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Shadowfever in New Orleans — are you going? October 31, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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It’s bad enough that I have to wait until mid-January to read the final installment of Karen Marie Moning’s sexy, smart, mythical Fever series. But now — thanks to Moning and my little sister in Philly — I’m in agony over another SHADOWFEVER development. Moning is going to be in New Orleans for the launch of the last book and plans a series of events for fans, including an all-night read-the-book-in-your-PJs session before a Q&A with her the next day — about the entire series. The events are free — you just have to get yourself to New Orleans and find a place to stay. She’s still got to announce the bookstore location etc. for these events. But that’s coming soon. And yes, am thinking about going because the little sis thinks it would be cool to do ….. and so do I. I just hope if we go we can read the thing in one fell swoop. It’s a pretty big finale!

Here’s part of what KMM said in her email:

I knew these things from the beginning: that the series would alienate some readers of my Highlander series who were expecting more of the same (especially since bookstores keep shelving the Fever series in the Romance section for reasons beyond my fathoming, sorry, guys, I’ve tried to alter that and failed, which disturbs me to no end. … I finished the series precisely as it came to me five years ago. I get it now, and it was worth it. The uncertainty about embarking in a new direction, the difficulty of marketing the departure from my usual work, the pain the ass-ness of writing an ongoing story arc of such complexity—I’d do it all again ….

Now comes the fun part. I get to talk about it!  You have no idea how excited I am to finally discuss the series with you from beginning to end!

Toward that end, I’ve decided to combine several things I love: you guys, New Orleans, a four-day getaway for myself in NOLA with special events leading up to the launch, a book signing gala the night before the book goes on sale, a stay-up-all-night-long-reading Pajama Party, capped off by an intimate discussion and Q&A with me the next day about the entire series: including what’s what, what you think of what’s what, who was right, who was wrong, and how much did you see coming?

The date of the signing will be Monday (late afternoon or evening) January 17th in New Orleans, location yet to be announced (but coming very soon, like next week soon.) I’ll be in the city from Saturday the 15th through late on Tuesday the 18th. I know a lot of Maniacs are already planning to come in for the long weekend prior to, and stay through mid-week. The more the merrier!

So who is game? KMM says more details to come at her blog (CLICK HERE) in the next week so as soon as I see the schedule, I might call up the little sis and give it a go.


1. Diana McCabe - October 31, 2010

OK — I will see when she posts the schedule and then decide. Ummmm — yes — I want to see how long she’s gonna give us with the Q&A part etc. Otherwise, I could just fly to Philly to be with my sis and read the book with her there and contemplate the possibilities with a Tweetup and other fans! Or, we can do a Tweetup from New Orleans … I just wanna see what kind of schedule she develops ….

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