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Simplified theories on Mac & Barrons January 10, 2011

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff.
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Image courtesy of KMM website

I’ve collected a few of the theories folks have posted here over the past year about Mac and Barrons. Of course, we’ll know the answer shortly with the release of SHADOWFEVER but until next Tuesday, here are a couple of  theories to strain your brain. (I am headed to NOLA on Saturday for KMM’s book event on Jan. 17th! Will be posting from the Q&A session.) But try not to think too hard! None of these — if you take them together — adds up. But I thought they were fun, and I thank all of the folks who posted over the past year. (I’ve combined many of the key theories from various comments you left.) Later this week: Fever trivia!!

The beast Mac stabs at the end of DREAMFEVER is Barrons

Most people think Mac kills Barrons in his beast form but he’s not really dead, although Mac thinks he’s dead. (But he comes back or she brings him back somehow.)

Barrons is …

1. The Seelie King
2. The Unseelie King
3. The 4th Unseelie Prince (who everyone thinks is dead)
4. The son of the Seelie King and his concubine

The list goes on and on. But a lot of folks think Barrons is a super Druid or being who was one of the King’s mercenaries. He and his gang (the others who follow JZB) are of the same immortal race as the King, but are different. This race can kill the fae. In IMMORTAL HIGHLANDER, Darroc talks about the other races that chased them from Danu. Maybe this is that same race.(And we never saw JZB kill the princess but he apparently can kill ’em.)

Others think JZB is the son of Adam Black (Adaman) and Morganna, which would imbue him with certain qualities and powers.

Why does Barrons want the book?
One of the many ideas posted here: The Seelie King’s concubine was Barron’s wife. She and Barrons had a son. But when Barrons’ wife was stolen by the king and made priyah, the child dies. Barrons wants the Sinsar Dubh to bring his son and wife back. (Of course, he’s torn between the love in his past life  and his love for Mac.) Ummmmm — someone else thought that Barrons was one of the Kings. He started out as the Unseelie King but put all of his evil into the book. So what’s left right now is a “good King.” Dunno. He did tell Mac: “Evil is a completely different creature, Mac. Evil is bad that believes it’s good.”

Who killed Alina?

Love this theory: V’Lane. Some of you think that V’Lane was the fourth prince  who raped Mac. Even though he is Seelie, he wants the Queen’s power and needs the book. So he’s made some sort of deal with Darroc.  He believes Mac is the only one who can get him the book and therefore let him take power from the Queen. (Twisted, but could make some sense given fae history. What a bunch of backstabbers!)

Will Mac end the world?

According to a prophesy, Mac will bring about the end of the world. But what world? Many of you think it is the world dominated by the fae.

Why does Mac have special powers?

Either Mac’s mother or grandmother might have been the UK’s concubine. And that would explain some of her special powers. It would also explain her possible propensity toward evil. Now. the old woman calls Mac — Alina when she meets her. Perhaps their names got mixed up at birth and it was Alina who was cursed to doom the world and not Mac? (Perhaps that was why Alina was killed?) Is Mac some kind of super princess?

That’s it for short and sweet theories. To read the complete conversations, CLICK HERE.

And in case you need a refresher, here are the cast of characters, courtesy of KMM’s website:

  • MacKayla Lane, reluctant sidhe-seer, a person who can see into the hidden world of the ancient, immortal Fae.  Able to sense and hunt the Dark Book of Magic known as the Sinsar Dubh. (Shee-sa-doo)
  • Alina Lane, Mac’s sister who was murdered while studying abroad at Trinity College.
  • Jack and Rainey Lane, Mac and Alina’s parents. While in Dublin, Mac discovers they are not her biological parents.  She and Alina were adopted and part of the adoption agreement was a promise that the girls never be allowed to return to Ireland.
  • Jericho Barrons, bookstore owner, antiquities collector and not-quite human. Hunting the Sinsar Dubh.
  • V’lane, Seelie Prince, Queen of the Fae’s high consort, extremely sexual and erotic. Hunting the Sinsar Dubh.
  • Darroc, Lord Master, ex-Fae, liberator of the imprisoned Unseelie, the one who brings down the walls between Man and Fae. Hunting the Sinsar Dubh. Alina’s boyfriend. And murderer?
  • Christian MacKeltar, twenty-ish Scottish student at Trinity College, who works in the Ancient Languages Department but is really stationed there to keep an eye on Jericho Barrons.
  • Danielle Mega O’Malley, adolescent sidhe-seer with super-strength and speed.  Outrageous, witty, resilient—and a stone-cold killer.
  • Rowena, headmistress of the sidhe-seer organization. Protects the six major Irish sidhe-seer bloodlines, takes them in and trains them.  She guarded the Sinsar Dubh, until it escaped.
  • Fiona, aging beauty, runs Barrons Books and Baubles, is in love with Jericho Barrons.
  • Rocky O’Bannion, black Irish mobster and ex-boxer.  Religious fanatic and antiquities collector. Has the Spear of Destiny (aka the Spear of Longinus that pierced Christ’s side) until Mac takes it from him.
  • Derek O’Bannion, Rocky’s younger brother who comes after Mac when she kills Rocky
  • Mallucé, aka John Johnstone, Jr. geeky son of billionaire parents until he kills them and comes back as the steampunk vampire Mallucé.
  • Concubine, The Unseelie King’s mortal lover.
  • K’Vruck, the most ancient Royal Hunter
  • Assorted sidhe-seers
  • Inspector O’Duffy, initial Garda on Alina’s case
  • Inspector Jayne, raw-boned Irishman that tails Mac and eventually joins the fight against the Fae.


1. Diana McCabe - January 10, 2011

OK — I know these are totally simplified but if I included the intricate twists and turns I could write a companion novel! Seriously — which theories do you think hold up?


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