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Is Barrons the Unseelie King? Latest KMM excerpt … September 1, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff.
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This is the latest SHADOWFEVER excerpt that Karen Marie Moning sent out. Ummmm — does it give you any better ideas about the previous scenarios? It’s interesting she’s talking with V’lane and he finds her worthy of giving her info. Clues here to Barrons? Is he the UK? Or the Hunter? I am so confused on this one, although I found the background in this fascinating. (Do I need to go back and re-read her Highlander series again for more Seelie/Unseelie clues?)


“I heard Cruce hated the king, wanted his concubine, and cursed the Silvers to keep the king away from her, that he planned to take the king’s woman, and all the worlds inside the Silvers for himself,” I said.

V’lane shook his head, golden hair shimmering in the sun. “It was not so simple. Things rarely are. To use a human word, Cruce loved the king, first and above all.  The creator of the Unseelie is a being of unbearable perfection.  If he is indeed Fae, he is from the most ancient, most pure line that ever existed. Some say he is The Father of All. Some say he had outlived hundreds of queens before the time of the queen he slew. Many of the forms he can take are beyond even Fae ability to absorb. He has been described as having enormous black wings that can enfold the entire Unseelie Court.”

I shivered. I’d seen the hint of those wings in the White Mansion. I’d felt the concubine’s awareness of them, had empathically shared her fascination with their feathery touch on her naked skin. “I thought the queen was the most powerful of your race.”

“The queen is heir to the magic of our people. It is a different thing. That magic has never accepted a male of The True Race, although…”

“Although what?”

He gave me a sideways look from beneath his lids. “I tell you too many things.” He sighed. “And enjoy it too much. It has been a long time since I knew another worthy of confidences. There is an ancient myth that should all the contenders for the matriarchal throne be no more, the magic would likely gravitate toward the most dominant male of our race. Some say our rulers are your Janus head, your yin and yang: the king is the strength of our people, the queen is wisdom. Strength draws from brute force, wisdom draws from true power.  In harmony, the king and queen lead a united court.  Opposed, we war.  We have been opposed since the day the king killed the queen.”

“But other queens came along. Couldn’t the king make peace?”

“He did not try. Again, he abandoned his children. Upon finding his concubine dead,
through his act of atonement, he did what he had sworn never to do. By pouring all his dark knowledge into the pages of an ensorcelled tome, he inadvertently created his most powerful “child” yet. Then he vanished.  It is rumored among Seelie and Unseelie alike that he has been trying to—as you humans would say about a lame horse—put it down ever since.  The Hunter you saw the other night was allegedly the kings’ own for hundreds of thousands of years. It carried him from world to world, hunting his nemesis. The king, like any Fae, loves nothing so much as his own existence. As long as the Book is free, he knows no peace. I suspect if his Hunter is here in your city, the king is, too.”

I gasped. “In Dublin?”

V’lane nodded.

“In human form?”

“Who could say?  There is no predicting one such as he.”


1. Diana McCabe - September 1, 2010

OK — the last book cannot come soon enough. I just don’t know how this is gonna end.

2. Amanda - September 2, 2010

Holy Crow!

That was an amazing teaser!

So now we know that it was the concubine and not Mac in the previous teaser…THANK GOD! I simply couldn’t imagine why KMM would have Mac bed the UK!

As for the UK himself, it seems that the UK is in ‘human form’ and that he has his own hunter. Did we not see JZB take Mac on a ride upon a hunter? Could it be that JZB is indeed the UK? I’m thinking Dani didn’t see him as Fae because as V’lane said “many of the forms he can take are beyond even Fae ability to absorb”. “He is unbearable perfection” and is from ” the most ancient, the most pure line that ever existed”. If even the Fae can’t behold him in some of his forms I doubt that a sidhe-seer would have been able to perceive him.

Could it be that he chose to take the form of JZB because JZB was of the race that kicked the Fae off the world they inhabited prior to Earth? The teaser said something about the UK being all about strength; we have encountered nothing yet that is stronger or more powerful than JZB…not even V’lane.

If Barrons is the UK, does that mean he is no longer the beast? A previous teaser used the words “the beast-form of Barrons” which is what led me to believe the dead beast at the end of Dream Fever was him. Would this make the beast someone else entirely or are we simply seeing the beast as another form of the UK/Barrons? If it is someone else, my guess is Christian….the yellow eyes thing just keeps coming back to me. Plus, she would be devastated by his death because she trusted him and in fact needed him to decifer who she could trust JZB or V’lane.


3. Foxx03 - September 4, 2010

i dont know if this teaser is great or mean

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5. Bek - September 9, 2010

I like that V’lane says…”if he is indeed Fae…” The UK did make many Unseelies and some were the same and some different. If that is the case the beast could be in his human image and therefore the Barrons lying dead may just LOOK like Barrons.

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7. Barb - September 26, 2010

Barrons is the UK. He wants the book (his “child” he created to end his and the books, existence. He is tired of living. V’Lane killed the Queen, which is why she can’t be found, and he wants the book to be king…I also believe he is the 4th prince that raped Mac. He and Barrons won’t admit to Mac who the other is because Mac wouldnt help either one of them. Now that Barrons has feelings for Mac (reminds him of his concubine) he’s not sure if he wants to end his existence….??? Anyone???

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