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KMM on coming to NOLA and Fever series January 17, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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I pretty much knew most of the things KMM said in her morning TV interview with WWL in New Orleans: That the idea for the Fever series came to her in a dream, and she knew she’d write a 5-book series and the direction the story would go. But I’d never heard her talk before, and it was great to finally hear the voice of a favorite author. (CLICK HERE to link to the video from WWL — which I couldn’t embed!)

She seemed  a little nervous when the interview started but relaxed quickly. Wearing a black jacket and leather pants with a large white flower pinned to the front, KMM explained her love for New Orleans, saying she’d come here shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit and stayed at the Le Pavillon, where her book signing will be today at 4. New Orleans, she said, is like Dublin and many of her characters in the Fever series in  that “the city had to fight back” to survive.

Asked if she felt any pressure with the series because of its huge popularity, she said “Yes and no.”  KMM was confident about the story because it came to her in a single dream. The challenge for her, she said, was to simply sit down and write the story because she had previously been writing romance and this was a switch to urban fantasy.

But she did it, getting up at 4:30 daily to write. The last book almost wrote itself, she said, coming in at more than 700 pages.

KMM will start signing books at 4 today and stop around midnight. Asked how she can do that, KMM said: “It’s an absolute joy and a privilege …. I’m lucky.”


1. Dot S. - January 18, 2011

So-o-o, have you finished the book yet? I just ordered it on Kindle.

Diana McCabe - January 18, 2011

Finished it. Headed off to the Q&A with KMM in about 45 minutes. I will say this — LOTS of twists and turns. I will post my review in a few days so folks have a chance to read the book etc.

Will post some pics from the event here today. (My wi-fi connection is horribly slow! ack!)


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