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‘Shadowfever’ teaser: Is Jericho Barrons dead? March 4, 2010

Posted by Diana McCabe in News.
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Image from Jericho Z Barrons fan page on Facebook.

Ack! This is the latest SHADOWFEVER teaser from Karen Marie Moning. (You can get these teasers each month if you subscribe to her newsletter. CLICK HERE to get to her sign-up link. And she’s also got a fan page on Facebook, so join in the discussion there, too.) But my sis posted this in “What are you reading” and I thought I should pull it out because I had the same thought she did. What does this mean? Is Mac referring to Jericho Barrons? (We’re all screaming Nooooooooo!) But it would make sense. Or does it? (How am I gonna wait until the end of the year for this final book!!!???)


It’s funny the things people say when someone dies.

He/she is in a better place.

How the f#ck do you know that?

Life goes on.

That’s supposed to comfort me?  I’m excrutiatingly aware that life goes on. It hurts every damned second.  How lovely to know it’s going to continue like this. Thank you for reminding me.

Time heals.

No, it doesn’t.  At best, time is the great leveler, sweeping us all into coffins.  We find ways to distract ourselves from the pain.  Time is neither scalpel nor bandage. It is indifferent. Scar tissue is not a good thing. It is merely the wound’s other face.

I live with the specter of Alina every day.  Now I will live with this ghost, too. Walk between them, one on my right, one on my left. They will talk to me incessantly. I’ll never escape, bridged between my greatest failures.


1. Diana McCabe - March 4, 2010

I sure hope not. Gonna be a long wait — but worth it — for the last book in this series. Sigh. I trust KMM to tell her story as she sees it though. She never disappoints.

jcook - May 23, 2010

i dont know if its just me but after every book i read in this series i am really pissed off. i thought for sure this would be the last one and i was proven wrong. and now i have to wait until 12/07/10 to read the next one aaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!! they should make books that come in series come out every 2 to 3 months hell i read this one in 2 days now i have to wait 7 more months. this book better end good or im going to looooossssseee it.

Diana McCabe - May 23, 2010

Really? Wow. Many of us don’t want the series to end, but we wanna know what happens! Karen Marie Moning has only written 4 books in the Fever series and the one out in December is the LAST. That’s very unusual these days when many authors write 10 or more books in a series. Also, these authors work hard on these books. To ask someone to crank out a book every 2 or 3 months is tough. Ask the authors! That’s all they hear! Many have already written the next novel in their series when the current one hits the shelf. It’s a tough grind. So a book once a year — hey — I will wait. (Ummmmm — you ever write on deadline? I’m not an author but am a journalist and lemme tell ya — tough enough to write news stories on deadline. Anyone who can write a novel or book and have it published — my hats off to ’em. Also — give these authors some credit. They work hard. And some of them hold day jobs, too!) OK — but we all share the same sentiment — we want to read the book ASAP! I love this series!

Thanks for stopping by the blog.


2. en bookaholics bekännelser - March 7, 2010

Wish I could read it now. God knows how much I want to.. But at least this excludes Alina being the Beast, right? And plz let it NOT be Barrons! :`-(
Maybe it´s Christian MacKeltar, “yellow eyes” and all that. But somehow I doubt it.

Diana McCabe - March 7, 2010

Yeah — I wondered if it was Christian, too, but then thought he said he’d come back? I’m like you — doubt it. It’s quite a little puzzle and we have to wait until the end of the year. Be interesting to see what snippet she gives us next month. I thought I might go back and reread the last book to see if I could figure out anything …. but KMM is so smart and no way I can outguess her!

Trina - June 8, 2010

How do we know it’s not Alina? If the silvers allow for time travel and if it is true, according to the definition of a Druid in Dark Fever, that souls are transformed into other forms, then Alina could be the beast. Maybe she and Christian were closer then he said they were… maybe he used his Druid power to turn her into the beast and Mac and Ryoden were the ones who killed her. The way Alina’s body was found matches what Ryoden did with the knives and spikes in his wrist cuffs, to the beast. I’m just trying to think of anything that will give me a reason to believe that it’s not Barrons… 😦
If I open the book and find that it is Barrons, I will close the book and trash it! They have to end up together!

3. Emma - March 11, 2010

If the monster was Barrons I will seriously KILL MYSELF. I F*CKING LOVE THAT MAN.

4. Tracey - March 17, 2010

I’m with you Emma. I will be so disappointed if Barrons is dead. But I can’t see how it could be anything or anyone else. I don’t know how much more bad news I can take! I also desperately want to know who the 4th was…

5. ~AJAY~ - April 18, 2010

I had this weird feeling all along that the 4Th was Christian or his co-worker that calls Mac “beautiful girl” ?? I will just die if the beast was Barron’s 😦 but I kinda have a feeling it might have been ?? They just never knew what he was and when she heard the beast under the garage Barron’s was never around so maybe he turns into the beast like a werewolf does or something ?? No idea but I need more!!! I just hope it’s not Barron’s I thought for sure they were a mated pair and he’ll confess his love for her!!! I HATE THE COLD BUT DAMMIT COME ON DECEMBER!!!!!!!!!

Diana McCabe - April 18, 2010

Yeah — December is a long way off, but she’s moved up the release from Dec. 28 to Dec. 7! And we might get more clues in the next sneak preview she sends out!


Kelly - July 23, 2010

My theories:
1. old woman calls mac Alina. Maybe their names got mixed up at birth and it was Alina who was cursed to “doom the world”?
2. Alina was killed because of this (maybe by one if the beasts ?)
3. Barrons was the beast who died but will come back somehow – no way this story can end without him being part of it.
4. Barrons was betrayed by ryoden – ryoden wanted to either eradicate the treat he perceived
mac to be or he is now working for the LM
5. Either macs mother or grandmother was the underlie kings concubine which is why mac has special powers and has the chance of becoming evil.
6. barrons has something to do with the UK as he defended his actions in trying to turn his concubine fae.

Still too much to think about!! Looking forward to the next book

emory - October 31, 2010

but ryodan would have known the beast was jerico. i think ryodan will come from over the cliff and revive who ever the beast was. BTW how do i get the book when it comes out in dec. everything i see has it coming out in january

MoningFan2010 - December 5, 2010

I think the beast was Barron’s. Mac will grieve him and think he is dead but perhaps he may not be. Barron’s once told Mac to make sure something was dead and asked her how did she know for sure. I believe Barron’s may have some type of spell, curse or hex on him that will not let his soul die. Remember, she found the newspaper clipping possibly hinting at how old he was. She is going to be found by that Lord guy who is hunting her and she will have to leave Barron’s body, but he will surely come back. I think him and his band of 8 are some Druid dark magic super powers that can’t be killed that easily. She merely slowed him down. That beast was under the garage, but it was not Barron’s physically. It could have been the physical representation of his current soul or something. Remember, when it saves her and protected her, it showed her no recognition. She had to figure out what it wanted her to do. Additioanlly, it tried to kill Rhoydan…it only knew to protect her. That was it. Could Barron’s have programmed the thing. I don’t know but Barron’s is definitely not out of this story. Mac will be captured by the Lord Master and she is going to break even more before the story ends, but she will

theredmist - July 23, 2010

about barrons not being around when she heard the beast in dreamfever, when fiona comes to the book store to give a message, Mac asks him again what he has in his garage because it started howling. He tells her its none of her business unless it was a book. so unless barrons can be two entities at once…i am hoping it wasnt him.

6. lindsey - April 20, 2010

but she did hear the beast under the garage with barrons right next to here i think it was in feafever but he was right next to her…..keep hoping guys i cant be him….barrons cant die

Diana McCabe - April 20, 2010

That’s true — she did hear the beast under the garage and barrons was right there. Anyone going to FeverCon this summer? I think KMM still has to announce the details — hopefully soon — but maybe there will be a hint from the conference!


7. viv - April 27, 2010

I think at one point she says there are two beasts under the garage. I have a feeling that the beast at the end of faefever is Barrons but he won’t really be dead. I don’t think Barrons will be that easy to kill. I think the teaser is from her initial reaction to seeing the changed form and the grief that she then feels. I don’t think Barrons is dead.

8. FERIEBECKY - April 28, 2010


Kristy - June 19, 2010

My friend made a point to me that there’s no way it could be Barrons’ because in the book Barrons and Mac were standing across the hood of his hummer together and she heard the thing roaring under the garage. So if he was there, and the thing was below them, there’s no way it could be Barrons!! =D

9. Rosie - May 6, 2010

I really hope it’s not Barron’s, I think that maybe there going to be mated in the last book, too. (fingers crossed) the supsence is killing me! I’ve read the last 3 books in two days..c’mon now, december’s gonna be a long wait!

Diana McCabe - May 6, 2010

re Dec. 7 — you said it! And she’s got FeverCon going on well before that, too. Wonder if there will be any hints from the conference — which I can’t attend! However, I’m sure she’ll do a great job wrapping up the series. I admire her for keeping the whole concept a certain length. And then I’m sure she’ll come up with another fab series! I love reading her stories.

Thanks for visiting the blog! We Fever fans need to yak more!


10. chris - May 8, 2010

maybe it’s just one manifested persona from his “dark” self kinda like Daegaus. Maybe the wild boar was something that got into him but was let loose. Maybe it’s running close to the lines of the Draghar, get rid of the personas one by one or something. Remember those guys heal quick on their own esp with a certain diet.

11. chris - May 8, 2010

I think I pictured a cross between Hrithik Roshan and Gerard Butler = looks and size + saucy when it comes to Jericho. I kind of pictured him swarthier than the average bear. Weird, huh!

12. chris - May 8, 2010

maybe that’s why he needs a book, ya know?

13. Lisa - May 13, 2010

Oh chris that is so true your 1st commetn on the 8th. I cant take the thought it was Barrons! It hurts too bad. I also thought maybe it was Christian that is dead. He was starting to turn into something…… Dec is way to far! What happened to Sept? That month was good! lol! So is the next book the last one or is there one more after that?

Diana McCabe - May 13, 2010

The KMM book coming out Dec. 7 is supposed to wrap up the Fever series. So long wait until we know how it all ends!


14. Brittney - May 13, 2010

Actually, I was reading Dreamfever again, and there is a part in the book where Mac and Barrons look at each other over the hood of his Hummer when she hears a horrible baying noise. She says later that that is the same noise she hears in mirror demension is the same from the garage. So I fully believe that it isn’t Barrons. Christian is a possibility except that Barrons made a comment about Mac not using IYD on Halloween, and Christian would have been with Barrons, so I am not convinced that it is Christina either. I believe that it is going to be somebody we least expect, possibly even female. Who knows…

Diana McCabe - May 13, 2010

But it’s someone close to her because she makes reference to someone now walking on her other side ….. I should just reread the series and then will be ready for Dec. 7 release! Re female …. ????

Thanks for visiting the blog!


Lori - August 5, 2010

What if Barrons and Ryodan both live in the garage as beasts and only one can be human at a time, that is why you never see them together and she calls Ryodan when she can’t reach Barrons…. and when she wasn’t around either of them she heard 2 beasts in the garage…. and Barrons keeps disappearing – maybe that is when Ryodan has his turn at being human. And MAYBE Ryodan has a mirror at his bar – and the dead girl Barrons brings out is an Unseelie groupie from the bar? Now I’m reaching, because I can’t wait!!!

emory - October 31, 2010

what do we think of the fact that mac is starting to heal instantly????

15. Mandie - May 17, 2010

Here’s a thought… The child that she sees in Barron’s head… could it be that the child didn’t DIE? That he was transformed into something else? If the child was his, that would explain why Mac would think it’s Barrons at first. He could very well look like his father.

Here’s another thought… I’ve gone back and started reading the Highlander series. Is it a possibility that Barrons is the enigmatic Adam Black? That would explain the animosity between Barrons and V’Lane, and it would also explain how he would know about the 5 druids and how to kill fae without one of the Hallows. It would also explain why he thought he could use the book… I could be wrong, I haven’t gotten that far into the series. Thoughts?

Diana McCabe - May 17, 2010

Re Adam Black. Ummm, don’t think so. KMM wrote a pretty good story about Adam in the Highlander series! (the Highlander series is really fun!)


Amanda - August 3, 2010

Speaking of the boy who died in Barrons arms…I came up with the following theory. Its long so please forgive me 😀
I was wondering if Mac could be pregnant and that could be where her new abilities have come from? The ability to walk through wards, resist the death-by-sex aspect of Fae, rapid healing, increased strength, heightened senses…all because she has a piece of Barrons in her.

Hear me out. From November to Feb/March they had a non-stop sexathon. We know she’s a normal human girl with a cycle because she tried to pull the period card on Barrons in an earlier book. We know Barrons is capable of reproducing because KMM noted in one scene in particular that he came in her…hard. It makes sense for a pregnancy to be a possible outcome.

Then look at the lyrics to the song Bloodrush… ‘I want a PIECE OF ME IN YOU’, ‘Coming ALIVE INSIDE YOU’. Beyond sexual reference, these lyrics could be taken literally…His seed(a piece of him) growing (coming alive) in her womb.

This could be ‘the one chance he had’ that he mentioned to Fionna. Perhaps only a Sidhe-seer from the #1 family line could handle being ‘bred’ with whatever Barrons is. Could explain why he protects her, trains her and teaches her. Could also explain why he keeps the 8 from even looking at her when he breaks her out of the Abby…she is HIS!

Perhaps the last time we see the product of one such breeding was when Mac sees the vision of Barrons holding the dying boy in his arms.

Perhaps his son was one of the boys that the Fae captured and toyed with/did things to/turned pri-ya then let go (the boy who kept a journal of what happened that Dani took pictures of and gave to Mac)
This would explain why Barrons went back and killed the Fae Princess…for what they did to his son.

The Sidhe-seer who could produce with one such as Barrons would be a traitor to her people and they would kill her…and that could be why Barrons hates the order/Rowena so much!

Let me know what you think.

Marissa - August 17, 2010

I like this theory…i think it makes sense and is quite interesting..it would deff make for a good read…can’t wait for the next book!!

ConnieLee - November 3, 2010

I too, think that Mac is pregnant with Barron’s child. Think of the nausea she feels when Dani wisks her away. It makes scense that Barrons protects her as he needs her as his “mate”. Also, is it possible that the Kings concubine could have been Mac’s and Alina’s mother and she hid them to protect them? Can’t hardly wait for 1/18/11!!!

Diana McCabe - November 3, 2010

Now that’s an interesting thot — Mac and Alina’s mom was the King’s concubine and she hid them etc. Hummmmmm. (re 1/18/11 — are you going to try and go to KMM’s New Orleans bash?) Thanks for the theory and visiting the site!


Jeanne - September 21, 2010

Nope, not Adam Black, keep reading the Higlander series books, especially the one about Adam. It is an awesome read!

16. lynn - May 26, 2010

The beast is definately Barrons. NO other character would cause the reaction of devastation in Mac. Also, his protectiveness and actions mirror those he made as a human. All of the group that compromises Barrons and his friends are beasts on the side (in my opinion). Barrons is just the King of those, so to speak. So if he needs to keep one under his garage for his, or their, safe keeping, he does.

17. andrea grey - June 2, 2010

Yikes!!!! This is just too much to handle!! I really , don’t think it’s Barrons. He’s too important of a character to be DEAD!!! If it does turn out to be him , he won’t be dead that’s forsure! I think i’m going to die waiting until December to read the next book! But I guess it’s only 6 months away! I really hope Mac and Jehrico finally get together , I mean 5 books later you would really hope so!!!! 🙂

andrea grey - June 3, 2010


18. KiDOH - June 5, 2010

Didn’t Mac have some UN – munchies in her jacket?

19. andrea grey - June 8, 2010

I agree with Trina , I will trash the book as well 😦 he can’t be dead

20. Jessica - June 25, 2010

I have to agree with Trina that its not Barrons! Mac and Barrons have yet to their moment with they are both clear headed! He can not be dead! Plus I have to agree with Trina because she is my sister and I was the one who gave her the fever lol!!! Love you sis!!!

21. Jessica - June 25, 2010

Oh! I did forget to add one more thing! I do NOT think the beast is Christian. At the end she says ” I thought I had lost everything, but now I have lost everything” it has to be someone of great importance to Mac, and I dont think Christian is that important to her, to where she feels like she has now lost it all!!!

22. hollie - June 26, 2010

i think the beast was christian because the unseelie flesh affected him differently it changed him into the beast. When she killed it i cried 😥

23. houri - June 28, 2010

Let’s say it really is Barrons; if it is, then how do we think KMM will bring him back and explain it?
Really, I think it is JZB *ducks n runs for cover as she hollers in her defense*
Hey, cmon! It makes sense, doesn’t it? We may not want it to be him, but who else can make Mac lose it like that? Anyways, I think its only ONE aspect of Barrons. Remember when Mac was in his head and she talks about feeling the exhilaration of killing = likened to a beast. Just tossing out food for thought – ohh, eeewww.
Food = squirming, Unseelie flesh *gag*
And JZB is different, but how is he different, and why? And there are hints that he n Mac have their time coming. So, even if it was him, or an aspect/part of him, how does he come back or whatever – hey, its her book and she can do whatever she wants in it, right?? So, even if she did kill him off at the end of the last book, she’ll bring him back. And if I am totally wrong, then I’ll be just as happy because JZB rocks and I would like one of my own, please, KMM. You can send him to Hawaii and I will pick him up from the shoreline =) THANX!
(Uhm, you didn’t really think I was a JZB hater did you??)

Diana McCabe - June 28, 2010

I thot about this …. she could kill him off and then bring him back. And then I started to think along the Christian lines …. that he’s dead. But I think KMM will give us a great finale — no matter what! — to the series! I’ve loved all of the books and her other series (Highland) as well.

24. Anne - June 29, 2010

Has anyone considered Vlane? He disapeared and hasnt been heard from. Maybe the curse on the library entrance sent him to another realm, which Mac eventually lands in. The spear is the only thing that could kill him.

25. houri - June 29, 2010

I actually came across her Fever series by accident – killing time in a Borders bookstore waiting for someone when I saw the cover of Darkfever and picked it up to skim through. I was intrigued and bought it. I finished it in 2 hours and immediately went right back to the bookstore about 45 minutes away and bought the rest! I was hooked!!
And now I’m just as restless, expectant and excited as everyone else for Shadowfever to be released. I’ve also started her Highlander series, but out of order becasue of what I could find. So, I started with Drustan and Daegus’ stories. Awesome!! I absolutely loved them and am recommending her books to all of my friends.
We’ve got a sort of informal book club going right now until we can actually organize better – between all of our schedules – and find a steady day and time to meet. You know, we’ll call it “me” time =)

Ace - August 17, 2010


26. KMM’s Shadowfever delayed until Jan. 18 & what’s with Darroc? « Paranormal Romance - June 30, 2010

[…] speculation about what would happen to heroine Mac and the mysterious Jericho Barrons. (See my post “Is Jericho Barrons dead?”) Now we’ve got to wait until Jan. 18 to find out. Still, we all know KMM wants to end the […]

27. Carmen R - July 1, 2010

I think that the beast is Barrons and that he is dead. But I also think Mac will find the book and so how use it to go back in time and save him. It has been said that the fae use to be able to go back in time and place but that ability was lost long ago. The book is lost so to speak so if she finds it then maybe she can go back in time. Maybe Barrons wanted the book for the same reason but to save the boy instead.

28. Aloe - July 1, 2010

I can’t believe she’d kill barons. All signs point to yes, but that’s why it can’t be him; WAY too obvious for someone who love to surprise us.
It could be:
Mac’s biological mom, dad, other family member.
The cop she fed Rhino boy meat.
All characters are possibilities, especially ones she fed Rhino boy.
I can’t wait to find out!

29. Lisa - July 1, 2010

Thats a good call Carmen!! Didnt think about the time travel book idea. I LOVE BARRONS!! LOL! It just cant be the end. I have read the highlander series…its not like her to leave a story unhappy in the very end…..so I am hopeful!

30. Crystal BlackHeart - July 1, 2010

oh my gosh guys I think I know who the beast Mac killed was, you guys remember the cute guy from the collage and then at the bar again that night she and Dani went to Chester’s (I am so toatlly falling for Rydon) Well I think it was him don’t ask me why or how but I doubt Jericho would ever die I mean It’s Jericho F*@&ing Barrons he won’t die not here not by Mac’s spear he won’t just die… He can’t because I smell something that might make all of us gasp and think oh crud we didn’t think of that.

Sylvie - October 21, 2010

I have a feeling the dreamy eyed guy is going to turn out to be something very bad. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the fourth involved when Mac was made Pri-ya. he just seems to be popping up in too many convenient places, at Trinity where he could monitor Christian and then again at Ryodan’s bar. he is just too suspicious in my mind.

31. Athena - July 7, 2010

i believe it is christian all that stuff she says and feels is probably guilt because she gave him unseelie and h was already changing

Tanya - July 13, 2010

Maybe it’s Mac’s dad??!!

32. Amber - July 13, 2010

I don’t think it’s mac’s dad. You want to think its the cop or christian, but this is JZB and HIS phone, so whatever the IYD number was, it has something to do with Barrons, and he wouldn’t throw Mac’s dad, or inspector Jayne or Dani or anyone else except himself, so I do think its Barrons as the beast, but I do believe he’ll come back…somehow.
I always suspected it was him, just confused a bit as to why ryoden was fighting the beast to death…weird if it was his ‘brother’

33. Starryshelz - July 15, 2010

I dont think it is V’lane – the beast (and the human is melts into) has black hair. What trips me out is that there seems to be two beasts – one that is black (night) and other grey (day time) each with different eyes. Remember also that there are another 8 men like Barrons. When Mac comes back from Pri-ya and tests the phone, Ryodan tells her he will kill her himself if she dials IYD and isnt dying – and that if she isnt what Barrons thinks she is, they will all hunt her down.
I have to admit that with the tattoo image of a dragon on her head, and the memories she sees in his head: 1) his enemies dont recognise him 2) he has the power to kill Fae 3) he “wants” to kill 4) Mac has to lock herself in her room -as advised by Fiona her first night 5) There were TWO howls beneath the garage so there could be more 6) what if that is why they are all behind Mac getting the book? JZB might hate what he is? 7)Ryodan, apparently the same as JZB, is as fast as the beast. What if the two beasts are JZB and Ryodan, and that Ryodan is a traitor?? Thoughts?

34. Starryshelz - July 15, 2010

I dont want to think it is Barrons, but I do – and i dont think either Ryodan or JZB as as easily beaten as that.
I cannot wait for Mac and Barrons to have a ‘happily every after’!! I have heard the book release is now Jan, but twice as much book (gotta love that)
My new drug of choice is a fever… LOL

35. Starryshelz - July 15, 2010

Sorry – further which i also forgot – Barrons seems to elude to being hard to kill and that its a curse not to be able to die… Ill look up the ref and post it here. I admit, at first i thought he was a Vampire- I had accrued a lot of evidence in the first books – but he can walk in daylight. I think Karen Moning has written in a few red herrings – like when Barrons and Mac are talking to OBannion in his religiously decorated room and Mac observed JZB seems like he is 90% somewhere else. At first i thought ‘Vampire’ now I think he really might have been 90% somewhere else…
further to traitor Ryodan train of thought, Barrons was having difficulty with ‘the boys’ prior to Mac leaving to get her parents, and Ryodan expressed concern in her when Mac went to Chesters…

36. Aloe - July 16, 2010

Wow, so much to ponder and worry about till January. I’m rereading the books starting at the beginning. There is so much foreshadowing, it adds a whole new dimension to the series and a deeper respect for Karen Marie Moning. She is so amazing to have all these complex mysterious chains floating in her head. How does she keep it straight? I’ve read many other series where there were vast discrepancies. She keeps it so tight. Her books take longer to reach us, but so worth the wait. I can barely stand it though. I have to know how it ends! And yet I don’t want it to end!
Starryshelz – you sure are right about the red herrings. I’m still not totally convinced Barrons isn’t a vampire. He’s lived for centuries or longer. We for know he’s a black sorcerer due to the tattoos covering his entire body. I suspect he’s very similar to the MacKelters, only he doesn’t want to keep peace with the fae, he wants to exterminate them. I think he was one of their captive toys that lived. I think he and Mac have a lot in common now.
I also don’t think he’d be killed so easily. But Mac might THINK he’s dead and make some very desperate decisions because of this, only to rediscover him in the end.
I hope.
I just can’t stand him dying.

37. Mandie - July 16, 2010

Go back and read/re-read the highlander series. I would not be at all surprised to find out that Jericho Barrons is from the Adam Black to Circenn Brodie line. He did say he’s Pict and Brude… and the Brude line is where Brodie got his name. If that’s the case, there’s a pretty good chance he isn’t dead… or won’t STAY dead. Talk about foreshadowing!

38. cj - July 17, 2010

i believe the monster is Christian. but he`ll be back remember mac called IYCGM and ry showed up IYD hasn’t shown up yet. christian had those symbols on his body. Barron`s can’t die ry knew the monster wasn’t IYD Cuz when mac mentioned it ry just looked at her. MAC felt that chris was the person she could use on V`lane and Barron`s for truth detecting. the queen is dreamy-eyed boy barrons and ry are 2 of the 5 druids they are the shadows that chased the faeries off danu. i think mac is the dark king`s concubine reincarnated. where’s adam when you need him.

39. christina - July 20, 2010

what if it’s Dani? I mean, if there is more than one beast then it sound’s kinda feasible… or am I just grasping at straws? Mac only thinks that the beast is the one from below the basement it was never actually confirmed, and Mac would be depressed if she found out she killed Dani as she regards her as a little sister!

cj - August 4, 2010

I think Dani’s too savvy to get stuck like that I’m sticking with my Christian theory 😉

40. yas - July 23, 2010

Am I the only one who thinks Barrons might be the Unseelie King? Might be a stretch, but I can’t help wonder, if the King cast off all his evil into the book, then what’s left of him should be pretty decent, right? And I can understand being remote if you lost everything those hundreds of thousands of years ago – concubine, sanity, and son? Just an idea.

lexi'smom - July 25, 2010

Yas…I think he is also the Unseelie King..it all fits 🙂

41. cj - July 25, 2010

I don’t think Barron’s is the King. i think he Ry and the others are something else. In Immortal Highlander Darroc talks about the other races that chased them from Danu. JZB and the `boys` are Shadows they can project themselves remember the shadows Dani refers to when she saved Mac. I wonder about what DAni knows she says she knows things about Mac and then she asks Mac ‘sister’s forgive each other everything?’

42. ATHENA - July 25, 2010


43. Amanda - July 27, 2010

I just found out about the Fever series and within one week have read all four books-I’m a speed reader-and have developed my own theories about Jericho Barrons.
We know that Jericho is Pict, born in Scotland (year is unknown), tall-dark and sexual, immensely strong, has lightning reflexes, impeccable senses (can smell blood, and knows from where it is flowing ie; cuts or womb), has seemingly endless knowledge-knows black magic and is Druid trained (English is his 5th language). He is a night owl, who never wearies and doesn’t sleep, but we do see him during the day time (which in my mind rules out him being a Vampire); he works alone, must be in control and is described as a mercenary. He is a collector of rare artifacts (and cars) but more importantly Fae relics and is seeking the Sinsar Dubh (reason unknown). He is able to see the Fae and not only that, but is able to kill them (we read in ‘Dreamfever’ that he killed a Seelie Princess-V’lane’s mate of sorts-by a means that has yet to be revealed) which is why V’lane is afraid of him. He is not able to see or sense Fae sacred objects (OOP’s) which is why he partners up with Mac in the first place…so she can be his personal tracker of the Sinsar Dubh (the most sought after OOP). He is able to touch and hold the Spear, has 3 of the stones needed to translate the Sinsar Dubh, and when he has the chance to get the SD he is unable to touch it. He is extremely familiar with the MacKeltar’s and doesn’t seem to like them, but is willing to work with them on Halloween to help keep the walls up. He also has a group of 8 ‘men’-and I use that term loosely-who show up at the Abbey to rescue Mac, and according to Dani “some of them seem more animal than human….they all move sleek and strange. Ooze arrogance like Fae, but they’re NOT FAE”.

-JB is NOT FAE which in my opinion rules out him being the following:
*The Dark King (Unseelie King)
*One of the 3 remaining Selliie Princes
*The 4th Unseelie Prince (who is supposedly dead)
*Son of the Dark King (Unseelie King) and his mortal concubine
because he would then be half Fae
-JB is, one of very few remaining things;
*A BEAST- The Alpha of the pack of 8 ‘men’ (this could explain
the reference Ryodan made to Mac about Barrons
being ‘The Alpha’ and Mac added Omega’)
*The son of Adam Black (Adaman) and Morganna, which would in
my opinion make him immortal with super powers & knowledge
*A Super-Druid (for lack of a better term) making him 1 of the 5
Alina was desperate to find, which would explain his incessant
hunt for the SD.
*An unknown, yet to be explained, entity

In the event that he is a beast, (which I think is most likely) I have to take into serious consideration that he may be the dead beast who transforms into a person at the end of Dreamfever.
*It makes sense because Barrons always boasted that he would
keep Mac alive
* He gave her a cell phone with 3 contacts only…
1)Barrons 2)IYCGM 3)IYD.
*Barrons was with her by the Hummer when she heard the baying
of a Beast under the garage.
-This does not eliminate Barrons as a beast, simply lets us
know that there is more than one; something which has been
eluded to since the beginning.
*Barrons knew that Mac had not attempted to contact IYD the
night she got turned Pri-ya.
-How would he know that unless the IYD contact was a way to
reach his BEAST SELF.
*Ryodan told Mac that he would kill her himself if she called IYD
and wasn’t dying.
-Could this be because he knew it would unleash the
biggest, baddest Beast of them all, their Alpha?
~However, this later confused me because Ryodan is
the one to kill the Beast at the end of Dreamfever.
Why would he kill his Alpha?
*Mac calls all 3 contacts in her cell while facing off with the boar in
Dreamfever, then exclaims how nothing happens-but something
does happen-A BEAST shows up! Shortly thereafter Ryodan too!
-The beast has yellow eyes however, which concerns me.
We see Christian beginning to transform into something
after being fed Unseelie-Christian has Tiger eyes…Yellow
-Is there more than one beast? Grey with Yellow eyes and
Black with Red eyes or merely one beast changing after
killing or due to the night time?

These are my thoughts…sorry they are so long…just had to get ’em out!

Diana McCabe - July 27, 2010

It’s great you’re into the series! And now you can wait and speculate with the rest of us until the last book comes out early next year! Hummm — Barrons as a super Druid …. he could be. He’s into the markings and everything else. But the idea of the Alpha and the beast is interesting. I keep saying I need to go back and just reread each book and post some ideas about them on the blog and we can comment.

The idea that he’s Adam Black’s son — I think that’s come up before. Any more thoughts on that out there? KMM has definitely linked this series with some of the characters in her Highlander series.

Thanks for the great spec!


Amanda - July 28, 2010

I am so bummed that I have to wait 5 or so more months for the last installment of this series…UGH! That just gives me more time to speculate with the rest of you, as you said 😉

With the way that KMM’s writing seems to be, I wouldn’t be surprised if Barrons is a ‘Super Druid’ aka 1 of the 5 that Alina was looking for, but was somehow cursed and that is where the BEAST part comes in (I’m thinking darker, more paranormal version of Beauty and the Beast…LOL)

A totally separate thought is that Barrons could be the Unseelie King’s ‘Vengance’. We know that Barrons middle name is Zigor which is translated as punisher. A friend of mine who has read all the Highlander books said that the Unseelie King took a warrior, and turned him into a man who had nothing, no family, no memories, and what was left was only anger, and vengance. Thus, if someone offended the UK in some way, he would send ‘Vengance’ after them, and their family. We see visions of Barrons murdering entire families, so that is not much of a stretch either.

Sorry, for making this super long!

cj - August 4, 2010

Adam’s son is Circenn. I still think Barron’s is one of the other races from The fae world of Danu

Abby - September 20, 2010

He can’t be the son of Adam Black and Morganna because Morganna only had one son, Circenn. And Circenn is very happily married to Lisa.

44. Annalisa - July 28, 2010

Is it possible that it’s her sister or mother?
I beleive she and Barrons are made for each other but I don’t think she would lose everything with him gone.

Amanda - July 29, 2010

I don’t think it could be her sister Alina because in one of the teasers she says something to the effect of ‘I already had Alina’s ghost talking to me and now I have this one too’, which implies that this new dead ‘person’ would be someone other than her sister. If it is her mom, how would she recognize her-she hasn’t seen her birth mom since a year old…I think. This is so disturbing to have to wait so long!

45. Sarah - July 30, 2010

This is form the July teaser email:

And without futher ado, here is this month’s Shadowfever teaser:


“You killed my sister!” The dark lake in my head begins to boil. I hear rustles behind me, leathery wet sounds and I whirl. The freaks that killed my sister are taking advantage of the distraction and trying to leave.

Not a chance in hell. This is what I’ve been living for. This moment. My revenge. First the ones that killed her. Then the one who delivered her to them.

I lunge for them, screaming my sister’s name.

I slice and rip and tear.

I begin with my spear and end with my bare hands.

I fall on them like the beast-form of Barrons. My sister died in an alley with these monsters working on her and now I know it wasn’t fast. I can see her, white-lipped with pain, knowing she’s going to die, scratching a clue into the pavement. Hoping I’ll come, afraid I’ll come. Believing I could succeed where she failed. God, I miss her! Hatred consumes me. I devolve into vengeance, I embrace it, I become it.

When I finish there are no pieces larger than my fist.

I’m shaking, gasping, covered with bits of flesh and gray matter from smashing their skulls.

I double over and hit the pavement, puking. I puke until I dry-heave then I dry-heave until my ears ring and my eyes are stinging.

I don’t have to look behind me to know the street is empty. My sister’s murderer is gone.

I finally got what I came to Dublin for.

I know who killed my sister.

I curl in a tight ball on the cold pavement and cry.


Until next month,

46. Ayesha - July 30, 2010

The newest teaser mentions his beast form 😦 there’s a good chance it’s Barrons, especially with how devastated she was at the end. BUT if it is, I think he’ll come back somehow and they’ll get together. January is too far away!

47. Amanda - August 2, 2010

I think the beast at the end must be Barrons, especially after the teaser. I don’t remember which book it is from, but Barrons tells Mac…never assume something is dead until you’ve burned it and poked around in its ashes to see if something rises from them. Sounds like Barrons had experienced this before and it would seem that this leaves hope for the beast to come back to life.

48. melissa - August 2, 2010

I think the Beast at the end of DF might be Barrons but only so KMM can flush out Mac’s true feelings for him. I don’t think he’ll stay dead though. I can’t wait for the new book!

49. melissa - August 2, 2010

Does anyone else think that Shadowfever will be seriously long? There are so many loose ends to tie up!
*Who killed Alina
*Who are Mac’s and Alina’s birth parents
*Who/what is Barrons
*Who is the Un King
*What are those two prophecies? (Sp)
*Where did Christian go
*Whats going to happen to the world

So many unanswered questions! I can’t wait!

50. Amanda - August 3, 2010

Was wondering if anyone else suspects Ryodan, Christian or the Dreamy Eyes Guy to be the fourth rapist? Whoever he is he: 1. Hides his face 2. Ministers to her tenderly 3. Has hands of fire 4. Has tattoos 5. Is muscled 6. Gives her a drink. Description is relatively human compared to previous descriptions of the UP’s.


P.S. I REFUSE to believe it was BARRONS

51. Amanda - August 3, 2010

Oh the things I’m finding after a second read through!

DF PG 28…”I am an animal. I hunger without conscience, without qualm. And I have been given a gift to exceed all gifts-my masters must be pleased with me! Its language is gibberish to my ears, but the flesh recognizes its own”.
WOAH…CRAZY THOUGHT…are Mac and Barron s the same ‘species’?( for lack of a better word)

We don’t know who Mac’s mom is, and her father has yet to be mentioned. Perhaps she has some dormant gene that Barron’s brings to the surface…hence the body changes, the speedy healing, Walking through wards and immunity to death by sex Fae, heightened sense of smell and strength.

52. Lori - August 3, 2010

Remember in one book when Mac calls Barrons and he says he is fighting with Ryodan? Perhaps he was fighting with beast-Ryodan and when they turn “beast” they are pure animal and they pretty much have to “kill” the beast to calm them down to return to who they are? Since they are immortal (old as dirt, so they must be) “killing” is just a way to stop them for a little. So yes, I think it is Barrons and only upon seeing him dead does she realize what he means to her (KMM said romance would happen in the last book) and he will “reanimate” eventually and they can have their happily ever after.

Ace - August 17, 2010

look it couldnt have been ryodan in beast form because when she was talking to Barrons she heard Ryodan laugh in the background and the beast DF couldnt talk and if it could it didnt

Lori - September 12, 2010

I totally forgot she heard him laugh…. shucks.

53. Logan - August 7, 2010

I have immensely enjoyed reading everyones theories for the future book, shadowfever. I have just finished reading the 4 books and am out of my mind with wanting to know what happens next!

Toying with the idea of who the beast is, I definitely think all signs lead to Barrens. The beast is the product of the IYD call. How could the IYD be Christian, Alina, or even Dani? No way right? Of course, though the beast is probably Barrons, he can’t be dead (or at least not for long)… I can’t imagine going through all this torturous foreshadowing that they will eventually stop their spatting and just be together for it to never happen. KMM has promised us triumph.

Something that has been irking me… Mac is more than just a human sidhe-seer? The constant question of “Who are you?” hanging over her head. Remember V’lane says “What a creature you are becoming… Only a fool would still call you human now.” Her body has transformed… she is stronger, heels faster, is unaffected by wards and the seelie prince’s sexuality, can be around the Sinsar Dubh without passing out, can read into peoples minds, has also began to fight against and use voice when it has taken others centuries to do, and (what blows my mind) has accomplished all of this after coming back from being pri-ya (something unheard of). While the idea that she is what Barrons is is intriguing, “…but the flesh recognizes its own,” I can’t believe that its true because Barrons told her more that once, “We are not the same. Remember that.” Barrons did perform more than one druid spell on her during her sexually induced slumbers… some of them could be reason for her strength now? But there is also the question of her parents… her unknown father. AND it has been stressed upon several times that nobody knows what the long term effects of eating unseelie flesh are. Now, her being pregnant with Barrons’ child is too much like Twilight and I hope it wouldn’t happen.

Oh the mysteries.

I do have a theory I would like to share… I think that the pages she read from the pictures of the book Dani took could have been written by Barrons himself. They were hard for her to read because the writer seemed to not be well taught in english. Barrons mentioned english was his 5th language. Could it be while young Barrons was captive in the Seelie courts the Princess took liking to him? Eventually ending in him killing her? Of course, where all of his other memories are from I couldn’t begin to imagine… he has lived a very long time.

Diana McCabe - August 7, 2010

OK — I have to say …. in all of this I never, ever for a second thought about Mac getting pregnant until you said something in your post! I mean, the thought has not crossed my mind because I’ve been too busy trying to figure out what is going on with Barrons and who Mac really is and who killed her sister etc. I’m like you — don’t think KMM would introduce that but don’t know why I never thought about it before.

I still don’t have a good theory on Barrons. Where does V’lane fit in? And we know KMM has/is using characters from her previous Highlander series, which is cool. Keep saying I’m going to re-read the series so I will be ready for the last book. There’s so much here about the Seelie and Unseelie courts …. Barrons/his memories — because he has lived a long time. And yeah — makes you wonder about who Mac’s parents really were …. because the promise her adoptive parents made — don’t ever let the girls go back to Ireland …


Amanda - August 9, 2010

I admit that Mac being pregnant is similar to Twilight, and that she probably did not write that into the story.
however in my opinion it makes logical sense and it is something people have not thought of; thus making it an excellent surprise ending! With there being such an emphasis on the ‘breeding’ of sidhe-seers, the sexathon between her and Barrons, Barrons perpetual concern over who Mac F*cks, etc…it simply seemed a very possible outcome!

54. Bev - August 15, 2010

If the beast is Barrons than why can it not touch her? When Ryodan shows up he says the beast cannot touch her because of Barrons mark but Roydan can track her because of the mark Barrons gave her. Barrons has always been able to touch her. It seems that Ryodan would know if the beast was Barrons. I wonder when Mac talks of walking between the two failures if one being Alina and the other as some think Christian is it because she failed to save them both. New to the series and hooked like everyone else. I like happy endings so if Mac and Barrons don’t end up together I will be very disappointed.

Ace - August 17, 2010

yea thats true and ryodan says that the beast only knows how to kill and nothing more unless ryodan has been against Barrons the whole time which is disappointing

Lori - August 19, 2010

I think he means by “can’t touch her” that he is saying it “won’t hurt her” not meaning “touch” her in the literal sense.

55. Ace - August 17, 2010

i am like killing my self here… i am totally in love with Barrons and if he dies i will like be totally upset. i have 3 theories of who the monster could be Alina, Barrons, and Christian! i hope its Christian cuz like if Barrons died then there would be nothing left for ms lane. hahaha ever since i read this book i thought man i wanna be like ms lane lol but i was more like a Barrons except i laugh more than him. i just hope he didnt die i swear to you if he did i will be like immobile for a couple of days

56. Logan - August 19, 2010

well seems like the beast would slaughter her if it wasn’t for the mark… so it keeps her safe. could still be barrons… he is just something entirely different when he changes into the beast. I think even if barrons dies he will still come back to life. The spoiler was probably put out just to make us all think barrons is dead. It probably is christian or danny or someone else fairly close to her that is dead?

57. Jenn - August 24, 2010

I really don’t think the beast is Christian. He doesn’t mean enough to her to say she lost everything…

Barrons’ “beast self” could just be that angry/vengeful part of him put into a physical form. In his mind’s vision from holding the child he said that “none of them would be the same again”. Perhaps they all decided to take that vengeful part of them and put it in beast form. I, too, think the eyes changing color is significant… Just not sure how. Ry’s hesitation makes me doubt my theory that it is Barrons’ response to IYD. She did just assume, and Barrons clearly told her not to assume.

Really love the theory that he is fighting Ryodan’s beast form when Mac called him. Also love the “Alpha” theory. Oh, and the idea that dreamy-eyed guy is the queen interests me. I think Dreamy Eyed Guy was held by a Gripper though, and is speaking in the mirror to her as a warning of don’t speak to himself.

I am not sure Barrons holding the spear proved a thing cause he has said that proximity should make her desensitized to painful sensations. Perhaps it did hurt him.

Barrons slept with a Princess and did not become Pri’ya. Interesting

58. ace - August 26, 2010

What dawns on me is that why would karie kill barrons he is the sexiest best character in that book and he taught mac everything how could the book end with out him

59. Jenny - August 26, 2010

I’ve always had this feeling that Barrons was sort of a guardian for Mac. Perhaps the baby he’s holding is her? Perhaps ‘the 8’ have been given the task of protecting her and training her, and bringing her knowledge to help her become what the prophecy says? Now what THAT is, I don’t know!

60. Amanda - August 30, 2010

Holy Crow! August’s teaser is amazing!

So now we know that it was the concubine and not Mac in the previous teaser…THANK GOD! I simply couldn’t imagine why KMM would have Mac bed the UK!

As for the UK himself, it seems that the UK is in ‘human form’ and that he has his own hunter. Did we not see JZB take Mac on a ride upon a hunter? Could it be that JZB is indeed the UK? I’m thinking Dani didn’t see him as Fae because as V’lane said “many of the forms he can take are beyond even Fae ability to absorb”. “He is unbearable perfection” and is from ” the most ancient, the most pure line that ever existed”. No human would have ever seen him.

Could it be that he chose to take the form of JZB because JZB was of the race that kicked the Fae off the world they inhabited prior to Earth? The teaser said something about the UK being all about strength; we have encountered nothing yet that is stronger or more powerful than JZB…not even V’lane.

If so, this would make the beast someone else entirely…someone like Christian….the yellow eyes thing just keeps coming back to me. Plus, she would be devastated by his death because she trusted him and in fact needed him to decifer who she could trust JZB or V’lane.

61. Gwen - September 2, 2010

I am holding onto hope for when Barrons said in book one that nothing is dead until it is burned to ashes and you wait a couple of days to see if anything rises

62. JDGeorgia - September 4, 2010

The beast at the end of Dreamfever cannot be Barrons, or Christian, or Fiona, or anyone who appeared in living form while Mac has been in Dublin because the beast was chained up below Barrons’ garage while all the other characters were out roaming freely. I think the beast may be Mac’s birth mother. Everyone thought Isla O’Connor was dead, but maybe she was cursed to beast form and while she became a furious killing machine she retained the maternal need to protect Mac. Maybe Barrons kept Isla/Beast below the garage knowing one day Mac would need a vicious killing protector that would kill everything but her. Mac realized after meeting Nana that she had already seen Isla in her mind, so as the beast melted into Isla she would recognize her. Recall, Isla and Alina were Mac’s only blood relatives. If she saw Isla there, transformed from beast form to dead human, she would truly feel that now she’d lost everything.

Lori - September 9, 2010

There could be multiple beasts…. I like nik’s (comment #61) thoughts. Perhaps they all hang out in the basement for the safety of others. Ryodan said he was in danger because he wouldn’t wear Barron’s mark… so maybe they are pure animal instincts when in that form? Maybe they are only the beast one at a time which is why she could call Ryodan when Barrons was unavailable.

63. AlaskaSara - September 7, 2010

If I have learned anything from Barrons it is that you should never believe anything is dead until you burn it, wait two days, and then poke around in its ashes.

Just finished the fourth book yesterday and am already dying for the fifth. I haven’t been this obsessed since Gabaldon’s Outlander series left me hanging. These are fabulous stories. I couldn’t put them down! Don’t worry, I preordered Shadowfever to be delivered to my Kindle the minute it comes out!

64. nik - September 9, 2010

Take note the reference of alpha and omega from ryodan… Barrons is clearly the leader of the “8”…my unwanted suspicions lie with barrons being the beast – wolf packs are broken down in a heirarchy with the leader as the alpha and the lowest wolf as the omega… It ties in with the baying/howling. The beast heard by mac with barrons in the garage is most likely another member of his “pack”…possibly ryodan. There could also be motivation for ryodan to betray barrons as we have seen him betray him before by “talking too much about him”m

65. Bek - September 9, 2010

I love reading all of the theories. I loved this book so much more thatn the first three. I love black Mac. I love that she says a$$ instead of petunia. I am not holding fast to the fact that it is Barrons but it may look like him. A twin? An alter ego? Christopher’s tatoos convert him to a beast? Maybe a Druidic spell to cast out the beast in Barrons, creating a beast? I like the idea that it could be Isla. You’re right it couldn’t BE Barrons because they were in the garage when she heard it howling below them. Even if he used the beast as a vehicle to travel and kill, he would not still be the beast after. He always has a way with disappearing and then re-appearing unexpectedly. I can’t wait.

66. Midwestern-girl - September 16, 2010

I love Barrons and want to wed him in the future…so he can’t die….

Don’t think the beast was Christian because his beast had yellow eyes and this one was red. If it was Barrons I think the beast would keep his black eyes.

I’m hoping that the monster is Rowena….she’s dirty…and I think she had something to do with Alina’s death and death of those girls (sidhe seers) in the convent on Halloween. (You know when the lights when out)I think she tampered with the orb thing.

I think it could also be the guy that calls Mac beautiful girl…it seems that he was not quite on the same plane of reality with her when they were at ryodan’s club…could be he is physical only in the mirrors.

I’m wondering if it’s dani….because in the last books she hints of being able to do things nobody knows of yet.

I think Ryodan is a berserker (probably of the line of GRIMM from her highlander series)….didn’t it say he had ice blue eyes in the book?

The 5—-don’t forget that it’s possible for Hawk (highlander series) to have a role as well.
So I think Dageus, Drustan, Cian, possibly Christian…and what do you all think about dani being the 5th. Both she and Mac come from a special line of sidhe seers. Remember Barrons killed Fiona for almost telling Mac what she really was.

The 8 —well I think that’s a take on the Fionn Mac Cumhaill legend (Finn Mac cool)… the fianna in the Fenian cycle, there were eight members excluding the leader. (p.s. if interested you guys may want to look up the story on Sadhbh …it has some similarities to the story

67. Ace - September 20, 2010

i have only one thing to say: life without jerricho Barrons sucks!!!!

68. Tash - September 21, 2010

I don’t think the beast would be her mum, or alina. because mac did point out that the beast was ‘male’.
I am 95% sure that the beast must be Barrons. NO ONE else would have caused such a big reaction in Mac. also because Barrons was her last hope to take her back to her realm. therefore, ‘NOW i have lost everything…’
But of course, he will definitely come back. he is just wayyyy too mysterious and it seems that he is pretty much invincible, aye? Mac only thought that whoever it was was dead, doesnt mean that it really was dead.

there is 1 thing that has been botherin me tho… remember Mac’s telling (i think she was talkin to Vlane), telling Vlane that there was a 4th one rapin her? yet Vlane firmly told her there were only 3? also when it was Dani narrating durin the time Mac was bein raped by the princes, she said there was another ‘being’ moving at super speed around the Mac and the princes?? also in one of Barron’s memory of him killin the seelie princess, he said something about her not even recognising him, this implyin that he was someone very very important and powerful…i think ——> so all these kinda leads to: wat if Barron is the UK at the same time.

i cant wait till the 5th book comes out!!!!! im dyin here!!!!

69. Deeit87 - September 26, 2010

The beast has been locked in Barron’s basement, so how could it be any character except Barron’s himself? Or just a new character. Mac is the kind of person that would get seriously upset about killing a human. So it is very possible it is no one we know and love. I either think it is just a human OR it is Barrons… or possibly his son never died and he became the Beast AND barrons had to lock him up in his basement so Mac saw a Barrons look alike… don’t really believe that but still… I just know it can’t be any other Character in book and I will die if it is Barrons.

70. Barb - September 26, 2010

The Queen is missing, right? What if V’Lane is the 4th Unseelie Prince who came through first, killed the Queen, raped Mac, and is now vying for the Kings Place? If Barrons is the UK (and V’Lane knows) that’s why neither one will reveal the other…??

71. Susie - October 8, 2010

I think the beast is Barrons. But remember, Barrons said not to assume something is dead unless you stir it’s ashes and then come back the next day to see if something has spung up from them. The way Barrons goes merrily along his merry way all the time, that man has to be seriously hard to kill.

72. lisa - October 9, 2010

I think Barrons is a dragon,(first book talked about his body being hard as armour),and is he somehow connected to the song of making.(p.33- he sings to Mac-Dreamfever)I think she may be pregnant. It said in the same book about how “they-maybe the 8″- were loved by “her”- the original queen?,…maybe the dragons are the song? I can not connect any of this….jut thinking. Could Mac be the reincarnation of the real queen? Maybe she is another dragon? Maybe all the other Fae don’t know what Barrons is either,..that is why they are so scared….only the queen knew about them.

He can’t be dead

73. AlaskaSara - October 11, 2010

He can’t be dead for two reasons. One, he’s Barrons. Two, I made him in the Sims and he and Mac are living happily ever after in the house I built for them on the beach. hehe! :o)

74. Simona - October 11, 2010

I don’t know if someone posted this yet. But here is the July’s teaser from KMM web site:

““You killed my sister!” The dark lake in my head begins to boil. I hear rustles behind me, leathery wet sounds and I whirl. The freaks that killed my sister are taking advantage of the distraction and trying to leave.

Not a chance in hell. This is what I’ve been living for. This moment. My revenge. First the ones that killed her. Then the one who delivered her to them.

I lunge for them, screaming my sister’s name.
I slice and rip and tear.
I begin with my spear and end with my bare hands.
I fall on them like the beast-form of Barrons. My sister died in an alley with these monsters working on her and now I know it wasn’t fast. I can see her, white-lipped with pain, knowing she’s going to die, scratching a clue into the pavement. Hoping I’ll come, afraid I’ll come. Believing I could succeed where she failed. God, I miss her! Hatred consumes me. I devolve into vengeance, I embrace it, I become it.

When I finish there are no pieces larger than my fist.
I’m shaking, gasping, covered with bits of flesh and gray matter from smashing their skulls.
I double over and hit the pavement, puking. I puke until I dry-heave then I dry-heave until my ears ring and my eyes are stinging.
I don’t have to look behind me to know the street is empty. My sister’s murderer is gone.
I finally got what I came to Dublin for.

I know who killed my sister.
I curl in a tight ball on the cold pavement and cry.”

75. chris - October 15, 2010

there were no ashes. there was a body, though.

76. chris - October 15, 2010

i can’t see how a girl becomes a woman who learns to like a man rather than a boy — and then would switch it back around. Mac constantly tells us that she’s changed and here to stay. So, I don’t think the boys in the novel are the apples of her eyes. I think she’s stuck, and thinking another loved one is dead. Well, that’s just one scenario.

Who knows yet til the new book is out.

Argh. Gonna watch Johnny Depp. Yohoho.

77. Amanda - October 18, 2010


There is much discussion over Barron’s being the beast that Mac and Ryodan slay at the end of Dreamfever; however the theory I’d like to present is that Barron’s is not a beast at all. He is Berserker!!!!

Excerpt from ‘To Tame A Highland Warrior’ by KMM.

“Legend claimed Berserkers could move with such speed that they seemed invisible to the human eye until the moment they attacked. They possessed unnatural senses: the olfactory acuity of a wolf, the auditory sensitivity of a bat, the strength of twenty men, the penetrating eyesight of an eagle. They had been Odin’s elite Viking army over 700 years ago. Legend claimed they could assume the shape of a WOLF or a bear as easily as the shape of a man. And they were marked by a common feature-unholy blue eyes that glowed like banked coals”

The bits and pieces we get about Barrons through the series cause me to believe that he is indeed a Berserker. The only thing that gave me pause was that Barrons does not have the ‘unholy blue eyes’; his eyes are described as obsidian (black and glassy). However, his familiarity with ‘Dark Magyks’ could have caused his eyes to turn black. This is not a new scenario, KMM has used this concept in her Highlander series.

We also know that Barrons travels with 8 other men who display similar traits. Ryodan actually being described as having the trademark Blue eyes! We have a reference to Barrons being the Alpha, thus making him the ‘pack leader’ or head Berserker, most likely because he is the oldest!

Note the reference to them taking the shape of a WOLF…we hear howling in Barrons garage, we see a ‘beast’ of sorts in the silvers(the one Mac and Ryodan kill). Legends morph over time, perhaps this beast is truly what Berserkers turn into, rather than your typical wolf.

We also know that Barrons was able to kill a Fae Princess while in Faery, without the aid of a hollow…which lends to the theory that he is indeed Berserker. We see Adam Black give Grimm (a Berserker) wide berth when they meet in the Highlander series, could it be because Berserkers are physically able to kill the Fae? This could also explain Barrons age…time does not move the same in Faery as it does in the human relm…subsequently much more time would have passed, making Barrons…VERY, VERY OLD!

Just curious what you all thought about my theory! Can’t wait to read the replies!

78. Sylvie - October 21, 2010

Do you think it is possible at all that Jericho Barrens may actually be Cruce? It would explain how he is able to travel through the mirrors without fear. If he cursed them, he would know how to circumnavigate the curse.

79. Vickii H. - October 31, 2010

My theories:1) V-Lane was the 4th prince who raped Mac. Even though he is Seelie,he wants QA’s power and needs the book, so he has made a deal with Darroc. He beleives Mac is the only one that can get him the book and therefore let him take power from the queen. 2)The beast that Mac thinks she killed was Barrons in his beast form. Ryodan was fighting him because he knows that in his beast form, Barrons would never let Mac out of the silvers. Barrons is not truly dead; he is immortal. Mac thinks he is and is haunted by him because she loves him. 3) All of the 8 men who follow Barrons, including Ryodan, spend some time as a beast. They were the king’s mercenaries. They are of the same immportal race as the king and preceeded the fae. That race can kill fae. They worked for the king until Mac’s wife and son died.
4) The Seelie King’s concubine was Barron’s wife and the child was their son. She was stolen by the king and made priyah. The king left Barron’s son to die when he stole his wife. That’s why Barrons hates him. 5) Barrons wants the book to bring his son and wife back to lif. He needs Mac to get the book. He didn’t mean to fall in love with Mac, but he did. He is torn between his love for Mac and his love for his wife and son. That is why he treats Mac so mean and tries to push her away all the time.

80. Vickii H. - October 31, 2010

Other theories:

1)The dreamy eyed boy is a)a berserker, b)the UK, c)a human possessed by a fae (I forgot what Mac calls them. Mac sees his reflection in a mirror at Chesters and for a moment sees he is “wrong.”
2)Rowena betrayed the sidhi seers at the monastery years ago and is responsible for losing the Sinsar Dubh and other fae relics because she wants to be immortal. She may have made a deal with V-Lane years ago.
3 The electricity Mac feels when she is around Barrons is his magic.
4) The race that Barrons belongs to taught the Dhraghar Druids their magic.
5)Mac is Barrons’ soulmate. Barrons probably knew that from the moment he first met her, but he fights that because he still kives his dead wife.
6) The LM (Darroc) did not kill Alina, V-Lane did.
7)Mac is the one prophesied to bring about the end of the world, but I think it is the end of the world dominated by the fae.
8)Brrons will eventually come back to Dublin, but Mac will not know that. She will be using Darroc and the Unseelie to bring down V-Lane and the Seelie. Then she will kill Darroc.
9)Barrons will eventually give up his quest to bring his wife and son back to life and chose to stay with Mac because he loves her and knows they are destined to be togeher.

Diana McCabe - November 15, 2010

I love these theories ….. boy — I cannot wait for that last book. It will take all of my will power not to read the last page first.

81. FrenchFeverFan - November 1, 2010

tell me it’s joke !! Barrons can’t die ! It incredible for me … But I guess it’s not true … I hope … For me Shadowfever will be the best , with the end of ” the of the world ” and maybe barrons and Mac will be ” friend ” cause of the bookshop . Why not ? It’s a possibility . And the crap of unseelie will die or return in there prison for all eternity ! Yes , I know , it’s a happy end , but why not 😀 ??
Then I hope shadowfever will go out hurry in english and french ( ’cause I’am french so I’m sorry for the error I do ) .

I can’t wait ! 😀

82. Sarah - November 2, 2010

He has to still be alive….I will feel so let down if they don’t end up together…..I can’t wait until the next book comes out…I read all 4 in the last 4 days…I should have waited until January because the suspense is killing me!!!!

83. Vickii H. - November 3, 2010

I just can’t imagine that KMM will let Barrons die: the love story between Barrons and Mac is the true heart of these novels. Barrons is too prominent in all the books for him not to end up with Mac. Even though he acts like an jerk most of the time, it is to protect his heart and Mac’s too. You just got to love that guy. Mac acts like a spoiled brat much of the time too, but she is my absolute favorite heroine. I just love the way she tries to convince her self that she is not in love with Barrons.

I read all the Higlander books and while I really enjoyed them all, and will re-read them many times over, the Fever series is probably the best fantasy fiction series I have ever read. KMM really has us all on pins and needles waiting for the next book.
I want to tear my hair out sometimes because I can’t get her excerpts on Shadowfever fast enough. I think the book will be amazing.

Diana McCabe - November 4, 2010

I think KMM won’t disappoint us. She said from the start she knew how the story would end and I admire her for sticking to her guns and ending the series and not letting it linger on and on. I’m hoping for a happy ending with Mac and Barrons but with KMM, there might be a bittersweet twist. Think about most of her Highlander novels. Yeah — they mostly ended happily but sometimes someone had to give up something!


84. Margaret - November 6, 2010

All of the Highlander men lived happily ever after. That lulled me into assuming Barrons would, too. What a slam I got! I think Barrons telling Mac so often that she had to grow up is a clue. She is going to have to take on a lot of responsibility and prove herself. It’s her story.
If Barrons died from THE spear in his back, will we find that he left her the bookstore? I prefer they have joint ownership.

85. TS - November 15, 2010

I sure as hell hope it wasn’t Barrons. My girl keeps comparing me to him, so the last thing I need is for my avatar in the story to get whacked at the start of the last book! XD

Seriously, though… can anyone imagine BARRONS being killed by something as mundane as a throat-slitting!? The man’s over 400 years old, I imagine that’s been TRIED before.

Diana McCabe - November 15, 2010

OK — now all of the women who post on this blog want to see your avatar! But if Barrons did die, it wouldn’t be a mundane throat-slitting … it was an unseelie spear …. it’s all quite interesting to speculate. Thanks for posting!

86. TS - November 16, 2010

Hm. Interesting as that idea is, I’m not planning on uploading pictures of me here. I’m good looking enough but I think my girl meant my dominant personality, bestial nature, animalistic sexuality, lust for power and active practice in the dark arts.
And I ride a black Harley.
Now that I’m done teasing all the women and girls here, my thoughts are that the spear didn’t exactly seem to bother him before. I wonder if it was a bit of revenge on Ryodan’s part: Ryodan was described as having a vicious scar across his throat much as his coup-de-grace on beast-Barrons would leave if Barrons survived this fight.
Whatever the conclusion I think it’s safe to assume two things: first, the beast was indeed Jericho Barrons; and secondly, Ms. Lane thinks he’s dead.

Cathy - December 28, 2010

Barrons in the flesh? lol

TS - January 25, 2011

Not quite. I am about 50 pounds too light, and I am a mix of proto-Celt, Visigoth and Gaul rather than Pict and Basque.
I sure could use his affluence about now, as well.

87. Vickii H. - November 20, 2010

Just read the October teaser showing a few paragraphs from the first page of Shadowfever. I am even more convinced now that Barrons is the beast, and Mac thinks she has killed him. She owns this mistake and it is killing her.

I now am sure that the DEB is the UK. I think he killed Alina and was the 4th prince who raped Mac. Has he ever been identified by name? I don’t recall.

I don’t think that either Barrons or Ryodan are dead. They are both immortal.

Ryodan had to fight Barrons in his beast form so Mac could escape the silvers and get on with her destiny. He knows Barrons would survive any injuries he received in the fight.

I don’t think Ryodan hates Barrons; I think they are sparing partners and have been friends and allies for millenia. If Barrons trusts him enough to have him respond to ICGM,he can’t be someone who hates him or wants him dead. There may be rivalry sure, and they may try to beat the hell out of each other now and then.

To answer a fan from above, the beast tried to attack Mac because he was acting on pure animal instinct and doesn’t recognize Mac until he senses Barrons’ mark; with his preternatural sense of smell, he may also still smell Bafrrons on Mac. I think he must smell Darroc too and that confuses him.

Re Mac being with Barrons when they hear a beast baying in the basement, I believe that all of the eight must spend time in beast form because of some spell from the UK, or because that is simply their nature; they are not human aor fae fter all, I think they are of the Draghar race.

88. Janel R. - November 27, 2010

I really hope there is more a alternating point of view, like KMM did in Dreamfever with Danni when Mac is Pri-ya. Although I do enjoy the story in Mac’s single approach to narration, I would really like to here Barron’s perspective. That man is just too damn mysterious for my own sanity!!! If Shadowfever continues solely in Mac’s perspective, I will still read it cover to end without coming up for air, hands down one of my most favorite series ever, but KMM should seriously consider doing a novella strictly from Barron’s sexy point of view. I love that man!!!

Diana McCabe - November 27, 2010

Yes — he’s one incredible character that’s for sure. I am re-reading the series in preparation for the January release of Shadowfever — and hopefully can make it to her New Orleans gig — but I forgot how you just get totally sucked into these books. So I’m just sitting here reading them. On Faefever again and I’d forgotten just how sexy and mysterious Barrons is in these books. I’ve read them over before but it’s been a while. And in light of some of the discussions on this board, I’m still trying to figure out what he is etc.

But having a book told from his point of view — we’ll have to ask KMM!


89. TLC - November 29, 2010

I just came across the website and I enjoyed reading everyone’s theories. Vicki H had some great theories. I do believe the beast is Barrons. He means enough to her to be a loss that will haunt her. There are many unanswered questions that Shadowfever will have to answer and I can’t wait for them to be revealed. I would like to see if anyone paid attention to the interview in Dreamfever in the back of the book? Read what JZB states to KMM. It would seem like a reveal to me that coinsides with the teasers. Barrons is out of it for a bit while she assumes him to be gone is my guess.

90. Bella - November 30, 2010

I’ve been stressing over these books since I first read them in March and I’m glad to see I’m not the only one DYING to get my hands on Shadowfever! Some very interesting theories have been posted, quite a few that never would have crossed my mind, but actually seem rather plausible. Here’s what I think:

The beast is Barrons. I’m 99% sure of this. Mac wouldn’t be so shattered over it, otherwise, no matter how much it upsets her to kill. Also, why would he put Dani, Christian, Rowena or anyone else’s number for her to call if she’s dying? If Mac’s in serious trouble, you can bet that Barrons will want to be the one there keeping her alive. I do, however, think that he is dangerous in beast-form, hence why she shouldn’t call IYD unless she’s in serious trouble, as Ryodan insisted.

I also believe that – while Mac may be convinced that she’s killed him – there’s no way Barrons is dead for real. He’s had too much of an important role in the series and things are far too unresolved between them, I can’t believe that KMM would kill him off at this point. Also, Mac didn’t burn him and poke around in his ashes … no way he’s dead for good! 😛

I like the theory that Barrons’ wife was taken as a concubine to the UK or Cruce, made pri-ya, and his son was left to die … it would explain a lot of things, including why Barrons is so desperate to find the Sinsar Dubh and why he pushes Mac away even though he clearly loves her.

I also think that the beast could be Alina or even Mac’s real mom (who’s her dad, btw? the UK, maybe? :o), but this is just me grasping at straws. I think, like someone else said, this is KMM’s way of flushing out Mac’s true feelings for Barrons.

I just can’t figure out what V’lane has to do with this … how Barrons could sleep with the fae princess and not become pri-ya (although, I wouldn’t be surprised if that was just his sheer force of will, hehe) … who the Dreamy Eyed Boy is … what on earth happened to Christian … and did Rowena lose the book and do something to the orb? The UK is missing, the Queen is missing, the fourth prince is unknown and possibly dead, Dani is hiding stuff … it’s anyone’s guess who is what, and what the heck is going on!!!

Also, Mac may be pregnant … it’s a very strong possibility … her and Barrons had a MARATHON going on, lol. It’s a very plausible theory and I have no idea why it didn’t even occur to me before … guess I was too busy stressing that Barrons was dead! I like the theory that Barrons is a berserker and Mac is his soul-mate, it definitely explains his attraction to and protective behaviour of her.

All I know is this: Barrons is the beast, he’s not really dead, and he and Mac had better have a HEA!!!

Krissy - December 1, 2010

Oh I love your post and I hope you are right. I would be totally crushed if Barrons is really dead.

I would so love it if Mac is preggers.

I agree they should have a HEA!!!

TLC - December 2, 2010

ok sorry but the blonde must be coming out. HEA?

Bella - December 2, 2010

Oh, sorry, HEA = *happily ever after* … I read too much Paranormal Romance for my own good! 😛

91. TLC - December 2, 2010

Thanks Bella!

92. Tori - December 3, 2010

I’m 99.9% that Barrons is the dead beast. Who else would go after her? and why if he wants to protect her so bad on his own would he turn some one else into a beast to protect her? I don’t see it any other way. I would actually be really surprised if it wasn’t Barrons.. I do have a nagging feeling that it was just made to obvious to be him at the same time though… hence the 0.1% hah As said earlier the Mac being pregnant Is a good theory but it is waaaay to similar to the Twilight series. It would be very unexpected to see that theme come up again.

It makes me pretty sad to think that Barrons is dead. I was about to rip my hair out after reading the end of DreamFever. *sniffle* BUT I’m also pretty damn sure that he is not dead forever and will come back… Simply because there are way to many unanswered questions and Barrons is to important to just be killed off and ended with.

Plus I love that guy to much to believe that is truly dead .< The story just wouldn't be the same without Mac And Barrons together..

Can't wait for the next book!!!!

93. Hannah - December 4, 2010

Okay, so I have a weird little thought, just added to clarify. The beast creature she encountered in the silvers, and more than likely under the garage, was howling in grief, right? Well, when barrons showed her the memory of the boy, i wonder if his beast is almost like a sentient being of the sheer grief and madness off his emotions, a seperate thing all together. Yet not. I don’t know. But say if they are one, as well, that the Beast is the layer of Barrons that has formed of what inner turmoil he has tried to expel. Also, it seems to me as if Barrons is not only immortal but isn’t alive in a way, and could choose to be alive again. Because, major point guys! Barrons is immortal, Mac isn’t, and more than likely, unless they find a way to make her so, thos two weren’t going to end up together anyway.

I should also point out that in Dreamfever, Barrons shows up with twice as many tattoos, which is after the ceremony with CHristian, which explains why Christian and Barrons have similar occurances, even though it took eating unseelie flesh for it to happen to christian, and it makes me wonder what happened after Mac and Jericho’s hump fest that in turn forced the tattoos on Barrons to appear.
Just food for thought!
Tell me what you think!

Diana McCabe - December 4, 2010

I’m beginning to think the beast she stabbed is Barrons. Is he dead? You’re right. He’s immortal. But perhaps she thinks she has killed him because he’s not around (out of commission temporarily?) and maybe she did kill the beast form — but not really him. Dunno. We do know that from one of the teasers KMM sent us that Mac is definitely feeling the loss of Alina and another close to her. But — even immortals can be killed …. I just don’t think he’s dead — dead! So even though it might appear he’s dead — he’s prolly not. It’s hard to say how Shadowfever will really end. Most of KMM’s Highlander books had somewhat happy endings, yes? But for some reason, I think this book might have one of those happy/sad endings. Sigh. Whatever it is — it will be good!

TS - January 4, 2011

As a father of a son, I could really identify with that. I’ve had nightmares about losing my boy and awoken to an intense need to lash out and kill. The thought of a world that would end him makes me want to end the world. So on the surface it makes sense.
But I think you’re reading too much human emotion into the beast. It’s howl was described as sounding “mournful”; this does not mean that it was actually mourning. Just because the red fox’s bark sounds as if it is screaming like a little girl does not mean it is afraid of the dark. I feel you’re over-anthropomorphizing the beast.
I think Barrons was already the beast before he lost his boy (and to be honest, it never says it was his son, only that he mourned the child). Notice that he didn’t mourn alone: it mentions others, more than likely his “pack” of eight that seems to include Ryodan (although that’s an assumption I’m not prepared to make; Barrons and Ryodan do NOT seem too friendly in my opinion.)
In short, while it does indeed fit in terms of human emotion to have Barrons’ beast nature be related to the loss of the mystery boy, I think it doesn’t fit the rest of the pieces.

94. Mo - December 17, 2010

Thinking about it logically, Mac and Barrons have to end up together.

-It does not fit this kind of romance genre for Barrons to be killed off.

-It would (obviously) upset the readers of this series. Including me.

-Barrons is too important of a character.

There has to be something. Either the beast is not Barrons, the beast did not actually die, or Barrons comes back to life somehow.

Just saying, I will be crushed if it does not end up happy. That is mainly the reason that I read these kind of books to begin with! They are great stories with happy endings. I do not want this to turn into another Anita Blake series. I will be so disappointed.

Diana McCabe - December 17, 2010

I think KMM will give us a good ending to this series. I’ve read her Highlander series and those are all good reads, too. But must admit, the Fever series has a bit more edge and darkness to it, so maybe there will be a bittersweet ending? I want a happy ending for them, too, though!


95. Caroline Dubrinsky - December 23, 2010

i read a small excerpt from shadowfever the other day and somewhere in it mac mentioned barrons and his “beast form.”

so i’m guessing barrons was the beast.

Diana McCabe - December 23, 2010

Yup — I think we’re all thinking he’s the beast. But we’re all wondering — is he dead — like dead dead? I’m guessing he’s gonna be gone for a bit but that he’s not dead — as in gone forever.


96. Krissy - December 27, 2010

Yep, Barrons is the beast IMO too. He is not dead dead though, he can’t be, that would ruin the whole series for me. He and Mac have to be together in the end. My feeling is, she will think he is dead for the first 1/4 of the book and he will be back, maybe off healing somewhere. I think when she sees him again after thinking he’s been dead, she is going to show her true feelings for him finally. I still think he is some kind of Warlock with shapeshifting capabilities. Oh well, we shall find out with less than a month to go!

97. Cathy - December 28, 2010

If Barrons is dead, I think I’ll cry 😦 I love that man! Now if only I could find a man out there like him haha 🙂

Diana McCabe - December 28, 2010

well — that’s the problem. There is no mortal dude like Barrons, right?! But we can dream!


98. Rose - December 31, 2010

I can’t wait for this last book to come out. I was addicted immediately so I read the first 4 in a flash. I’m gonna have to refresh my memory before reading this last one. And I have a feeling it’s Barrons at the end. Her reaction was so intense…but Barrons has to be in the book so he will come back somehow.

Diana McCabe - December 31, 2010

Well — we’ll know soon. Jan. 18th!!!!!!!!!! (OK — some of us will know a little bit earlier if we are going to her launch party in New Orleans! Yes — am going and will blog her comments!)

I’ve reread the series, especially the last book several times!


99. Mo - January 13, 2011

On another site, I saw a girl Shellyey write this: I’m kind of wondering why no one has said anything about his first name. Jericho. Biblically Jericho is the city that had walls around it. And they marched around those walls for seven days (I think) blowing trumpets and the walls fell. Someone will have to correct me if I’m wrong because I didn’t look this up…Going from memory here.

But, we know that Jericho Barrons is the name he chose to use not his true name. If he chose it then it must have some sort of significance. Even more so the fact that Mac never calls him Jericho outside of moments that are unexpectedly intimate (not sex).

But ever since I found out his whole name I have seen mac as the person blowing the trumpet to break down his walls.

What say you?

I have to say, I just realized this, her ringtone is trumpets, is it not? Maybe Barrons will be dead for seven days or something. And then somehow he and Mac will come together.

The only thing that I am a little bit worried about is in one of the other teasers. By this time, I’m thinking LM didn’t actually kill Alina. KMM says in the end that Mac finally sees who her killer is and she starts crying. (It’s the same teaser as the one with the Barron’s beast reference.) This has gotten me a little bit worried.

She is really freaking me out now. I just want this book to come out already!! I’m the kind of person that reads a slice of the ending while I’m still in the beginning of the book. This series has been way too difficult on me.

100. Alice - January 14, 2011

Has anyone else read the posted first two chapters of Shadowfever? They say Jericho Barrons is the beast and he is dead. I don’t want to believe this, but I haven’t wanted a lot of things to happen in this series and they did. I think KMM is trying to push us as readers. But I think if she pushes Jericho out, she will push her readers too far. What does everyone else think? Although the first two chapters say he is dead, do you think he is? Has anyone gotten their hands on an ARC and can at least tell me that. I am in the middle of Dreamfever and had to look ahead. I really wished I hadn’t, because if Barrons is dead, I don’t even want to bother continuing on with the series.

Diana McCabe - January 14, 2011

No spoilers here! But you should push ahead with your reading. Hey — KMM ain’t for the faint of heart. Dreamfever leaves us with a staggering cliffhanger …. if you want to read the first 2 chapters of Shadowfever, go to her blog (Link is in my latest blog post) and check it out. But c’mon. Have some faith that KMM knows what she’s doing!

101. Relaina - January 14, 2011

Hey ya’ll! And yes lol I couldn’t NOT read the first 2 chapters. Anyway, I don’t really believe that he’s dead..cuz like seriously, this is JZB we’re talking about. He ain’t dead even if it says he’s dead! He’s just that cool! Plus, in DMF Mac refers to something Barrons says to her in the future so yeah he isn’t..i hope lol. (i forgot what page but i’ll find it if someone wants to know)

102. Relaina - January 14, 2011

Omigoshh lol was I not supposed to say that??? SO SORRY DIDN’T KNOW EEEK!

103. Bella - January 14, 2011

Yeah, I also remember her saying (in one of the earlier books, maybe Darkfever?) that there would come a time when she and Barrons would share what they knew, trust each other and work together, or something like that … besides, she didn’t poke about in his ashes … so I’m not convinced! 😉

104. Alice - January 15, 2011

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to post a spoiler! I guess I’m just anxious and overexcited. As much as Barrons is a jerk, I love him, and I think Mac loves him. I just don’t want him to be dead. It would seriously make me angry. I know KMM is a strong writer and I trust her judgment, but I just want an HEA for Mac and Barrons after this whole debacle. Can you blame me?

105. JS - January 17, 2011

There has been reference to two prophecies. I believe that Isla (Mac’s mother) was involved somehow in the disappearance of the book, not necessarily that she took it, but may have known how it was stolen and was killed for that reason. I think Mac and Alina were integral to one of the prophecies and that is why their mother got them out of Ireland. I also think the reference to Mac as “Barron’s only hope” (as discussed during the Barron’s/Fiona interchange in Dreamfever) is based on one of these prophecies. I think some of the Sidhe Seer council members were responsible for the book going missing and I also believe they are the people responsible for Alina’s death. I believe they are one of the factions that is still after the book.
Questions – where has the mysterious council been all this time while Dublin is being attacked? Why is Rowena the only council member visible? Who was Mac’s grandfather. Who was Dani’s mother – was it Isla’s best friend? Who is the mysterious Elle from the university that both Christian and Dreamy eyed guy work for (coincidence-I think not)? Is she a member of the council? If I recall – Alina had brought a page to the university for translation …. did she speak to Elle?

Oh – and no way do I believe JZB is dead or even Ryoden. Ryoden had scars from a previous wound that would have killed a normal man. And I think it was clear Ryoden knew the beast was JZB.

106. Susi - January 17, 2011

I don’t think I need to add to the discussion … I am scared like the rest of you that Barrons might be the beast and therefore quite dead or maybe not … But, there is one thing I’ve been wondering for quite a while now: Why is there no appearance of Adam Black? I mean, V’lane (I think) mentioned Adam in one little short sentence. That’s it. With the walls having come down … would’t Adam try to help fix things? He’s married to a seer, and he used to be the Queen’s fool. He travelled the world and travelled time. He must have vast knowledge. So why hasn’t he made an appearance??

Diana McCabe - January 17, 2011

All will be revealed shortly as we all wait for the release of SHADOWFEVER. (Actually — would Adam Black be able to do anything? He’s mortal now. Does he retain any of his powers?)

Can’t wait to read SHADOWFEVER tonite!


Susi - January 17, 2011

He might not have his powers any more, but he has knowledge.

Anyway, I envy you guys. I’m sitting in Germany, I’ve got to wait till I can get the book here *sigh*. The suspense is killing me!

107. Diana McCabe - January 18, 2011

Susi — Do you have 2 sisters here in the states who are in NOLA for the KMM book signing? I met 2 sisters yesterday after they’d just got their books signed. They said they had a sister in Germany and they were sending her the book! Wondered if these were your sibs!


Susi - January 18, 2011

Oh I sooo wish!!! But unfortunately my sister is right here in Germany with me and has not read any KMM books. On another note, I’ll get my book tomorrow!!! And then I’ll be dead to the world :o) Hope you’re enjoying your book ….

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