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Quiz: How much do you know about ‘True Blood’? June 13, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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As we count down the hours until the first show of Season 3 TRUE BLOOD kicks off, I thought I’d look for some True Blood trivia. Check out this little 5-question quiz from PopSugar. It can’t be hard because I got ’em all right. CLICK HERE to take their short quiz.

Here’s a different set of questions from TrueBloodNet.com: CLICK HERE for the latest or check out the links below.

After the show, be sure to check out the LastBitePodcast for a cool recap of the show and discussions about what’s next, news bites and the latest book reviews and news from the Supernatural Lovers’ Book Club. CLICK HERE for info.


1. Dot S. - June 13, 2010

Diana! Those first quiz questions were so easy! On that same site I did the “Do, Dump, Marry” vote on the hotties in the cast. It shows the results of votes. I seem to be with the majority on most of the votes although I didn’t understand why the vote went to “Marry” Eric. A vampire for a husband is really not all that appealing, is it?
I will be watching tonight and every week.

Diana McCabe - June 13, 2010

re marry Eric — ohhhhh — welcome to the world of Eric fans. It’s odd. It’s almost as if Eric is more important than Sookie now in the fan universe! He’s that popular on TV and in the book series — altho I think the HBO series pushed his popularity over the top! But, yeah — fans either want to marry him or see him wind up with Sookie at the very end …… re a vamp husband …. yeah — there’s that little problem of him never aging and living forever, too …..

Lemme know what you think of the show tonite!


2. Dot S. - June 13, 2010

Well, duh, isn’t it the “Eric show”? lol I’m a huge Eric fan. I even liked Bill in the beginning before they made him wear those dorky bangs. I have high hopes for this season. I was throughly disappointed in last season. I’m so-o-o happy that Marianne is gone for good. I hope they don’t camp it up too much this time out. Let’s see…I think I get to watch about three hours before you. Do you want spoilers? LOL, I wouldn’t do that!

Diana McCabe - June 13, 2010

I get HBO East so I can watch the early feed out here, altho I am going to a friend’s house tonite to watch it in HD during its Pacific Coast time slot …. so can watch it twice! (The HBO East feed isn’t in HD …. ) I might post something on the blog before I go to bed …. will see how it goes!

I am so with you — No more Marianne!!!! Be interesting to see how Alan Ball shapes Bill’s character going forward. And — we get weres this season!!


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