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Anne Rice: Vampire Lestat will ‘always be a part of me’ May 7, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors.
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Anne Rice posted an interesting video clip to her Facebook page today about how she developed the character Lestat in INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE and what he represents to her.  Lestat was “the man who could do things that I couldn’t do,” Rice says in the video. He was a person who “could go through life joyfully despite the questions that torment me, the doubts that torment me, the horror of death that torments me.” It’s an interesting clip. Double click below to see it. (Not sure why it takes so long for this to load up but if you double click on this it will take you to YouTube and it should come up — either way — just give it a second!)


1. Dot S. - May 7, 2010

I have listened and watched this vid with Anne Rice and then went on to watch several others of her. She is very intelligent and has a lot of interesting comments on writing and her writing. Thanks for this Diana.

Diana McCabe - May 7, 2010

Hey Dot — I’m glad you liked it. She is so interesting and profound. And she’s not afraid to discuss her fears. She’s very open. I’ve been reading her posts on Facebook and have enjoyed them.


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