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What’s your fave Fever book/scene with Mac & Barrons? November 27, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff.
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I can’t believe I devoured the Fever series so quickly again! I just sat down and in two days  read the first four books in preparation for January’s release of SHADOWFEVER, the final book in the series about Mac’s quest to find her sister’s killer, restore the fae and human realms to their proper order — and oh — determine who and what Jericho Barrons is and what does he mean to her (and vice versa.)

Having zipped through the series so quickly, I realized — once again — what a great story Karen Marie Moning has put together. I love her sense of humor. And she’s great at writing dialogue, creating such an interesting world (love that she’s included story lines from her HIGHLANDER series in here) and building tension between all of her characters. And in rereading it all at once like this, I can’t help but feel that Mac and Barrons will end up together. Nope — no answers in this post  but thought I’d list a few of my fave Mac & Barrons scenes. Of course, the series is riddled with great scenes and lines from the various characters. Let me know what your fave lines/scenes are from the series!

DARKFEVER (1st book)

When Mac decides to dress like a rainbow and not in the deadly black “outfits” Barrons prefers for outings:

“What the bloody hell do you have on, Ms. Lane?” Barrons demanded.

What I had on was a luscious  gauzy skirt of nearly every pastel hue on the color wheel that hugged my hips and kick frothily at my ankles, a form-fitting rose sweater with silk-trimmed cap sleeves and a plunging silk-edged neckline that made much of my bust, and dainty pink high heels that laced around my ankles. … “If you treat me like one of your skanks again tonight, Barrons, you can just forget about our little arrangement. You need me as much as I need you. That makes us equal partners in my book.”

“Well, your book is just wrong,” he said flatly.


When Mac and Barrons have their “fist” fight, started when he intervenes in her fight with Malluce and finishes the bad guy off because he said Mac was taking too long and enjoying it.

“I couldn’t tell the difference between the two of you anymore!,” he snapped.

I smashed my fist into his face.  … “Then you weren’t looking hard enough! I’m the one with boobs!”

“I know you’re the one with boobs! They’re in my f***ing face every f***ing time I turn around!”


When Mac and Barrons argue over her seeing V’Lane.

“I’m not playing you! I’m trying to survive. And I don’t slap you when I go off with V’Lane!” I tried to yank my fists from his hands. “It doesn’t have anything to do with you. I’m trying to get answers, and since you won’t give me any, you can’t blame me for going somewhere else.”

“So, the man who doesn’t get laid at home has the right to go off and cheat?”


“Which word didn’t you understand?” he sneered.

“You’re the one who’s crippled by illogic. This isn’t a home, it never will be, and nobody’s getting laid!” I practically shouted.

“You don’t think I know that?”


“Tit for tat.” His gaze dropped to my breasts, and I had a sudden, much-too-detailed memory of yanking my shirt up while he’d watch them pop out, jiggling. “Or would that be tit for tit?”

“There’s no need to be rude.”

“I can think of endless needs to be rude.”

“Keep them to yourself.”

“Such a different tune you whistle now.”

“You sound angry, Barrons. Frustrated. What’s wrong? You get a little addicted to me?”


1. Diana McCabe - November 27, 2010

I left out so many good lines/scenes. There are some good ones with V’Lane, too. Post your fave ones here!

2. Van - November 27, 2010

I haven’t read this series yet, but I have all four sitting on my shelf right now >.<.

I love the new covers, I have all the hardback ones haha.

Will need to read this ASAP, I never started them because of the mix review and I heard there were MAJOR cliff hangers.

Diana McCabe - November 28, 2010

They’re good cliff hangers and if you have all four books on the series you can read them now and be ready for her last installment in January. This is one of my fave series!

3. Dot S. - November 28, 2010

Oh Gees! I am gonna hafta read this series. I read the first book and was not thrilled but EVERYONE keeps telling me I’m missing something. You’ve convinced me. You happy now? I only have like 30 books in the TBR pile. sigh

4. Diana McCabe - November 28, 2010

But Dot — they are so fun yet perplexing! It’s a weird world KMM has built with the Seelie/UnSeelie and just what the heck is Mac, really? And so many characters vying for her, especially Barrons — and no one knows for sure what he is! I think each book builds on the other. And if you’ve read any of her Highland books, it’s nifty because she’s brought in some of the characters from that series. (If you haven’t read those books, you can still read these but it’s just cool that she wove all of this stuff together.)

anyway — fast reads so you can get through ’em and back to the other TBR in your pile!


Dot S. - November 28, 2010

Okay, I’m convinced. I’ll go on the Library site and see if I can reserve them.

Dot S. - November 28, 2010

I’m going to check the Library and hopefully they will have #2-4.

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