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It’s March Madness — and I don’t mean NCAA hoops February 27, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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So many good reads out there right now — so little time to get through them all. But we will have some good stuff coming this week on the blog!

Look for my take on the latest Cat & Bones book — THIS SIDE OF THE GRAVE — by Jeaniene Frost.
Patricia Briggs comes out with her latest Mercy Thompson book — RIVER MARKED — on Tuesday. I’ll be looking at that and posting this week.
Q&A with Dianne Duvall on her debut release DARKNESS DAWNS (She will be giving away a copy of her book!)

RT convention in LA: Anyone going to LA April 6-10 for this event? If so — holler. I might go one day, but am not sure yet. Just seeing if there’s anyone else who might attend. (Which authors are you most interested in — see website HERE for author list and events. )

Something fun: Check out GEEK SPEAK MAGAZINE’S “The Top 13 Paranormal Romance Cliches.” It’s a hoot. Subtitled: “Virgins, whores, soulmates, serendipity, mortal enemies, and more. A look at all the tropes we love … and love to mock.” So have some fun! CLICK HERE for the article and list!

My fave on their list is No. 7. Here’s a little excerpt: (What’s your fave?)

7. The Headless Hero
You know how you can tell it’s a Paranormal Romance? The cover features a dude with chiseled abs and no head. Okay, that may be an oversimplification — sometimes it’s a scantily clad and nubile headless woman. There will often be a full moon. Other indicators are an exquisitely wrought young thing taking a bite out of someone’s neck, any kind of black and lacy wings (especially prevalent, in this time of angels), or perhaps even a hot chick in leather staring sultrily out at us — though the latter does tend to suggest that the book is leaning more towards the Urban Fantasy end of the spectrum. But a good rule of thumb in the Science Fiction and Fantasy section of the bookstore: if you can only see a tantalizing part of the cover model’s perfect face and/or semi-naked body, then odds are, it ain’t Tolkien.

On a related note, you can tell it’s the Paranormal kind in the Romance section of the bookstore by answering ye these questions three: 1. Is there only a partial person on the cover? 2. Is the cover shadowed and kinda mysterious? 3. Does the title have anything to do with a) darkness, death, or any kind of hunger, b) wolves, moons or The Night, c. legendary creatures, myths or magic, or d. the Scottish Highlands? Preferably, in pun-form? If so, it’s PR alright!


1. Diana McCabe - February 27, 2011

Tough to get ahead on the TBR pile. What is it with late Feb/early March? Everyone releases their books! What are you looking forward to reading?


2. L. Blanchard - March 2, 2011

I almost feel overwhelmed, so many good books out at the same time. Trying to find the ones I can get ARC’s for to keep from going broke.

Holler! Yup, I’m going. First time. Super excited.

That cover list is hilarious. I wish the art departments would get a little more creative.

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