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Spoiler alert about Eric! First chapter of ‘Dead in the Family’ is out! April 7, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Authors, News.
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My buddy Maria over at Last Bite podcast Twittered this today, but I didn’t see it until late! The paperback version of DEAD AND GONE came out Tuesday and at the back it includes the full  first chapter of DEAD IN THE FAMILY. If you want to wait until the book is released in May 4 — by all means do so. But there’s some pretty interesting stuff in the first chapter about Eric, and it’s been fun to read the discussions on Facebook, Twitter and even the Charlaine Harris message board.

If you want to read the pages, check out what Maria posted HERE. Or, you can buy the paperback version of DEAD AND GONE and read it the old-fashioned way! (Nice way to boost sales of the paperback version. Gotta remember that for the next go around!)

If you have trouble finding the pages — holler. Happy reading!


1. maria rose - April 8, 2010

since i already had all the books except the book to come out this was not a big spoiler alert except for those who don’t read their books ennd to end

Diana McCabe - April 8, 2010

The last few books I’ve purchased in the series have been hardbacks. This chapter was not at the end of the hardback! It is only in the paperback version — which was released earlier this week …. unless all of us Sookie fans who bought the hardback version last year missed something ….. but don’t think we did!


2. Lyn - April 8, 2010

I was sooo excited when I discovered the additional four pages in the sneak preview – couldn’t stop giggling like an idiot! May can’t come soon enough!

Diana McCabe - April 8, 2010

OK — so what did you think? Now we know where Eric was!


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