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Q&A with Shadowfever’s Karen Marie Moning January 18, 2011

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After a marathon reading session, KMM fans gathered at the Le Pavillon in New Orleans for Q&A sessions with the author to talk about SHADOWFEVER and the other books in the Fever series. Karen Marie Moning, who apologized to fans because she wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t been able to engage in all of the weekend activities, took questions from readers in two different sessions. Here are excerpts from the noon session: (Some SPOILERS in here! So don’t read if you don’t wanna know! We were allowed to take photos but not video. Comments in parenthesis are mine.)

Q: Were Alina and Mac blood sisters?
A: Yes. No one knew that Isla was pregnant. (Of course, if you’ve read the book you know that the book “claimed” Mac when she was in Isla’s womb.)

Q: Why didn’t Barrons take Darroc’s mark off Mac?
A: Yeah, he left it on. We’ll see what happens.

Q: Will we ever know more about Barrons and his son?
A: I don’t know if I will ever go back to do that. KMM then explained how she wanted to move ahead with her characters’ story lines. She did say we’d see a lot more of Barrons and his boys in her subsequent series. (And maybe learn more about what he and the others are.)

Q: Who will the next series be about?
A: Dani, Christian and Ryodan. Also, you’ll see more of Mac and Barrons, too. She also said we’ll learn more about the Triton Corp. and Mac will meet Tellie.

Q: When will the next series come out?
A: She doesn’t know. KMM did say she is working on a graphic novel about the Fever series and also will publish The Lady Lies — an unpublished, unedited novel she was posting on her blog for readers.

Q: Did you have any second thoughts about Mac’s major identity crisis? At one point she thought she was the concubine, then the king and then she realized she had the book imprinted inside her.
A: No, that’s how I saw the story in my dream. Plot follows emotion. So you had to see the changes that Mac was going through when she kept wondering what the *^%@ she was.

Q: Your HIGHLANDER characters appeared a lot in this book. Do you think you’ll ever write another HIGHLANDER book?
A: She might. She thinks there is one more story to be told. (She says she doesn’t like many of her HIGHLANDER novels but thinks she started to hit her stride with KISS OF THE HIGHLANDER and TOUCH OF THE HIGHLANDER.)

Q: How much of the Fae world in the Fever series is based on lore and how much is your own creation?
A: Some of the world is based on the Celtic lore behind the Seelie and Unseelie courts. KMM says there’s a lot of that basic storyline out there and other writers have tapped into it. But what makes her story different: She has the story of the concubine and the intrigue of the prince (Cruce) vs the King etc in her storylines. So part is mythology and part is from her world building that came from her dream about the series.

Q: Tell us about the dream?
A: The whole Fever series came to KMM in one dream. She knew all of the plot twists, that the story would break into five books, the names of the characters, even the names of the books.

Q: Why didn’t you write it right away?
A: She was writing romance novels and this was a break from that. She knew she’d write in first person. The urban fantasy format really allowed her to explore these new worlds — something she couldn’t do in just a romance format. But she had to let go of that format to write the Fever series.

Q: What’s up with the movie?
A: The movie options have expired, so currently she has nothing cooking on that front. However, the Sy-Fy Network has expressed interest in a TV series, which KMM says is the format she favors. She would want to be heavily involved in the production though and knows that’s a difficult role to negotiate.  So right now — nothing to report on the movie front.

Q. Who is ‘M’ in the dedication?
A: I won’t tell who the dedication is for. It’s part of a deal I made.

Q: How old will Dani be when you start her story?
A: KMM says she has a few options and she hasn’t decided yet. She could start the story when Dani is a few years older or she could start with her at her current age, which she thinks is more true to the character.

Q: Is she more like Mac or Barrons?
A: She says she has a little of both, but probably has more Barrons in her. KMM did say when she started  the series that she saw herself start to dress more like Mac. She had her nails done and started to care about fashion. Of course, she finds it ironic that Mac is fashion-challenged now, not knowing what to wear so she mixes and matches her pink stuff with grunge stuff.

Throughout the Q&A, KMM had some interesting philosophical observations. She explained she had a dream where she saw herself die — really die — and a voice asked her what she’d done with her life. So she decided she wanted to write.

–On loss. She says her characters’ say it best and understands the pain Barrons goes through with the child when he says it’s easier when a person dies. But it’s hard to live and not be able to help that person who is in distress.

–On the start of SHADOWFEVER. She said when she first read what she wrote she said “Oh, this is horrible. It’s hard to go from having a pretty pink life to having everything broken.”

–On her characters: “I don’t feel there are any real heroes or villains in the Fever series. … I think everything has shades of gray in the series.”

–On her fans. At the end, KMM was gracious and got teary-eyed when she thanked readers for their patience and love of the series. She again said she wished she’d felt better and had been able to participate in the all-night reading and hoped fans understood.

And they did. They ended the Q&A with a standing ovation for KMM.



1. Krissy - January 20, 2011

You are one lucky girl to have been there. I wish I could have gone, but I live in New Jersey and it’s just too far for me. I am currently reading Shadowfever and so far, it is incredibly good. Never have I ever been so enraptured by a book series. KMM is a true genius.

Diana McCabe - January 20, 2011

Krissy — you’ll have to let me know how you liked the ending!!!


Krissy - January 21, 2011

I loved the ending. I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to ruin it for those who have not read it yet, but it was fabulous. This was a major emotional rollercoaster ride for me. There were plenty of surprises, but I thought it was awesome. I am crazy in love with this series.

Diana McCabe - January 21, 2011

OK — now that you’ve finished Shadowfever, what will you read next? (I’m having a hard time finding something …. after reading this one!)


Krissy - January 23, 2011

I still have a couple Highlander books left to read. So, I will finish those up. If you are looking for a fun quick read, The Succubus Diaries by Jill Myles are really good. There are three, Gentleman Prefer Succubi, Succubi Like it Hot and My Fair Succubi. They are a hoot. Gentleman Prefer Succubi’s opening line is “It obviously had been one hell of a night if I couldn’t recall why I was waking up in a dumpster” Hee Hee got to love it! These books are really funny and sexy. I highly recommend them.

2. Dot S. - January 20, 2011

Snarky person here. I’m on chapter 4 and having touble maintaining interest.

Diana McCabe - January 20, 2011

Dot — you crack me up. I know you read the other books but were not as excited about the series as others. That’s OK. But hummmmm — if you’re having trouble keeping interest on Chapter 4, I kind of wonder about the rest of the book for you because it’s kind of a roller coaster! (More about that this weekend. I’m gonna wait to post my book pick on this one because some folks are still reading!)

It’s a long, long last book …


3. Linda Jamshidian - January 21, 2011

I have to say, I really loved everything about this book! I was so afraid that after waiting so long I’d be disappointed…but it was absolutely wonderful. It had everything from: I KNEW IT! to OH MY GOD YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING! I laughed, and I cried and I sighed. Mac is such a wonderful character and Jericho was even more thrilling and amazing. The promise of their relationship was finally complete and it was wonderful. Bravo Karen! I went to NOLA and had an amazing time. The next series will probably be three books, and each book will have it’s own story arc and will be able to stand on it’s own. She hasn’t decided whether she’s going to show the years of Dani growing up, and anyone who gets annoyed with Dani needs to remember her age, and what she’s gone through. I really believe that she’s going to evolve into an amazing character. Ryoden and Christian will be her love interests when she’s old enough. Can’t wait!!

Diana McCabe - January 21, 2011

Be interesting to read Dani’s story. I figure we have a while to wait tho. Sigh.


Krissy - January 23, 2011

Has she started them yet? I am looking forward to Christian and Ryodan’s stories and of course all the Mac and Barrons I can get.

Diana McCabe - January 24, 2011

We don’t know if she’s started writing Dani’s story yet. She hasn’t said, and I don’t recall anyone directly asking her. She has said she has a few other projects — the graphic novel — ahead of her.


4. TLC - January 25, 2011

Hey Krissy- Thanks for the heads up on the 3 books you gave Dianna info on. It will be very hard to read others that catch my attention as well as Karen Moning does! Amanda Quick (same as Jane Castle, Jayne Ann Krentz etc) has an Arcane Society Series that isn’t too bad. But not wonderful either. Try the Witchling Series too. (Yasmine Galenorn) They have some humor to them too! Dianna and Krissy- I would love other book information that is at least some of the quality Karen writes with. Any other suggestions? Sounds like it may be a wait for for Karen fever!

Is the questionairre posted yet? Didn’t see the notice pop up in my email.

Thanks Ladies!

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