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The Jericho Barrons’ song — the latest clue to Shadowfever! December 5, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Image from Jericho Z Barrons fan page on Facebook.

OK — so is this probably the last clue we’re getting before the SHADOWFEVER release. Go to Karen Marie Moning’s new website (looks very cool and she has lots of music/ringtones etc. on it now) and click on the audio icon at the top left (it will appear next to the social media icons). A sultry song starts to play and  it’s definitely about Barrons. What does it mean? I’ve translated the lines below. But it’s best to listen to it on her website with the music and the vocals.

What is it about me that keeps you awake at night? Is it that I might be out there — or that I might not?

In your darkest fantasy, hidden from the world in a part of you nothing else can ever fill — I’m there. Stripped of all judgment.

I demand no apology for anything you desire. I can be whatever you need. But, leave yourself behind. You will become whatever I want.

The only chains in here are the ones you bring.

I am your dirty dreams. I am the nature of your beast. I am.

You leave the lights out down here. Is it that you don’t want me to find my way out?

As long as you stay down here, I will never leave.

I am your dirty dreams. I am the nature of your beast. You can be my feast.

I am your dirty dreams. I am the nature of your beast.

I am JZB.

Also, scroll down her main page and check out the fun fact she posted: She’s hidden the title of her next series somewhere in SHADOWFEVER.(Hummm — we’ll all be looking, eh?!)

And CLICK HERE to read a deleted scene from DREAMFEVER!

On another front — I’ve got the airfare booked. The lodging in place. And the SHADOWFEVER books ordered. The little sis and I decided to meet up in New Orleans for KMM’s book bash for the final installment in her Fever series. After picking up our books and getting ’em signed by KMM, we’ll be locked up and speed reading so we can make it to one of her Q&A session on the series the next day. If you’re interested in going you can get details on KMM’s newly redesigned website.

Otherwise, come mid-January, I’ll try and live Tweet from the Q&A session etc. And my buddies over at sookiestackhouse.com might be doing a podcast before the January release about the series and also one after they’ve all had a chance to read the last book. So check out their podcast — really fun if you’re into anything about vamps and paranormal romance. You can download their Last Bite Podcast on iTunes or from their website.

Finally, if you haven’t had a chance to weigh in on the “Is Jericho Barrons Dead?” post, check out some of the great theories from other readers. Feel free to post. I think as we all re-read the series and the release date gets closer — the speculation gets more intense! CLICK HERE to get to that conversation or just search my blog for “Is Jericho Barrons Dead?”


1. Diana McCabe - December 5, 2010

January cannot come soon enough. I want to go to New Orleans NOW! KMM has a countdown clock on her website. I tried to embed on here but I can’t take certain javascripts with this blog setup.

Anyway — be sure to check out here new site! (And don’t you like the falling snow I have on here for the holidays!)


2. Krissy - December 6, 2010

If Jericho is the beast that Mac killed at the end of Dreamfever, I wonder if this is a clue for her readers that they are in that “dreaming” dimension and his death is not real. This may be a stretch, but he seems to mention the word dreams a lot in this song. Also, why would there be a JB song on the Shadowfever album if he was not going to be part of the story? I’m thinking Mac just thinks she killed him in that excerpt about when people die. I don’t know. I think our boy is going to be okay. I’m getting anxious for January to get here.

3. Dot S. - December 10, 2010

Okay, I finally got caught up on the series. I can’t for a minute think that Barrons is dead. I will read the final installment but I’m not as psyched as the rest of you. Trilogy is what authors should aim for but I understand dragging out a success for the bucks. Enjoy your New Orleans trip, Diana. It should be a blast.

Diana McCabe - December 10, 2010

OK — but what is Barrons? He’s not Seelie or Unseelie. And while we all think he might be dead in a sense, we know he prolly isn’t. He’s not mortal!


Krissy - December 13, 2010

I think Barrons is some sort of shape shifting Warlock. Warlocks are supposed to be immortal, well the ones I have read about in other romance novels are.

4. SC. - January 3, 2011

I think Barrons is the child of the Seelie/Unseelie King and his human concubine, therefore very like Circenn (child of Adam Black if I recall correctly.

Also because he is the child of the Seelie/Unseelie King he would be very powerful, have great longevity, AND V’lane would give him a wide berth.

It might also explain why he defended the Seelie/Unseelie King to Mac. What do you think??

Diana McCabe - January 3, 2011

It’s possible he’s the child of the Seelie/Unseelie King and his human concubine. But would that also give him the ability to have a “beast” form? It would explain the longevity and his Druid-like ways. Hummm — I’m now gonna have to go back to her Highlander series and look back at Circenn ….. (I liked Adam’s story …. )


5. Amber - January 9, 2011

I can say that when I first read Dream it did not occurs to me that it could be jerrico but if this is the dreaming, then I guess it could be. Never thought Jerrico would not be alive in the last book, to much forshadowing for him to die, also I can’t see him attacking Ry or MAC. I can however see him as the son of the king. I guess we will see in 9 days

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