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Latest KMM tease: Barrons a beast but did he kill Mac’s sister? July 30, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, News.
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Here’s the latest tease that Karen Marie Moning has sent out and it’s a doozy! Now, what would make Mac cry? Is she just relieved because she thinks she knows the killer or is she crying because of the identity of the killer? Is it Barrons? Or is that way too obvious? V’lane? Whatever. It sounds like Barrons is a beast. Maybe not THE Beast. But you read it and let me know.


“You killed my sister!” The dark lake in my head begins to boil. I hear rustles behind me, leathery wet sounds and I whirl. The freaks that killed my sister are taking advantage of the distraction and trying to leave.

Not a chance in hell. This is what I’ve been living for. This moment. My revenge. First the ones that killed her. Then the one who delivered her to them.

I lunge for them, screaming my sister’s name.

I slice and rip and tear.

I begin with my spear and end with my bare hands.

I fall on them like the beast-form of Barrons. My sister died in an alley with these monsters working on her and now I know it wasn’t fast.  I can see her, white-lipped with pain, knowing she’s going to die, scratching a clue into the pavement. Hoping I’ll come, afraid I’ll come. Believing I could succeed where she failed. God, I miss her! Hatred consumes me. I devolve into vengeance, I embrace it, I become it.

When I finish there are no pieces larger than my fist.

I’m shaking, gasping, covered with bits of flesh and gray matter from smashing their skulls.

I double over and hit the pavement, puking.  I puke until I dry-heave then I dry-heave until my ears ring and my eyes are stinging.

I don’t have to look behind me to know the street is empty. My sister’s murderer is gone.

I finally got what I came to Dublin for.

I know who killed my sister.

I curl in a tight ball on the cold pavement and cry.

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1. Diana McCabe - July 30, 2010

Argh. I am not gonna be able to wait for the last book. Do you think KMM meant to give us this big spoiler or am I reading too much into it? Is it too obvious?


2. » Blog Archive » S.B.L.C. ~ The Latest on the Fever Series… - July 30, 2010

[…] KMM Tease: Barrons a beast? But, did her kill Mac’s Sister? By: Diana M.of S.B.L.C./Paranormal Romance Here’s the latest tease that Karen Marie Moning has sent out and it’s a doozy! Now, what would […]

3. ~Maria - July 30, 2010

My advice is to read it once and then walk away. If you dwell on it too much… you will go batty.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not freaking out over here. This last book, which is epic in size, is going to be doozy and I’m fearing the worst.

4. Amanda - August 3, 2010

I don’t think that Barrons is Alina’s killer. What would his motive have been? Why would he destroy another sidhe-seer just as powerful as Mac when he could have used her alive to help him? He told Mac that he didn’t know her sister…why would he lie? He has “omitted” things for sure, but from what I can tell, he has never flat out lied.

On the flip side (only to be fair) If he was Alina’s killer, whatever the reason, that may explain why he is so consumed with Mac’s safety and keeping her alive. It may explain why he tells her “a day will come when you wonder if it is possible to hate me more”. He may be trying to gain forgiveness, or pay penance for killing Alina.

“I fall on them like the beast-form of Barrons”…this could mean many things. It could mean she became savage…like a beast while killing these un-named things/Fae/People. She could be making reference to the manner in which she killed the ‘beast-form of Barrons’, with her spear. We won’t know in what way it is meant until we can read this passage in context, however KMM sure did a good job of releasing pieces to keep us all interested and talking about it!

5. Maggie - January 1, 2011

I’m not sure if Barrons is the beast… I doubt very much that KMM wants everyone to know who the beast is until Shadowfever is released, and it seems a little too obvious. Having said that, maybe he is the beast, but if I remember correctly the end of Dreamfever strongly suggested Mac had killed it, and Barrons is definitely in Shadowfever… It’s really super annoying. :L

I think I’m just going to refrain from reading any more about it until the 18th, and then I’ll just obsess about who the spin-off’s about. Any ideas?
I’ve heard rumours of Christian, but I’m dying for it to be Dani, she’s a great character. (:

Diana McCabe - January 1, 2011

Re spinoffs — KMM says on her website that a clue to the title of her next series is in — you guessed it — Shadowfever!


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