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Spoilers for True Blood season 3 finale (So don’t read if you don’t want to know!) September 11, 2010

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From True-Blood.net

Can’t believe that the finale for season No. 3  of True Blood is finally here. It’s titled “Evil is Going on,” and it was written by Alan Ball, so you know it’s gonna be insane! (The finale is on Sunday night — Sept. 12 — on HBO at 9 p.m. If you’re on the West Coast, you can pick up the East Coast feed at 6 p.m.)

I collected a few snippets  of small spoilers from a couple of sites. You can click on the link near each blurb to read the original source.

Burning Up At Fangtasia – True-Blood.Net

The photos are  all from the Fangtasia set (aka Alex’s Bar in Long Beach) and are part of the scenes involving Eric and Russell out in the sun. The presence of Anna’s stunt double suggests that Sookie will be involved in a fight scene at some point. Skarsgard’s stunt double was also on set (not pictured), and those tubes strapped to his back and arms, used for the prop blood, sure make it look like Eric is going to be very bloody before the end of the episode. CLICK HERE to see photos and video from set filming of finale.

Pam Fights to Save Eric & More in True Blood Season 3 Finale — OnTheFlix.com

Pam fights to save Eric & more in True Blood season 3 finale episode. Kristin Bauer who plays Pam told MTV’s Hollywood Crush  that Pam will be in a fight that’s both physical and emotional in an effort to save her maker Eric. She also said that there will be some twists and turns to occur. She stated, “For Pam, the next two episodes, she’s trying,she’s in an emotional battle and a physical battle trying to save Eric. It’s quite something. There are some twists and turns that happen. It’s really clever.” CLICK HERE to see the video interview with Bauer and read the article.

True Blood Serves Up a Shocking Finale — TV Guide

It ain’t easy being vamp candy. Fed up with being fed on, Sookie  is tempted to start a new life sans Bill — or any other bloodsucker, including Eric — in  True Blood’s third-season finale. CLICK HERE to read the rest of the article.

Short video clips from HBO True Blood website — better than spoilers!

CLICK HERE to see clip on Hoyt

CLICK HERE to see clip of Sookie.

CLICK HERE to see clip on Tara & Sam.


1. Diana McCabe - September 11, 2010

Sunday nights just won’t be the same. I hate when the series ends. Now have to wait another year. Blech.

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