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A baby Barrons? What is JZB? KMM dishes with fans! January 23, 2011

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Courtesy of Mia

Karen Marie Moning hosted a fan chat on her website this morning to talk more about SHADOWFEVER. She’ll have the transcript of that posted on her site in a few days, and I’ll update here with that link. But until then, here are a few more insights into SHADOWFEVER and what’s next! It sounds like we have a lot to look forward to, and the Mac/Barrons story is far from over! (And if you haven’t finished the book, there are SPOILERS below!) These excerpts are in no order and I’ve paraphrased because it was really hard to follow the chat! UPDATE: Karen has posted her fan chat transcript so make sure to check out all of her answers! There are some good ones! CLICK HERE.

Who is Mac’s Dad? Look for more about him in future books.

Is there more to the V’lane/Cruce storyline? Wait until you see what happens to C/V. KMM says she’s  not nearly done with him, but warns us it’s not going to be an easy read.

What is Barrons? KMM will only say that Barrons and his guys are all the same thing. She also said that when she started the book, the paranormal romance genre was filled with vampires, werewolves etc. She didn’t want her main male character to be defined by a label, so she didn’t say what he was exactly. And she wants us — just like Mac — to judge Barrons based on his actions — not a label. “I wanted my characters to love each other but never tell each other.”

Will Mac and Barrons have a baby? Here’s what KMM says: “Baby? Barrons have a baby? Gah! (Although she ended the book with him grilling steaks — so we know he can be domestic!)

Was anything in SHADOWFEVER different than your dream? (Because she based the series on a dream she had): Adam’s cameo and not killing Drustan.

Did Barrons ever love Fiona? No.

On Dani: Dani’s in a pretty bad point if Ryo has a job for her and Christian thinks she might be his redemption. “Can you imagine being stuck between these two men when you are 14? What if they hang around the next few years to watch over you with hawk eyes, making sure you become what they want you to become?” (KMM also said that the Dani book will not only be about Dani/Christian/Ryodan but also Dancer.)

Hardest scene for her to write in the series? “The end of FAEFEVER was awful for me to write. I got to that point and stopped writing for several weeks because I didn’t want to face it. But in the end, I wrote it exactly as it came to me. I cried.” KMM also says the Mac’s torture scenes with Malluce were difficult to write.

More on V’lane: KMM gave us some alternative thoughts on  V’lane/Cruce. Might he be a real hero? What if he’d gotten to Mac before Barrons did? Yes, he betrayed the Unseelie King but he was fighting for his freedom and the freedom of the Unseelie. He would’ve made Mac his princess. (One fan said no way could V/C be a hero because he raped Mac.)

Possible books: KMM says it’s possible she would write something from Barrons’ POV. She also might write a prequel novella about Alina/Darroc.

Barrons/Mac relationship: KMM says since the moment Barrons met Mac and accepted that he wanted her, he has been “ruthlessly altering her, making her suitable for him …  The only question is will she survive what he’s doing to her?”

Does KMM know what the Gray Woman will want from Mac? “Yes, I know what Mac will owe the Gray Woman.”

And then KMM closed with this thought: “In SHADOWFEVER, 2 Sinsar Dubhs are out there. What would happen if they both got loose?”



1. Diana McCabe - January 23, 2011

I’ll put up the link to the full transcript once I see it on KMM’s site. The chat was a bit chaotic and I had a hard time keeping up because the text disappeared as soon as I saw KMM’s response! So it will be better to read her whole transcript once her crew cleans it up!


2. Krissy - January 23, 2011

OMG, I can’t wait for the next book. This is so awesome. I would love for Mac and JB to have a baby. Although I’m worried about the ruthlessly altering Mac thing. I wonder what that means for their relationship in the future.

Diana McCabe - January 23, 2011

I want to look at her transcript on that ruthless part. I actually got most of that down when the chat was going on and I wished we could’ve done a follow-up question to that! He’s definitely possessive of her and cares for her but that threw me for a loop! It doesn’t exactly match with the scene at the end — where Barrons is grilling steak at a party ….


3. TLC - January 24, 2011

Ok- sure maybe we cannot see Barrons with a “baby” but we do know he did at one time have a child that he did love and would do anything for. Mac has maternal instincts as a human. Maybe we might not want to see that “sweet” story line but there are ways of still having HEA with them having a child. We love the back n forth of them being apart but together.I couldn’t see why this could not be a seperation/reunion with Mac having already had the child- Born with Barrons abilities. Would be a great story to me! I would also like to know what happened to Derek and the the childs mother. I wouldn’t mind a romance series with each of Rhoydan, Lor, Fade and Kasteo having their own love stories. I guess I am just a hopeless romantic! I would also like to address the significance that was made in the story that Barrons had made love to the woman he brought to his bedroom before killing her. Not “tooping” her(for a nicer word). I would have thought the other way around for Mac- why not make love to her. Can anyone answer that one for me?

Diana McCabe - January 24, 2011

KMM hasn’t said anything about the child’s mother. Not sure if she will go back over Barrons’ past based on her Q&A in New Orleans and fan chats.

As for the Barrons “making love” stuff — I will have to email you when KMM puts up her transcript from yesterday’s fan chat. She says that Barrons doesn’t make love …. it was an interesting view of him that you just need to read! (She basically said the dude only F*** — and was rather blunt about it.)However, she did say that Barrons cares about Mac. It’s just that he’ll never blurt out I love you … but watch his actions …


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