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Latest SHADOWFEVER teaser: Is this Barrons in the Court of Shadows? March 30, 2010

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Banner by Victoria M., a.k.a. Viking Princess

Here’s  the latest SHADOWFEVER teaser from Karen Marie Moning. (You can get these teasers each month if you subscribe to her newsletter. CLICK HERE to get to her sign-up link. And she’s also got a fan page on Facebook, so join in the discussion there, too.) To read the previous teaser CLICK HERE. OK — what does it mean? The mystery deepens and we won’t get the book until December!

Her pace quickens and she races down the corridor, passing soundlessly over obsidian floors, laughing with joy.

I know that sound. I love that sound.  It means her lover is near.

He is coming. She feels his approach.

He is so powerful!  It’s what first drew her to him. She’d never encountered anyone like him.

She was awed that he chose her.

She is awed every day that he continues choosing her.

The stuff of him explodes through from his side in the Court of Shadows, telling her he comes, filling her home (prison) where she lives a fabulous life (a sentence not of her choosing) surrounded by everything she wants (illusions, she misses her world, so far away and all of them long dead) and waits for him with hope (ever growing despair.)

He will carry her to his big, dark bed and do things to her until his black wings open wide, so wide, eclipsing the world, and when he is inside her nothing else will matter but the moment, their dark, intense lust, the endless passion they share.

No matter what else he is — he is hers.

What is between them is without blame.

Love knows no right or wrong.

Love is. Only is.


1. Lisa Champ - March 30, 2010

Man, oh man, I need to read the rest of the books in that series. More and more to add to my TBR list!

Diana McCabe - March 30, 2010

I just went at lunch to get the latest Mercy book from Patricia Briggs, who will be in Huntington Beach next week for a book signing! (Yup — I will be there!) But my pile of books & blog posts growing …. gotta read tonite tho!


2. geobun - March 30, 2010

Wow!! Those teasers are really good. How long until the book comes out? Yeah, I want the Patricia Briggs book, but I’m waiting a bit..just a bit.

Diana McCabe - March 30, 2010

KMM’s book not out until DEC. 28 …… at this rate — I’m not gonna make it. Do U think it’s Barrons? He’s in the Shadows? If not — who else is it? I mean — Mac so far has been a one-man woman, no?


3. LY - April 8, 2010

It feels like this is between the unseelie king and his concubine.

Diana McCabe - April 8, 2010

I think in all of our “is this Barrons” paranoia — we’ve overlooked some of the other viewpoints. The unseelie king and his concubine — good theory. Now I can’t wait to read her next teaser.


4. Foxx03 - April 20, 2010

I don’t think its Barrons, it’s to early to kill him off. Maybe it has something to do with Mac Dad? I don’t know….I just don’t thinks it Barrons, he is to muck of a main character, besides Mac heard when she was with Barrons and he can be in two places at onces.

Diana McCabe - April 20, 2010

We all hope it’s not Barrons either, but there’s only one book left in the series! And KMM — well — she’s an incredible story teller so who knows how she’ll end it! But we’ll see. Someone’s dead tho. I hope it’s the unseelie king. Can’t wait for her next teaser. She’s also supposed to announce more details on FeverCon soon!

Thanks for stopping by the blog!


5. Foxx03 - April 21, 2010

I know there is only one book left, but if she kills Barrons off, Mac’s counter character, (that’s the way i see Barrons) and the story just will not end right. And as to the unseelie king…. i think Barrons is the unseelie king and Mac is his concubine reborn.

Diana McCabe - April 21, 2010

re barrons as the unseelie king …. do you think that latest reference then (the one above) refers to his relationship with Mac? Seems a little odd but then again — it’s only a snippet. I’m hoping the story doesn’t end of a jarring note, either. Kind of think it will be a satisfying ending that the fans want but I can’t help but think it might be bittersweet. I can’t wait until December!


Foxx03 - April 21, 2010

ok lets if it is Barrons that dies, do you think that Christian or V’lane will step up to take Barrons place?

Foxx03 - April 21, 2010

ok if it is Barrons that dies, do you think that Christian or V’lane will step up to take Barrons place?

6. Diana McCabe - April 21, 2010

re V’lane/Barrons/Christian Triangle:

If Barrons is dead, I can’t see Mac hanging with V’lane. He’s just way too fae. And it would be a stretch bc even tho he has a history with her — his motives are unclear. Is he just manipulating her to do the Queen’s bidding? I have no clue.

re Christian — if he’s not the beast … maybe… but again, the way KMM has set up the books, it would be a leap. The more I think about it — I am wondering if Christian isn’t the beast Mac stabs. He was already changing after she fed him some Unseelie. And if she stabbed him with her spear …

great love triangle question tho …. what do you think? I’m gonna have to re-read the whole series this summer … just to get ready for the big finale.


Foxx03 - April 22, 2010

I dont think that Christian is the beast, i just dont see it. If Barrons is dead, i can see Mac ending up with Christian. Maybe its just me, and the fact that i realy like Christian.

7. Kirsten - May 12, 2010

To be honest i kinda hope Dani somehow gets turned a bit older and ends up with V’lane.. maybe the dark lord captures her and tries to turn her older (bcuz its one of the things she says she’s gunna hate) and maybe he gets interrupted so she turns.. 18 maybe even into her 20’s. she obviously has feelings for V’lane =].. I don’t think this is Barrons at all. It really does sound more like the Unseelie king and his concubine. Maybe a sort-of flashback. Mac hasn’t made any hints that she really loves Barrons. Christian would be a good match but i think Mac being saved and loved by Barrons would just make the book.

Diana McCabe - May 12, 2010

I wonder if KMM will spin off a series on some of the other characters from Fever? Maybe Dani? Be interesting to see if KMM connects V’lane and Dani. But wonder if she can wrap it all up in the last Mac book? So maybe she does a new series?

re barrons — I’m hoping it’s a flashback or some misdirection to another being and not Barrons. But I dunno. You’re right that Mac has never come out and says she loves Barrons but they do have a thing for each other!!!!! And I think it’s deeper than the physical stuff. Maybe Mac saves Barrons …Barrons saves Mac …. but in the end — I hope they love each other and have some sort of happy ending. The book has a dark side to it though. I’m very curious how KMM ends this.

Thanks for stopping by the blog! (Are you going to FeverCon? Or know anyone going?)


8. Dreaming of my own V'lane - July 20, 2010

OMG!!!! Ok I see the whole it’s the unseeli king not Barrons and this teaser dose it I think that without a doubt Barrons dies but…. In the back of my head a big red flag keeps going up telling “Oh snap you know Mac’s pregnate right.” and I look at myself in the mirror and think “Crud they never used protection! MAC’S PREGNATE!!! HOLY MONKEY”

Amanda - August 18, 2010

I had the same thought exactly. It explained to me why she has had changes in her body, is stronger than ever, can walk through wards, is immune to death by sex Fae, can plunge into Barron’s mind, is able to use and resist voice and can behold a Fae prince in his true form. Its all because she has some of Barrons in her womb. I posted on another thread about this very thing a while back and people didn’t like it because it reminded them too much of Twilight.

9. lisa - October 9, 2010

I think Barrons is a dragon,(first book talked about his body being hard as armour),and is he somehow connected to the song of making.(p.33- he sings to Mac-Dreamfever)I think she may be pregnant. It said in the same book about how “they-maybe the 8”- were loved by “her”- the original queen?,…maybe the dragons are the song? I can not connect any of this….jut thinking. Could Mac be the reincarnation of the real queen? Maybe she is another dragon? Maybe all the other Fae don’t know what Barrons is either,..that is why they are so scared….only the queen knew about them.

10. Krissy - December 6, 2010

I think Mac is pregnant as well. I would love it if she were. I don’t know why it would remind anyone of Twilight. This series is nothing like it whatsoever. I would love to see her and Barrons end up together. That would make me so happy, but he probably is dead. I am just hoping that somehow she is able to save him with unseelie or that she is able to still see him somehow if he is truly dead. OH I can’t handle the suspense anymore. January can’t get here fast enough.

11. kandy - January 7, 2011

does anyone know the released date of shadowfever?? &
i hope it’s not barrons @ the end that mac and ryodan killed. but, i’m thinking it might be. i do agree w/ others though that barrons might be the unseelie king and loves mac but is afraid to let his love show because e lost his concubine. uggh, can’t wait for the conclusion. but, yes if anyone can let me know when shadowfever is supposed to be released. thanks!!!

Diana McCabe - January 7, 2011

Release date is Jan. 18!

12. Aimee Snow - January 8, 2011

I believe the theory that Barrons is the Seelie King for some strange reason. On the cover, Mac has the wings. Possibly because she had sex with Barrons? That could also explain why she’s stronger, and can walk through wards among other things.Or maybe Barrons is an entire new race of creature, I don’t know.

The wait is killing me! I love JBZ and Christian and I hope Mac ends up with one of them!

13. Winn - January 9, 2011

Court of Shadows…could this have any connection to Barrons’ ability to repel the shadows that kill everyone else when he goes out it the dark?

14. lesley - February 4, 2011

Is barrons alive please tell me im new 2 the series i just finished dreamfever please some one put me out of torment

Diana McCabe - February 4, 2011

OK — U need to get SHADOWFEVER and read it. Or, you can read my review on the blog here. But you really should read the book. It’s worth it!


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