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Geek Speak’s indepth look at 20 vampire romance series! July 11, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, Fun stuff, Reviews/summaries, Vampires.

Image courtesy of Geek Speak.

So you can’t find anything to read in the vamp genre? Geek Speak Magazine, a free online magazine devoted to science fiction and fantasy, recently devoted an entire edition to bloodsuckers titled: “Dead and Doing It,” where authors Rachael Hyland and Kate Nagy examine the question “Why vampires?” and offer a super fun and detailed look at 20 vampire romance series novels.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Over the past few decades, vampires have become the heroes of our fondest imaginings and darkest fantasies, and have most recently blossomed into the ultimate romantic lover, most of their novels falling under the banner of “Paranormal Romance”. Whether it be Lestat, Sinclair, Eric Northman or Edward Cullen, there’s a vampire for every temperament, level of squeamishness and interest in S&M. Their stories can make you cringe or make you laugh or make you blush; some can make you weep for the feminist generation who came before, liberating women from their sexual servitude, only to have so-called “heroines” succumb to a whole lot of “’No’ means ‘yes’” seduction.

But check out their list of 20 vamp romance novels (CLICK HERE to get to the article and list). Hyland and Nagy give a ton of information about the books, including background on the hero/heroines, love rivals, sex, sidekicks, vamp society for each novel, other legends the books touch on. They also include an analysis of each book, and I thought a lot of it was dead on — no pun intended.

The edition also includes:

  • An interview with Molly Harper (NICE GIRLS DON’T HAVE FANGS)

I asked Hyland , editor-in-chief at Geek Speak, what else they gleaned from writing the article. She said she is now “utterly addicted to the steamy IMMORTALS AFTER DARK.” And Nagy, whose  “romance tastes have always run more to the Kurland-ish, is suddenly come over all Paranormal Detective and is seriously in denial over her attraction to Rhage, Zsadist, and the rest of the BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD. So now we’re a couple of hardcore Sci-Fi and Fantasy aficionados who have crossed over to the Dark Ones side, and … y’know what? We kinda like it here,” Hyland said.

You can follow Geek Speak on Twitter at @geekspeakmag and also on their Facebook page called Geek Speak Magazine. Hyland says Geek Speak accepts  submissions “from geeks of every creed: Trekkies, Whovians, Warsies, Twilighters, Xenites, Browncoats, what have you. (Though we do take exception to Michael Bay.)”


1. Diana McCabe - July 11, 2010

So I know a bunch of us are looking for vamp books to read. This was a fun article and list of books. Even if you’re read some of ’em, you might get a kick out of the descriptions. And you might find something you haven’t read! Let me know!

2. Caridad Pineiro - July 13, 2010

Thanks for the link to the article. It was lots of fun and I enjoyed their rundown on all the different series.

Diana McCabe - July 13, 2010

Glad you liked it. I think Geek Speak did a good job! Was fun to read!


3. Dot S. - July 13, 2010

Diana, the Geek Speak list was really good. I also enjoyed the D.B. Reynolds interview. I confess I haven’t read many of their listed books/authors. I guess I best get busy.

4. maria rose - July 14, 2010

thanks for the reference to Geek Speak about time that paranormal authors get reviewed i have always said that you guys fit right in with all those required authors we had to read in high school but with a much more interesting story that won’t bore you

5. Rebecca Hamilton loves Vampire Romance - July 25, 2011

Great list! Vampires have gotten a bad rap lately, but I think the fact remains there are a lot of us who still enjoy reading these types of novels 🙂

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