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Does Vook do Anne Rice short story justice? March 6, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in Fun stuff, News.
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I finally opened up my vook of the Anne Rice vampire story THE MASTER OF RAMPLING GATE on my trusty Macbook, This was my first look at a vook — a video book — and despite the easy-to-use instructions and download, I found the format a little confusing. You can view your story on the vook in several ways:

–Watch: Videos are displayed as the main element on your screen and a pulldown menu directs you to the chapter you should be reading. This is cool but the videos are like asides. It’s not a video of the story. It’s a video about a certain subject. I found that a little weird because after I finished reading the page, I expected to hear the story narrated. The video seemed to interrupt the flow of the story.

–Mix: Watch videos on a smaller screen and read the text on the larger screen. This actually worked for me once I realized the videos were not narrated versions of the text. Again — you have to pause where you are reading if you want to watch/listen to the videos. (You can play them while you read but I couldn’t concentrate!)

-Read: This simply puts the text up. So no visuals at all on the page. And I guess that’s fine, but then why is it a vook?

If you’ve never read this short story by Anne Rice — about a vampire who doesn’t want to move out of an old mansion in England and the siblings who come to deal with him — it’s worth the 99 cents just to get the story.

I guess the best way to use the Vook is to read the text first and then go back and play the videos — kind of like how you’d play the special features section of a movie DVD. I think I was expecting this to be more like a graphic novel — only as a video!

Anyone else try out this story on the Vook?


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