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KMM’s Shadowfever delayed until Jan. 18 & what’s with Darroc? June 30, 2010

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We Fever fans are in agony. The fifth and final installment in Karen Marie Moning’s mystical and sexy Fever series has been delayed to Jan. 18, 2011. SHADOWFEVER was set for release on Dec. 7, and fans were already filling message boards and blogs with speculation about what would happen to heroine Mac and the mysterious Jericho Barrons. (See my post “Is Jericho Barrons dead?”) Now we’ve got to wait until Jan. 18 to find out. Still, we all know KMM wants to end the story her way, and she’s done a great job with her other series (HIGHLANDER).  It sounds like SHADOWFEVER will be a pretty hefty book. And, she’s posted the latest teaser — see bottom of post — and I’ve gotta say it’s a doozy. Here’s more about the delay of SHADOWFEVER from KMM’s website.

My typical novel is about 100,000 words, give or take. … 100,000 words is usually a 400 page paperback.  To give you a better frame of reference, The Dark Highlander was approximately 94,000 words. Kiss of the Highlander was about 102,000. I think Bloodfever was my shortest at about 87,000-90,000. Dreamfever was the longest at about 115,000. The good news is that I’m delivering the equivalent of 2 books for me. No–they’re not going to split it into two! It’s just that long. I think it’s going to end up coming in at around 180,000+ when I’m done, which will be soon. I’ll continue to keep you posted but I’m pretty certain that’s a set-in-stone release date.

OK — and now for the teaser. Let me know what think!

My ghosts whisper to each other across me but I can’t hear them. There’s only one way I’ll ever be able to hear them again.

I turn my head for Darroc’s kiss.

As his lips close over mine, the duality inside me threatens to tear me in half, and if it succeeds, I will lose my best chance at accomplishing my mission.

I hurt.

I need punishment for my sins.

I bury my hands in his hair, and channel all those feelings into passion, pour it into my touch, kiss him hard, violently. I turn us both around and slam him up against the wall, kissing him like he’s all that ever existed, kissing him with a full measure of humanity.  It’s a thing a Fae can never feel, no matter the form they wear—humanity. It’s why they crave us in bed.

He staggers for a moment, pulls back and stares down at me.

My eyes are wild. I feel something inside me that terrifies me, and I just hope I can hang on to the edge of this cliff I’m on. I make a sound of impatience, wet my lips and shove at him.

“More,” I demand.

When he kisses me again, the last part of me that could stand myself dies.


1. Diana McCabe - June 30, 2010

OK — I gotta say I’m very bummed out that the book is delayed until mid-January. I was having a tough time waiting for the December release date. But am sure it will be good. But talk about an “ick” factor …. Darroc?! I mean, not surprising but yuck. I hope this last book does not take a bad Anita Blake turn ….


2. Aloe - July 1, 2010

Yeah, Anita Blake started out great, but soon it was like, can we squeeze a snake in her bed between the werewolf, the cats, the vampires, etc…
Here’s my my take: Mac is taking one for the team. Don’t forget she’s immune to the fae charm.

3. Wendy - July 1, 2010

I kept hoping that Mac had found her sister’s journal the first time I read it, but there’s no way. I’m crossing my fingers that this makes some semblance of sense and Mac’s not turning into (as was previously stated perfectly) an Anita Blake.

Barrons#1 - September 17, 2010

Wendy this is what I’m going with! Great Idea if this is Elina’s journal then it completely makes sense. ALSO with KMM loving to leave us on the edge this would be the way to do it even more than she already has.

4. Athena - July 8, 2010

i feel it has to be a journal or more to it she has stayed loyal t o mac character in the synopis it says she goes from lm penthouse to an unseelie place to her lovers bed to the unseelie king so oviouisly barrons is alive and she has nt gone anita on us , i have faith kmm will stay true to those we all love

5. Tara - July 20, 2010

OR…MAYBE…..It is mac and she is playing him.

6. Jenn - August 24, 2010

Journal Entry. Has to be

7. kathy gladson - September 20, 2010

Have Would like to know if shell have sample view for shadow fever before it is released

8. Williamz4lyf - October 20, 2010

obviously Mac, wot with her ghosts “remba d 2 ghosts in the first teaser from shadowfever… Sori, MAc!

9. Krissy - December 7, 2010

Maybe her two ghosts are Alina and her old self, Mac 1.0. She is probably playing Darroc. I can’t imagine she would be all over him like that for real. She says “when he kisses me again the last part of me that could stand myself dies.” She is hurting and missing JZB I bet. She probably still thinks she killed him at this point in the story. At the end of Dreamfever when she killed the beast it was probably JZB. Ryodan said that Darroc was in their looking for her. He probably finds her and takes her and at that point in the story, she fake comes on to him. She is probably still hurting over the loss of JZB and her part in it and could careless about how low she has to sink to get to her sister’s killer. Of course, I believe Barrons is still alive and well, but our girl just does not know it yet. Just a theory though.

Diana McCabe - December 7, 2010

Did you listen to the JZB song on KMM’s new website? The words are on my blog if you go to the newest post, but best to hear it on her site!


10. Maggie - January 1, 2011

Mac says she has to complete her ‘mission’, which could be taking down Darroc in some way, hence why she’s kissing him. However, I read the really long excerpt published on her site, and it seems that Mac turns to the ‘dark side’ and teams up with Darroc and his Unseelie. So it’s very possible that she’s just kissing him because she feels like crap and wants to ‘punish herself’, though it’s a silly way to do it.

I think the beast was JZB too, but I don’t think it’s a permanent thing. She says she has two ghosts that walk beside her in another excerpt, who I think are Alina and Barrons. Are they real, or a figment of her imagination? Also, someone mentioned if the beast is Barrons she could go back in time with the Book and rescue him, but surely she would go back for Alina too, and I can’t see that happening. Whatever happens, I don’t believe JZB is truly dead, and I would LOVE for these excerpts to be in some sort of order – it’d be so much easier to figure out the story!

From the super long excerpt, Mac has decided to be BFF with the Unseelie, and by proxy Darroc. She clearly reckons they aren’t all bad, as she says she’s ‘like them’, but from the snippet describing her discovery of Alina’s killer (and they seem Unseelie all right), I can only think that she finds this out after the showdown or she has some undercover mission.

I should really just stop obsessing and wait it out – only 17 days until all is (hopefully) clear! Plenty of time post-Shadowfever to dissect and obsess 🙂

11. Winn - January 9, 2011

It makes more sense if it was Alina’s journal. The only way to know for sure is getting the book! Which comes out in les than ten days! I only hope it’s out in my bookstore on the exact day. Or I’m going to be so angry. Is it the same release in Canada?

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