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More ‘True Blood’ spec, Twitter night, cool podcast! June 15, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment, Fun stuff.
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The magister, Eric and the Queen.

If you watched the season No. 3 opener, you probably walked away with a ton of questions. TrueBloodNet.com posted a nifty spoiler/speculation Q&A from E!Online. Here’s a short sample of the questions but go check out the whole Q&A HERE.
Q. On True Blood, is Jason Stackhouse going to get a new love interest this season?
A. According to Ryan Kwanten, yes! And it sounds pretty serious. “She may just stick around for a little while” Ryan tells me.

Q. I need to know more about this True Blood sex shocker that is so twisted. Who does it involve?

A. You learned one half of the party here and the other half, who will be revealed in the third episode, has this to say about it: “It was actually the most shocking thing that I’ve ever read in a television script. My jaw dropped on the floor when I read it and thought, ‘Oh my god, I actually have to do that.’ Here’s your script, pray that your parents will be okay when they watch this episode. They may not want to. It was a little uncomfortable, but we got through it and I’m working with the best people from the writers to the producers to the other actors and at the end of the day, I’d rather be on a show that’s provocative and pushes the envelope than one that doesn’t.”

ALSO: From the same site, I came across this Twitter dealie: ‘Blood Bites’ on Wednesday night on Twitter

Now that the wait is over for Season 3 of True Blood, need something to stay rehydrated until the next episode airs? TrueBlood on Twitter is launching and performing their first ever Blood Bites Wednesday Night at 9 PM CDT / 10 PM EDT. This week, the show will be available to watch at the following locations:

* Mixtweet TrueBlood Blood Bites List
* Twitter List

Due to the overwhelming amount of votes for the “Pam / Lafayette: V sales” scene and the “Eric / Queen / Magister: Hell Hath No Fury” scene that were received, TrueBlood on Twitter has opted to perform both scenes for you.

Don’t miss out on this great event that’ll be happening every week at 9 PM CDT!

If you’re watching the old-fashioned way, follow these players:

* @Eric_ofArea5
* @QueenSophieA
* @FangtasiaYvetta
* @Pam_Ravenscroft
* @Lafayette_R

Last but not least: Check out the weekly podcast from Maria and the gang at Last Bite Podcast at www.sookiestackhouse.com. Or CLICK HERE to download. They dish about the show, latest spec, news about the show.


1. Diana McCabe - June 15, 2010

I have not tried this Twitter thing — and I’ll prolly still be at work — so if anyone does it, lemme know how it goes. I’m not quite sure how it works! (I know how Twitter works — I’ve just don’t know what this thing is about. Do they re-enact scenes or host a Twitter talk?)


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