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Now what? An Amish/vampire novel? Yes — ‘Forsaken’ March 9, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in Book lists, Fun stuff, News.
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When I first saw a reference on Twitter to an Amish/vampire novel, I thought it was a joke. How little do I know. There is a book coming out in August —  FORSAKEN by Leanna Ellis. (I’m not even gonna mess with the “Plain Fear” line.) Here’s the book description that’s posted on amazon.com

Hannah Schmidt pines for Jacob, the boy who saved her life. But Jacob is gone, buried. Levi Fisher loves Hannah. But he knows how much Hannah loved his brother Jacob. He also knows the troubling event that took Jacob out of their lives. So when a stranger named Akiva comes into their community, he carries with him two secrets: he is, in fact, Jacob. And he is now a vampire. When secrets are revealed, Hannah must choose between light and dark, between the one she has always loved and the new possibility of love-a decision that will decide the fate of her soul.

Ellis has written other books, including FACELIFT, ONCE IN A BLUE MOON and ELVIS TAKES A BACK SEAT. I’ve never read any of her novels, so can’t tell you anything about her writing but you can check out her site, bio, books etc. at her site HERE. The Amish and vamps — seems an odd — almost irreverent — combination. A bit over the top. But what the heck — you never know.

And you can check out the book trailer to FORSAKEN below.


1. Diana McCabe - March 9, 2011

OK — anyone out there read this author’s other novels? And what do you think about an Amish/vampire storyline?

Anyone going to read this book when it comes out?


2. Krissy Phillips - March 9, 2011

Yikes… Amish Vampires???

Meh, I might read it just because of the absurdity of it.

3. Dot S. - March 9, 2011

Now I’ve heard everything….Okay, I’ll leave open that maybe I haven’t heard it all but this sounds totally outregeous. Are you going to read it Diana?

4. Lisa Champ - March 9, 2011

That is hilarious! And, it is certainly unique. If I ever come across it in the future second hand I will definitely pick it up to see if it is as ridiculous as it sounds.

5. Diana McCabe - March 9, 2011

Hey Dot — Long time no chat. Miss ya! Ummm — I prolly won’t read it right away if at all. Too many other books on my TBR pile. It looks dorky — but maybe I’m not the demographic …. and what do I know about book publishing, eh?

So what have you been up to??


6. Dot S. - March 10, 2011

Hi Diana, Never think for a moment that life won’t hand you a twist or two. Hubby and I took a Vacation to FL and now we are buying a condo. Yup, absolutely seduced by the sunshine. I’ve been reading, but not Paranormal. I’m still reading HR but I’m trying to get back to PNR.(hense, no rec’s coming from me lately) Actually I like all “R” but there are not enough hours in the day.

7. pawsitivelife - March 15, 2011

Amish Vampires? SOLD. Ironically my library list right now is mostly vampyre books and amish books. How awesome to combine the two.

Diana McCabe - March 15, 2011

See — you never know what people will like. I gotta say — I laughed at it, but who the heck knows!


8. Emma Bedford - April 7, 2011

I have read all of the books that Leanna Ellis has written. She says of herself that sh writes “quirky women’s fiction” and if you will just read her books, you find that this is very true. They are all amusing books that make wonderful points about life. Personally, knowing how Leanna writes, I cannot wait to read this book and see how she ties this story together. She is the only author I know who would attempt such a storyline and who, I believe, will make it a fun book to read!!!!!!

Diana McCabe - April 7, 2011

Hey Emma — Thanks for giving us some insight into Leanna. You never know what the story will be or how — in creative hands — it will turn out! I’ll probably give it a go when it comes out! Thanks for dropping by!


9. Jennifer AlLee - April 8, 2011

I’ve read this author’s books, and I highly recommend her. She’s known for quirky characters and unique situations, both of which she writes extremely well. Personally, I’m tired of vampires and I’ve never read an amish book, but this combination… Awesome! I love the mashup of these two end-of-the-spectrum ideas. Can’t wait to read it :+}

10. Elizabeth - July 15, 2011

Hey! I work in a Christian bookstore and one of the guys I work with is an author (not christian) and he was actually joking about writing a book about amish zombies (because there are so many amish fiction books in our store that are hotsellers). The other day he found Forsaken on Amazon and all of us had a great laugh. It seems that someone has taken a similar idea– vampires and amish. This could be a great combination. I am not an avid vampire novel OR amish romance reader, but I think I will read this just because it seems so… DIFFERENT.
Anyway I stumbled upon your site when I was trying to look up the name of the book to pre-order it for us to pass around at work. Thanks for all the info and links to the authors page. : )

Diana McCabe - August 1, 2011

Sorry that I’m just seeing your comment! I have not ordered this yet but will — just to see what it’s all about! You’ll have to let me know what you think! Thanks for visiting the blog!


11. Caroline - April 1, 2012

I’m reading the book at the moment, and as an avid, picky reader I can’t seem to put it down, or go at least one day without picking it up and turning the next page.
Personally, for me, the book seems a bit whacky but completely worth it and Leanna Ellis is an amazing writer that sucks you in from beginning to end.
Try it out, you won’t regret it!

Diana McCabe - April 1, 2012

The concept is so weird that I’ve been meaning to read it but just haven’t gotten around to it! I’ve actually heard other folks say it’s an interesting read. Thanks for the feedback and for visiting the site!


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