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Read first 2 chapters of Alyson Noel’s ‘Dark Flame’ May 30, 2010

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Alyson Noel just posted another chapter of DARK FLAME, book No. 4 in the Immortals series about Ever, on her website. DARK FLAME is due out June 22, but here’s a tiny snippet from Chapter 2. Go to Alyson’s Immortals website HERE and follow the links to read the entire excerpt plus Chapter 1. Also, if you sign up for her newsletter (instructions at the website) you’ll see these excerpts and other goodies as she releases them. Happy reading for those who want a taste of the next novel!

Haven hurls herself into my car, scrunching her body tightly against the door and propping her feet on the seat. Frowning and glaring and mumbling— a full litany of complaints leveled at me— as I pull out of the lot and onto the street.

“Rule number one.” I glance at her, pushing my long blond hair out of my face, determined to ignore her openly hostile gaze. “You— can’t—tell—anyone.” I pause, allowing the words to sink in before adding, “Seriously. You can’t tell your mom, your dad, your little brother Austin—”

“Please.” She shifts, crossing and uncrossing her legs, tugging at her clothes and jiggling her foot in a way so antsy, so squirmy, it’s clear she can barely stand to be contained here with me. “I barely talk to them anyway.” She scowls. “Besides, that’s a repeat. You already sang that one loud and clear. So, come on, keep it moving, let’s just get ’em over and done with, so I can get out of here and start my new life.” I swallow hard, refusing to be either rushed or swayed, gazing at her as I stop at a light, determined she understand the full importance of this when I add, “And that includes Miles. Under no circumstances whatsoever can you tell him.” She rolls her eyes and fi ddles with her ring, twisting it around and around her middle fi nger, clearly tempted to fl ip it at me. “Fine. Can’t tell anyone. Got it,” she mumbles. “Next, please!”

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1. CISA - July 10, 2010

it sounds GOOD already and i cant wait till i get it !!!!!!!

2. Pippa - August 19, 2010

I can’t wait until I get it either! I’ve heard that it is great! 😉

3. kiera richardson - September 17, 2010

this series is so great i hope ever finally gets to express he feelings to damen in the bed hahahah your awsome alyson noel its sexy and that what i like

4. anynomous - June 2, 2011

ur book is so cool i wish i could read dark flame but do not know where to find it……. keep it up

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