana.

Jim Butcher has a special treat for his readers. The next book in The Dresden Files series — “Ghost Story” — hits bookstores on July 26, but it will be for sale a few days early for Comic-Con attendees, exclusively at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore’s booth. We caught up with the author of The Dresden Files, which chronicle the adventures of Harry Dresden, a wizard and private investigator in Chicago. Here’s what he told the U-T about his Comic-Con experiences.

On his first impression of Comic-Con: “I first went to SDCC 2007, and my first impression was the same as everyone else’s. ‘Perhaps that guy should not be wearing tights,’ followed closely by, ‘Good grief, this is HUGE,’ and ‘I think I have found my spiritual homeland.’ I’ve been to most of the SDCCs and several NYCCs since.”

On his favorite Comic-Con memory: “One year I was doing a panel in one of the very large rooms — just me, that time. They’d decided to limit the actual celebrities’ exposure to me, I think. Anyway, I was almost late and I forgot my badge and security wouldn’t let me in. They were making calls to fix it, but if I waited for it I was going to be late to my own panel, which seemed sort of rude. So I made an excuse and slipped aside and asked some folks in line to smuggle me through when they went. In retrospect, I was really fortunate they were fans of my work. There was a “Battlestar Galactica” panel after mine and you know you have to show up early to things like that.”

On what he’ll talk about: “Whenever I’m there solo, I mostly just like to take questions and have a conversation with my readers. Otherwise, there will be some kind of topic I’ll attempt to commit humor about. Occasionally I may even succeed!”

On a “can’t miss” for him at the Con: “The best part about Comic-Con are the things you DON’T know you’re going to see. You never know when you’re going to find yourself sharing an elevator with cast members from “Smallville” or breaking bread at a table next to multiple Power Rangers or washing your hands next to the original TV Incredible Hulk. I’ve done all that and seen Ash from Housewares strolling by eating ice cream, and stood in a snack bar line with comedian Patton Oswalt. When you go to SDCC, keep your eyes open. There’s always something cool to see.”

On San Diego: “I like seeing the ships in the harbor, but honestly I enjoy Comic-Con more. Doing panels and autographs is fun, but I like cruising the Con as much as anyone else, seeing the vendors, displays, my own favorite writers and so on. By the time I’m done with that I mostly need food and sleep. I’ve never really been a vacation kinda guy — but I’ve been going to Cons since I was about 16.”

Going to the Con? Jim Butcher’s key appearances:

Thursday: 1:15 to 2:15 p.m. Books vs. Graphic Novels and Comics in Room 6A


1. La Deetda Reads - July 20, 2011

Great interviews, Diana. I have enjoyed all of them. who knew Jim Butcher was so good looking? I guess I never paid attention to the picture on the book covers.

Diana McCabe - July 20, 2011

He has a good sense of humor, eh?


2. L. Blanchard - July 29, 2011

I’m a huge fan of his, dieing to read this book. I met his wife at Romantic Times and she told me that Jim had actually gotten death threats from Rabid Fans of his work, after “Changes” came out. I told her I thought it was a super brave move. I can’t wait to read Ghost Story. THis was a really good interview. Thanks for sharing it. I hope to go to Comic Con Next year.

Diana McCabe - July 29, 2011

Hey — thanks!!!! I didn’t get to his signing at Comic-Con but I was really happy that he did give us an interview. He is a very cool guy! Great writer and imagination, too!


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