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Book pick: ‘Haunted Honeymoon’ hip, urban fantasy humor at its best September 19, 2010

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Every  series has to come to an end at some point and Dot gives us her take on Marta Acosta‘s final book in the Casa Dracula series. Thanks again Dot — our resident vamp expert here on the PR blog —  and we’ll be posting another one of her book picks soon. If you’ve got a book suggestion for me or Dot — please let us know. And feel free to comment in the “What are you reading” tab at the top of the blog homepage. We love to hear what you’re reading and your recommendations!


Marta Acosta has written the final book in the Casa Dracula series: HAUNTED HONEYMOON.  This is where we will find out if Milagro De Los Santos is going to live happily ever after.

If you have been following this series you know that Milagro has had her share of disappointments, some sad and but most hilarious.  She was accidentally bitten by a vampire who refuses to admit he is a vampire, she has  stayed with the rest of his in-denial family, has been engaged and unengaged, and has pretty much met vampires from around the world and vampire hunters.

Coming into the fourth book we wonder if she will find happiness with Oswald,  the vampire who “infected” her or someone else. She has a roller-coaster life.  She is being hunted by evil anti-vampire forces, she is suspected of murder, she is kidnapped and she loses her memory.

Marta Acosta writes all of this with her trademark wit and wisdom.  We never once think Milagro’s life is silly. It is always actually believable.  We have become sideline champions of her happiness.  The supporting cast of characters each have their own well developed personalities.  There is fiesty Edna, mysterious Ian, and gay super security guru Gabriel to just name a few.

She’s  written a wonderfully original ending to a delightful series, one that you will want to devour all in one sitting. There is so much wonderful humor written by a consummate wordsmith, even the chapter titles are a stitch.  Here are a few:

“Once Bitten, Twice Snide”
“An American, a Broad”
“Good Help is Fine to Bite”

Start with book one and happily read through the entire series:

1.  Happy Hour At Casa Dracula
2.  Midnight Brunch
3.  The Bride of Casa Dracula
4.  Haunted Honeymoon

(An advanced copy of this book was provided to Dot by the publisher, Gallery books. But neither Dot nor I are paid to review books or interview authors. This is strictly a fan blog.)



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