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Book pick: D.B. Reynold’s ‘Heart of the Wolf’ a keeper July 5, 2010

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Back after a long holiday weekend with a great book pick from Dot in New York. Now Dot — a regular contributor to this blog — is actually our vampire expert. But she reads A LOT and this time has a nifty write-up on D.B. Reynolds’ latest — HEART OF THE WOLF, an e-book from Siren Publishing. As always — a big thanks to Dot for the book pick!!


D.B. Reynolds is on the top of my list as favorite authors.  Her Vampires in America Series is getting 4 and 5 stars on Amazon and she has No. 3 in the series ready to debut in paperback this month.   (CLICK HERE to read Dot’s review of that series!) When I heard that she was writing a werewolf e-novella for the erotic publisher Siren I truly didn’t know what to expect.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sure a writer can change fantasy heroes but could my favorite writer do it justice?  I was not disappointed in HEART OF THE WOLF. (Disclaimer: I received this advance reader copy  from the author with no expectations of comment or review.)

Synopsis from the publisher:

Kathryn Avinger is a werewolf, daughter of the North American Alpha. Young, beautiful and obedient to her Alpha’s will, Kathryn was married off 10 years ago to a much older and wealthy human, finding herself neatly trapped in an abusive prison of money and privilege.

Renjiro Roesner is a powerful and charismatic wolf, an enforcer for Kathryn’s father … and, once upon a time, Kathryn’s promised husband. Returning from a mission to find Kathryn married and gone, Renjiro left the country, bitter and betrayed. But when someone tries to murder Kathryn at her husband’s funeral, Renjiro comes home to protect the only woman he ever loved.


Reynolds gives us true werewolves and not just dressed-up humans.  The human werewolf persona is always aware of the wolf inside.  Even Kathryn who has been hiding her wolf in the human world. I have never read a werewolf book that had more insight into the wolf. There is a mystery (who is trying to kill Kathryn?), sexual tension (Oh yeah!), violence, action, and even sleazy characters, but the pay off is the love story.  Werewolves know their mates and the pursuit is paramount.  Ren (I’m happy the author calls him Ren since I can’t pronounce Renjiro) is our fantasy of a werewolf hero, strong, protective, sexy as all get out.  Kathryn is an equally strong heroine, fighting for independence after being subjugated to a monster husband.  Siren catagorizes the sex as “sizzling.” I’m not gonna argue that at all.

Even more than story, sex and action, with Reynolds we are also treated to wonderful prose.  Here are the opening two sentences of her novella:

“The angels wept, beautiful faces ravaged with grief, tears coursing down perfect cheeks to fall unheeded on the body cradled between them.  Kathryn Avenger gazed up at the huge sculpture and wondered if even the angels could find it in them to weep today.”

My only complaint: The story ended too soon.  I wanted more, more, more.  I wanted to know more about the Alpha father of Kathryn, I wanted more about Tommy the bodyguard.   Hopefully D.B. will give us more werewolves in the future.


1. Diana McCabe - July 5, 2010

Dot — Thanks for sending this in. Meant to post it earlier and then got busy, posted a few other things and then couldn’t find it in my posts! Definitely gonna have to check this one out! Do you think weres are gonna start to overtake vamps this year? Just curious with True Blood introducing them and all. And of course — Eclipse and Camp Edward vs. Camp Jacob ….. I made my poor hubby sit through that one ….

thanks again!


2. Dot S. - July 6, 2010

Hm-m-m, as an obsessive vampire lover, I truly hope wolves don’t overtake, but the wolves are on the page and the on the screen everywhere. I have been having quite a bit of trouble finding “good” vampire books. I personally don’t have the same love of werewolves but there are some really good books out there that have them as the central theme. This novella, HEART OF THE WOLF is one of the best and an especially good introduction to the world of werewolves.

I saw “Eclipse” with my granddaughter and daughter. We loved it and cheered every kiss and snuggle. We are so sappy.

Diana McCabe - July 7, 2010

I am trying to read but lately I’ve been getting home so late from work and am wiped out! Gonna try and get home earlier the next couple of nights to work on the blog and read etc.

re Eclipse — it was just a little too slow for me! I know it’s a series and I like seeing how things unfold on screen but I liked the first two movies better. (Yup — read all of the books!) …. oh yeah — I will see the next one!

Have a post I’ve been meaning to put up on vamps …. from another site I’ve been yakking with …. I’ll try and do that tomorrow night.

Hope you’re weathering the heat wave! (Is it still really hot? We had a scary quake here in socal. And it’s chilly for us — 60s.)


Dot S. - July 8, 2010

Yes, it is really hot here. In the 100’s for the past few days. Hubby is worried about his veggie garden surviving. I’ve been hybernating in the AC when I can.

I had to go out yesterday for a couple of appointments and it so happened I had 45 minutes between so I went in B&N to find Neill’s TWICE BITTEN. I was disappointed to see that they had no special display and only 3 copies on the shelf. What’s with that! I didn’t buy it since I have it on order. Could it be the rest of the world is book buying online too. I don’t doubt it.

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