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C.L. Wilson moves to Avon, which renames final book in Tairen Soul series March 14, 2010

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C.L. Wilson's contract was sold to Avon.

C.L. Wilson says her current contract, which includes TAIREN SOUL, was sold to Avon. So, she’s changed editors and is working with  Avon’s Tessa Woodward. But — there’s more! Avon suggested she change the title of her fifth and final book in the series to CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME from TAIREN SOUL, the original name of the manuscript. The marketing wizards at Avon thought CROWN OF CRYSTAL FLAME would appeal more to new readers than TAIREN SOUL — because if you haven’t read the books you wouldn’t know what a Tairen Soul is. (OK — but you have to read them in order anyway so you would know!) Interesting tidbit: That’s the exact reason Dorchester asked her to change the name of her manuscript  to LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and LADY OF LIGHT AND SHADOWS. (Hummm — maybe Tairen Soul was never meant to be a title?)

On her blog, Wilson apologizes for the confusion.  She also admits she’s growing fond of the new title. “All the book elements it plays upon — Ellysetta’s crown, Soul Quest crystals, tairen flame,and a big surprise.”

When will it be released? Wilson is keeping quiet. She promises fans that she’ll make an official announcement on her Web site about the release date after she turns in the book.


1. Sharlene Wilson Prosk - July 22, 2010

I have truly enjoyed the series Taren Soul..adventure ,romance ,another world of fantasy.Such entrigue
ancient worlds filled with destiny good vs evil. The struggles to keep darkness from the lands before all is lost ,twists turns and so many surprises. I bought this book at a discount store ,then realized it was continued.I was on the internet so fast ordered 3 more ,now waiting and will be pre ordering”Crown of Crystal Flame”
Love your fantastic writing I was recovering from Ovarian Cancer ,I had plenty of time to read and yes guard my books jealously. I’am totally in remission ,what a story you weave it truly kept my mind off of my troubles. It was another world of long ago or who knows maybe,just maybe way in the future.
Thank-you C.L. Wilson

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