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Comic-Con: Interviews with ‘Game of Thrones’ author & others coming! July 4, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, News.
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Happy July 4. I’ve been busy with a few author interviews I’m doing for my news company’s  (The San Diego Union-Tribune) special Comic-Con website and print section. But I will be posting them here soon.

Today I finished up a phone call with GAME OF THRONES author George R.R. Martin, who was kind and generous with his time. Not too many authors just take your phone call after you email them directly. GRRM is a special one. He actually prefers to talk on the phone because email means he has to write more — and he already does a lot of writing! But he is funny and kind and — well — a nice person to interview. It was also great that I didn’t have to jump through a lot of hoops to get in touch with him. I don’t know if I will be able to snag an interview with him so easily a year from now, because I think he will be simply booked. He had six interviews on his schedule for tomorrow. But look for my interview with him here soon.

Other Comic-Con inteviews I’ve done and simply need to post to the U-T site first: Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher and Patricia Briggs.

Yes — I will covering the Con as much as I can and will post what I get here.


1. La Deetda Reads - July 4, 2011

Oh Diana, I cannot wait to read this interview. I love GofT!!! It is one of the most sophisticated shows HBO has ever produced. I’m looking forward to reading the books.

Diana McCabe - July 4, 2011

I just have to get the artwork etc. and get it posted on news site first. I would love to go to the Thursday Comic-Con HBO panel that he’s moderating but not sure I can get there. You have to wait in line all day just to get in. The cool thing about Comic-Con — it’s for fans so no special media lines!


La Deetda Reads - July 5, 2011

That is great that fans get first dibs, except when I want my fave newspaper person in there early!
Have you watched the show? The acting is the best on TV. The casting is superb, the family members actually look like each other!! The story is totally engaging. I truly can’t remember gushing this much about a TV show since the opening episode of TrueBlood (It was all down hill after that).

2. L. Blanchard - July 6, 2011

Wow, Diana. Congrats on getting such a wonderful interview. I’m excited for you and excited to read it. I thought the show was amazing and so well done, Faithful to the book for the most part and so vivid. Sean Bean is such a great (and in my mind, at least in the states…under utilized actor). I think HBO is one of the few medias that consistantly delivers. I’ve been impressed too, with their interpretations (i.e. True Blood and Game of Thrones) from books to series.
Can not wait to read your interview.

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