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True Blood: Sneak peek video as season No. 3 nears! May 16, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Entertainment.
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Season No. 3 of True Blood starts June 13. Here’s a look at the latest preview trailers out there!


1. Lisa Champ - May 16, 2010

oooohhhhh – I can’t wait!!!!!!!

Diana McCabe - May 16, 2010

Yeah — June 13th not that far away. But I might not have HBO on my new cable here in SD. It’s all very expensive (Cox) but maybe I’ll just get it and then cancel when season is over. (And I used to curse Time Warner …. I might also buy each episode a day later from iTunes tho!


2. Dot S. - May 17, 2010

I LOVE Trueblood!! At least season one…season two was not my fave. So-o-o I’m hoping that season 3 is going to make up for season two.

Diana McCabe - May 17, 2010

Hey Dot — U still in the U.S.? Re True Blood — fingers crossed that season No. 3 is a doozy!


Dot S. - May 18, 2010

Hi Diana, Yeah, I’m still here but only until tomorrow evening when we leave for Rome. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for season 3.

I just finished DEAD IN THE FAMILY. Lots of Sookie/Eric but it feels like Harris will end the love affair.

3. Monica - May 17, 2010

OMG! I am so excited. I ran my computer all the way down to levels to show my husband, he silently squeed with me. 🙂

Diana McCabe - May 17, 2010

This season should be interesting because the weres are introduced! yah!


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