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How many naked backsides in ‘True Blood’ season 3 opener? June 13, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment, News.
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Courtesy of HBO

I knew there would be a lot more nudity in HBO’s season No. 3 of “True Blood” but wow. I think we saw more naked guys in this first episode than all of the other two season put together. And — if we didn’t see their rear, we saw a lot of dudes with no shirts. Fans of the Charlaine Harris Sookie Stackhouse series already know the show is a lot different from the books. And most of us are OK with it because the series is fun. Alan Ball packs a lot into this first episode — titled ‘Bad Blood’ — and you wonder if he’s jammed it so full of storylines that each episode will be whirlwind viewing.  And we barely got introduced to the new characters. But here’s what we do know:

Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) frantically searches for her kidnapped vampire boyfriend Bill — whose proposal she’s decided to accept. She demands that Eric look for him. (Eric seems more concerned that Bill’s sexual stamina may not be “up to snuff” and he makes it clear he want’s what’s Bill’s — Sookie.)

Tara (Rutina Wesley). OK. Someone get me a stun gun. I am so tired of Tara being a whiny victim. I know she’s upset over the death of Eggs, but she’s just a mess and has been throughout most of the other shows. She’s mad at Sookie for helping Eggs remember all of the bad things he did under the maenad Maryann’s influence — like kill people. And Alan Ball drags in her wacky Mom, who obviously has a thing for the minister. Please — no more anger issues for Tara.

Bill has been hauled off by some backwoods freaky guys trying to drain him, but never count a vamp out. He somehow manages to crash the car and escape.

Bill’s “ward” Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll), is trying to figure out what to do with the trucker she drained and dragged home. She helps Sookie track down Bill’s car. And Hoyt brings her flowers …. poor guy.

Jason (Ryan Kwanten) is still a total dweeb. He’s upset that he shot Eggs. But Detective Andy (Chris Bauer) is taking the shooting rap for his new buddy. He tells Jason to act normal — which in his case, means sleeping with a lot of women. But it’s not working for Jason.

Other stuff: Waitress Arlene is pregnant.  Sam finds out he has a younger brother, and the Queen of Louisiana (Evan Rachel wood) arrives at Eric’s bar to order him to “move the product.” Both Eric and Lafayette have gotta sell, sell, sell the blood, blood, blood. But the higher authorities may already be onto them.

I have a dream: And how many folks knew about the Bill/Sam dream sequence? Loved some of the totally dorky lines like: “I hear the water in Arkansas is very… hard,” while walking toward the shower. (But did you know it was a dream sequence?)

Bill finishes up the episode staring down a pack of werewolves.  He cautions: “I should warn you — I fed.”

What did ya think? So let me know what you thought of the first show. Also, make sure to check out the LastBitePodcast. You can access it from www.sookiestackhouse.com.

What’s next? Any speculation for next week?


1. Dot S. - June 14, 2010

When it ended I felt like I had just watched an hour of promos. The story lines are intrigueing but I agree there may be a few too many. So far it doesn’t look as silly as last season but the dream sequence does give me pause. That could veer into some really, seriously silly stuff. I truly enjoyed all the male nudity especially Eric but Jason isn’t hard on the eyes either. And what happened to Hoyt???? He has turned into a hottie! Oh I do so agree that a whiney Tara should be stiffled. Enough already! Sookie looked stunning in that dress. They should just leave her in that for the entire season. I’m impatiently waiting for some Alcide screen time. I do hope every week isn’t so packed with “2 minute scenes and jump to another” but I think they are carrying over this style from last season.

Diana McCabe - June 15, 2010

I sure hope they spend a little more time with some of the characters on screen instead of hopping about. Yup — can’t wait for Alcide ….. re Tara — did you see her mother give the pastor a -not-so-sisterly hug/look?

Hoyt — he got his hair cut! Looks cute. But what the heck is Jessica gonna do with the body of the trucker? At least she didn’t turn him into a vampire. That would have been a real interesting complication. (He is dead, dead, right?)

And the dream sequence? Well, something happens. There have been rumors of 2 guys …. but if you look at the latest post with the Q&A, I wonder if it’s the 2 we saw on screen or another pair? That Alan Ball!


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