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Sneak peak of Kresley Cole book cover: Lothaire (and we know the heroine) May 24, 2011

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From KC's Facebook page

We have to wait until next year read to read Book No. 11 in Kresley Cole’s fab and funny IMMORTALS AFTER DARK series. But she just posted two big shockers on her Facebook page. We have a cover and title for the book — and it’s gonna be about the old ancient one. It’s simply titled LOTHAIRE.

And, since we all wondered who Lothaire is sooooo devoted to — and who could even love him — we don’t have to wait until 2012 to find out. Nope — it’s not nutty Nix. Here’s what KC posted on her Facebook page

The cat’s out of the bag! Lothaire’s heroine is revealed. Her name is . . . Elizabeth Peirce, and she is the first mortal IAD protagonist, a character we’ve met before, not his original Bride, a being of untold power, and on death row. (And at least one of those statements is false) Which do you think are true? p.s. for those of you who’d wondered if his heroine would be Nix . . . I’ve had her hero picked out from the very beginning of this series (he’s the only one who can handle Nucking Futs). Lothaire and Nix have a surprising history though, and in the future, you’ll see why they could never be more than just friends/enemies  🙂 As a matter of fact, several shocking secrets will be revealed in this book …



1. Lisa Champ - May 26, 2011

A book entirely about Lothaire should definitely be interesting. Too bad we have to wait for it.

Diana McCabe - May 27, 2011

I know — bummed we have to wait so long but I know she will post some preview stuff. (Although — will I want to read it?!!! Am always torn!!!)

Hey — how are things in Illinois? Did you get hit with any of those bad storms/twisters that ripped through the Midwest?


2. scooper - May 27, 2011

I think this is the best cover in the series. But it is a drastic change from the previous covers, maybe to match its bad boy hero?

Diana McCabe - May 27, 2011

Yup — very, very different cover. Usually — her books feature her quirky but strong female leads. I think this one might be different!


3. joanna - June 7, 2011

*giddy* yay!!! i loved it in all the other books when Lothaire popped up randomly. These books are so funny and addicting. I can’t wait!

4. elizabeth - August 5, 2011

hey can you tell me in which book lothaire is mentioned?

Diana McCabe - August 11, 2011

He’s a big part of her last book “Dreams of a Dark Warrior.” You can’t miss him in that one! And I want to say he’s also in “Demon from the Dark.” Beyond that, I’d have to go back and look for references in the other books. But if you’re reading the series — you know he’s the big, bad vamp! Hope that helps!

Thanks for visiting the blog. Are you reading the series?


5. Elizabeth - August 12, 2011

I love her books, she is amazing and im waiting for NIX’s book. Unfortunately it feels like every book will come out in september but ill probably go back and read her books again. I’M also waiting for Gena Showalter and Christine Feehan…but that’s another story.

6. Seanna - September 23, 2011

Lothaire is also in the dark prince book, he snaps Lucia’s neck and sends Garreth into fits. He’s definitely my favorite character to hate, however I always find myself hoping he’s not as evil as he likes everyone to think he is. Then he does something evil… Then he somehow redeems himself in my whipped mind, lol! Can’t wait for this book, although I’m sad that he doesn’t wind up with Nix. I’m sure Ms. Cole will not disappoint me though, she never does.

Diana McCabe - September 23, 2011

I, too, am sort of sad he doesn’t wind up with Nix, but then Kresley Cole knows what she’s doing with the series so I’m just going to see where she takes the stories. Plus — I simply can’t wait to see who Nix winds up with and why! When I first started to read the books, I thought Nix was this old, old woman who was a loon. Don’t know why. Just did. But loved her character. And now, with each book, I just can’t wait to hear what she has to say. Really interested in her story. So first we’ll get Lothaire though — which should be good!

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