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The inspiration for town in Drake sister novels by Christine Feehan October 26, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff.
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If you’ve ever read the Drake sister novels by Christine Feehan, you’ve probably wished you could live in that great, magical house in Sea Haven — the one with the special gate that will only open for the right guy for each of the sisters! Feehan has a special page on her website devoted to the research she did for the Drake novels. She says the town of Mendocino helped her create Sea Haven. I’m visiting Mendocino now so thought I’d share a few pictures of the area. I did find the gate!!!! Actually, my husband, Gary, found it by chance. We were just driving down a side road and — boom! — there it was. However, the house in the novels is not here. It’s inspired by a French hotel. (Although, some of the homes here are pretty nifty anyway!) And CLICK HERE to read the interview I did with her on the Drake sister novels, vampires and why Alpha males rock! Also, her latest series, Sisters of the Heart, is also based in Sea Haven. The first book, WATER BOUND, was just recently released. So, more stories to come out of Sea Haven!

Here’s my slideshow:

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1. Diana McCabe - October 26, 2010

I was so excited to find the gate! And the town — really cool looking place. If you’ve ever read the Drake sister novels, you kind of feel like your walking right into one when you visit the Mendocino area!

2. Dot S. - October 26, 2010

From reading the books I pictured the house on a high hill with a treacherous road leading to it from the village. Am I remembering it right?

Diana McCabe - October 26, 2010

Yes — there are lots of cliffs here! If you go to Christine’s website, she shows you a pic of the French hotel she based the house on …. here’s a short link to her pic of the hotel: http://ow.ly/300vh

But the rest of the scenes are inspired by this part of NorCal. The roads here are very twisty and curvy and it gets foggy! The ocean is always swirling about. I can hear it right now! So she’s done a great job creating that feeling and the feeling of the town in her novels. But the gate — sans the cool symbols — is here!!! (She has that on her website, too!)


3. maria rose - October 27, 2010

great views of the inspirations for the Drake sisters novels i always figured it was somewhere along the California coast line right off the highway that sweeps pass those cliffs. There is very little else but the cliffs and the deep waters flowing in that memorizes the senses

Diana McCabe - October 27, 2010

I think she did such a nice job creating Sea Haven. On her website — which is just packed with info for fans — she also mentions Bodega Bay etc. The whole drive up Rte 1 is on very twisty roads with steep drop-offs. Can’t imagine driving it at night!


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