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A new Lestat film? Maybe, says author Anne Rice June 27, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Anne Rice thinks Matt Bomer would make a good Louis. (Image courtesy of MattBomerFan.com)

At least that’s what the author of INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE is saying on her Facebook page. And what actors would Anne Rice pick to star in another movie? Not any of the former movie cast or anyone currently in TRUE BLOOD, she says. But she thinks Matt Bomer (currently in the TV series ‘White Collar’) would make a pretty good Louis. Here’s part of her conversation on Facebook, where she has a fan page:

Yes, there are definitely talks going on about a new Lestat film. But it’s too early for me to say for certain what will happen. As soon as I do have news, I’ll post it. I’ll give whatever information I can on whom to contact for actors and actresses interested in being in the film. Right now? We have hopes, dreams, interest, talks. That’s it.

Myself, I think we have many incredible actors right now who could play the roles of my vampires. Matt Bomer is Louis in my mind. But I see many choices for Lestat and Armand and Marius. There will not be a casting problem. We have so many options.

In any future Lestat film, there will be new actors. Anyone associated with the older films will probably not reappear.  … Actors currently in True Blood probably wouldn’t be considered either, as they’re already associated with other vampire material.

I’m loving Matt Bomer, and remain convinced that some day he would be a wonderful Louis de Pointe du Lac in a film. I mean if somebody has to follow Brad Pitt, it should be Matt Bomer.


1. Diana McCabe - June 27, 2010

Anne Rice has an interesting Facebook/Twitter feed. There are times when she talks a lot about religion and politics but then she’ll talk about writing and her characters — and stuff like this! She’s totally out there on the Web.

2. Greta - June 27, 2010

Matt Bomer could read the phone book and be amazing – but him playing a vampire would rock the world!

3. Unspoken » New Lestat Movie - June 29, 2010

[…] Anne Rice talks about a new Vampire Chronicles movie on her Facebook page. I’m not at all sold on this, especially having the last disastrous […]

4. maria rose - June 30, 2010

good choice i would find the end result truer to book description better that Brad Pitt rendition just like Jack Nicholson version of Stephen King’s story good but not what the author really wants

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